How Many Days After Period To Do Pregnancy Test

How Many Days After Period To Do Pregnancy Test

It is not difficult at all and for this you only need a little information and then you can spend the phase of pregnancy without worry like normal days. If you miss your period many times, you may feel that you are not pregnant (after 20 days of missed period). However, it is also important for you to know that there are many reasons behind not having periods. But if you are trying to get pregnant (pregnancy test kitne din bad karna chahie) then missing period may mean that you are pregnant. In such a situation, the question may come in your mind that after how many days after the period should do the pregnancy test or after how many days should the pregnancy test be done (Period To Do Pregnancy Test). Here you can also learn about tips to relieve pain during pregnancy.

How Many Days After Period To Do Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy test should be done. But if you do a pregnancy test eight days before the ovulation cycle, you may not get the correct result. This is because you should do a pregnancy test only after fertilization. Even after pregnancy (periods ke kitne din baad pregnancy test kare) human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone is not secreted until your egg is fully fertilized (In how many days pregnancy is detected).

Let us tell here that after 6 to 12 days after the start of the process of ovulation, the chances of a woman’s pregnancy (what is ovulation) increase, but in 8 to 10 days its chances are 85%. HCG levels double in 48 hours after conception. The level of HCG hormone varies from woman to woman during the early stages of pregnancy.

Better Results Come in 7 Days

Missing your period is the first sign of your pregnancy. Apart from this, there are some other symptoms such as pain on touching the breasts, slight cramping in the stomach, feeling tired, feeling sensitive to fragrance and feeling nausea in the morning etc. Apart from this, you can know the Pregnancy Symptoms here in detail.

You should do a pregnancy test at least 7 days after the missed period. This gives you accurate results about your pregnancy. Also, try that you should take a pregnancy test only after getting up in the morning because during this time they get the correct result from their urine. Usually tests done with urine sample at home are 99% accurate, but blood test results are more accurate than urine.

How accurate is the pregnancy test (when to do the pregnancy test) depends on these grounds:

  • Follow the instructions on the kit to be used for the pregnancy test.
  • Ovulation in the period and how soon your egg is fertilized depends on it.
  • Testing early if you miss a period.
  • Sensitivity in pregnancy test etc.

When and How to do Pregnancy Test

The most important question is this, how many days after missing the period should the pregnancy test (how many days after the pregnancy is detected) be done? It is generally said that after a week of missing periods, you should do the test (what is ovulation period) with a pregnancy kit. Even many companies selling pregnancy kits (how many days after pregnancy should be checked) claim that you can do the test at the scheduled time of missing a period. If you are pregnant then you can know here what to eat during pregnancy.

Types of Pregnancy Test

You can do a pregnancy test in two ways.

1. Urine Test – If you want, you can get urine test done at home or at the doctor’s clinic. In today’s time, many women do the test after a week at home if they miss their period. It is very easy to test at home as well and it is private too, so women can do their test in personal space.

2. Blood Test – You have to go to the doctor for blood test, but today people give more importance to urine test only. You should do this test only after 6 to 8 days of ovulation. But the result of blood test is more accurate than urine test.

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