Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to Make Money from Blog: There are a lot of ways to do Online Earnings through Blogging and YouTube on the Internet. Such as Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Provide Services etc. But if we talk more about earning in a short time, then there is nothing better than Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the only source of Earning from Blogging for the biggest bloggers in India. Web Hosting Affiliate Programs are the most popular online earning tool for bloggers in Affiliate Marketing too.

That is why in this post today I am going to tell you about the Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs. From where you can earn up to $ 120 (RS. 8693) as a commission even for just one Sell. Apart from this, if you want to do Earning through Affiliate Marketing as well as Google AdSense, then you can use both of them together for your blog.

Best Hosting Affiliate Programs

By the way, if you talk about Web Hosting Companies, there are many companies on the internet whose affiliate program you can sign up for. But here I will only talk about the Hosting Affiliate Programs of the selected Web Hosting Companies, which I use personally. Let us now know about Best Hosting Affiliate Programs.

1. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

A2 Hosting is also one of the top leading Web Hosting Providers. It is particularly known for its Fast Hosting and 99.9% Uptime Commitment. After joining A2 Hosting’s Affiliate Program, you can earn at least $ 55 and up to $ 125 for every successful sale.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

A2 Hosting Commission also offers to its Affiliate Customers separately for different Sale Quantity. You can see the difference below.

1-10 sales $55 per sale
11-15 sales $75 per sale
16-20 sales $100 per sale
21+ sales $125 per sale

When do you get Affiliate Commission of A2 Hosting?

The Commission for Successful Sale from A2 Hosting Affiliate is available only after 45 days and it is also mandatory to reach at least your Affiliate Commission $ 100 first. On the 15th of every month, your affiliate commission is transferred to your bank account.

In this, you also get a full 90 days of Cookie Life, which is the advantage that if a Visitor clicks on your affiliate link and visits A2 Hosting’s website but there is no Affiliate Sale at that time and that If you quit, then after 90 days whenever you buy something after visiting A2 Hosting’s website, then you will get the affiliate commission of that sale.

Along with this, you also get the benefit of Sub-Affiliate means that whenever a successful sale is done by one of your Sub-Affiliate, you will also get its $ 5 Affiliate Commission.

Signup for A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

2. Hostinger Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Hostinger, who has been working in Hosting Field since 2004, has very excellent web hosting plans for his customers. It is also one of the High Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs for Bloggers. Hostinger has made a distinct identity in the hosting industry due to its low budget web hosting and still giving best performance.

For all New Bloggers who do not want to invest much money in the beginning, then proceeding with Hostinger’s Web Hosting is the best option for them. Hostinger allows any blogger to start a blog only at a cheap hosting price of Rs.59 / Mo.

That is why most of the bloggers prefer to take its hosting due to the cheaper rate than the other hosting companies, and the higher the sale, the more your affiliate income will be. That is why you must join Hostinger’s Hosting Affiliate Program.

If you talk about the commission then after joining the Hostinger Affiliate Program, you can earn 60% of every successful sale in the form of Affiliate Commission.

Signup For Hostinger Affiliate Program

When do I get a Payout Commission from a Hostinger Affiliate?

After joining the Hostinger Affiliate Program, it also has a Minimum $ 100 Threshold Limit to receive commission. And if we talk about Payout Time, only after 30 days of the sale, after the 15th of every month, the Earning of your Affiliate Commission is transferred to your bank account.

If you use PayPal to take payment, then Minimum must be for transferring $ 100 and if you want to transfer to Direct Bank, then it is mandatory to have at least $ 500.

3. FastComet Hosting Affiliate Program

If you have been blogging for some time, then you must know about Siteground Hosting. It is a very good hosting company but it has stopped its affiliate service in India just a short time ago, so if you are from India then it is no use by joining Affiliate Program. But if we talk about its Best Alternative, then I would like to recommend the hosting of FastComet only.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

FastComet has not spent much time in the hosting industry since 2013, it has started its own Hosting Service. But even in such a short time, it has become very popular due to its Best Performance and Pricing. Therefore, you must also join the FastComet Web Hosting Affiliate Program.

Its Affiliate Commission is different for all hosting plans. Which can be at least $ 50 and up to $ 200 for every sale. To understand its Hosting Affiliate Commission better, you can see the screenshot given below.

Signup for Fastcomet Affiliate Program

When and how to get the Earned Affiliate Commission?

After any successful sale, there is a locking period of 45 days, meaning that after completion of 45 days, the commission is sent in the coming month. To get Affiliate Commission, you must have a PayPal Account. Because you can only receive commission from FastComet through PayPal.

4. BlueHost Hosting Affiliate Program

Bluehost is a very big name in the web hosting world. Not only this, it is the officially recommended web hosting company for hosting by Blogging’s WordPress platform. Meaning WordPress itself says that you only use Bluehost’s Web Hosting.

If it talks about its affiliate program, then Bluehost also gives Affiliate Commission a lot of Attractive Price for its Affiliate Promoters. After joining Bluehost’s Affiliate Program, you can get a successful sign up of at least $ 65 and commission up to $ 120.

There is no limit to how much you can earn through the Bluehost Affiliate Program. The more successful sales are from your Affiliate Link, the more you earn.

Signup for BlueHost Affiliate Program

When do you get your Affiliate Commission?

In the month in which there is a successful sale by your Affiliate Link, then you will get Payouts after 45 days from the date of next month except that month. For example, if the sale is done after signing up by someone on 15 January, then only after 15 March you will receive its commission. To get payouts, it is necessary to have at least 2 referrals for sale through your affiliate link.

5. HostGator Hosting Affiliate Program

Talking about Hosting Services and how the name of HostGator is not in that list. HostGator is a well known company of Hosting Service which also gives very good commission to its affiliate customers. For your information, let us know that both Bluehost and HostGator belong to the same company EIG (Endurance International Group).

Talking about the Payout Commission of HostGator Affiliate Program, after joining the HostGator Affiliate Program, you can earn from $ 65 to $ 125 for each sale as Affiliate Commission.

Signup for HostGator Affiliate Program

Commissions for different sales are also different which are as follows:

1-5 sales $65 per sale
6-10 sales $75 per sale
11-20 sales $100 per sale
21+ sales $125 per sale
Time to get a commission from HostGator Affiliate:

In the month in which there is a successful sale through your affiliate link, then the commission is verified by HostGator till the end of that month. And about 2 months + 10 days after the sale, you get Payouts. For this also, Minimum Threshold Rs.3200 In your affiliate account. It is compulsory to have up to 3200.

6. InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program

Inmotion Hosting has been a Pioneer in its Hosting Services since 2001. It is known for its best services, Reliable Hosting and Quality Customer Service. Their main focus is more visible towards “Business Hosting”. As far as its Affiliate Program is concerned, you can do Unlimited Earnings after joining its Affiliate Program.

Talking about the Affiliate Commission of the InMotion Affiliate Program, its Minimum Range is $ 50 and Maximum Range $ 120. The breakdown of its commission is as follows:

1-10 sales $50 per sale
11-20 sales $80 per sale
21-30 sales $120 per sale
31+ sales Contact Affiliate Team Manager
When will I get an Affiliate Commission?

After 50 days of the sale, your Affiliate Commission gets Approval from InMotion Affiliate Team. After which the Earned Commission reaches you but your Affiliate Commission is required to meet the Threshold Limit of $ 100 before receiving Affiliate Payout. You cannot get a commission for less than this.

Signup for InMotion Affiliate Program

7. MileWeb Hosting Affiliate Program

Talking about the second Cheapest Web Hosting Company after Hostinger, I remember the name of MilesWeb. It has been continuously working in the field of Hosting since 2012 and is providing Hosting Plans for its customers at very good and affordable prices.

Now talk about its Hosting Affiliate Program, as soon as you join it, Rs.1,000 gets credited to your Affiliate Account in the form of Sign up Bonus at the same time. If there is a successful sale from your Affiliate Link, then there are different Commission% Fix for different Sale Quantity, which are as follows:

For 1 to 3 sales a month Commission 30% of the total purchase
4 to 6 for sale Commission up to 40%
7 or more for sale Commission up to 50%
When does MileWeb Affiliate Commission get?

After 30 days of the sale, your Earned Affiliate Commission from MilesWeb gets Approval, however you will get Earning after 30 days. The best thing about the MilesWeb Affiliate Program is that the minimum payout criteria for receiving commission is only Rs.2,000. And in which Rs.1,000, you get only in the form of Sign up Bonus.

Signup for Milesweb Affiliate Program

List Of Hosting Affiliate Programs

Sr No. Hosting Company Name Signup For Link
1. Cloudways Signup 
2. HostingRaja Signup 
3. GreenGeeks Signup 
4. WPX Hosting  Signup 
5. Hostkarle Signup 
6. Prohosty Signup 
7. GoviralHost Signup 
8. Youstable Signup 
9. Liquied Web Signup 
10. DreamHost Signup 
11. Scala Hosting Signup 
12. BionicWP  Signup


Affiliate marketing is not an easy task at all, it is not that your income will start as soon as you sign up any Hosting Affiliate Program. For this, you will first have to work day and night on your blog. Without any traffic, you cannot make a single sale from affiliate marketing.

Read More:

Think for yourself, where will the sale on the blog not be available? Therefore, in order to bring good traffic to your blog first, you have to insert good content and good keywords for your visitors.

Along with this, the SEO of the blog and the On Page SEO of every content will have to be done in a good way, then only the visitors on your blog will increase, which is very important to earn money from Affiliate Marketing, without the visitors, do you have any problem with Affiliate Marketing? Cannot succeed in blogging in ways. First of all try to have good content and good traffic on your blog, only then you should register for Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

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