Home Remedies for Post Delivery Skin Related Problems

Home Remedies for Post Delivery Skin Related Problems

In the process of bringing a life into this world, the women has to go through many types of physical changes. The effect of this change is especially on the skin during pregnancy and after delivery. But never think that this change will last forever. But by understanding the problem, trying a few skin care tips and trying home remedies, you can get a rose-like glow in your face. know Home Remedies for Post Delivery Skin Related Problems.

You must have seen that there are many changes in the skin of a post pregnancy new mom. But due to these changes, there are problems like pigmentation, stretch marks, puffy eyes, acne, dark circles in the skin, and these changes sometimes become the cause of post partum for them.

Till now we have talked about the problems but the good thing is that these skin problems do not last forever, just follow a few skin care tips and with confidence, the new mom’s skin will rejuvenate in the post pregnancy. Let us now know about the solutions along with the problems.

Home Remedies for Post Delivery Skin Related Problems

Home Remedies for Post Delivery Skin Related Problems

1. Chloasma

Due to the change in hormones during pregnancy, due to the problem of chloasma, the skin loses its luster. In this stage, dark spots increase due to exposure to sunlight. Therefore, sunscreen must be applied before going out of the house.

Home Remedies: Removal of blemishes and blemishes from post-delivery skin, topical, liposome-encapsulated aloe Vera is very useful in reducing chloasma. After delivery, after cutting the fresh pulp of aloe Vera in skin care tips, you can apply the gel that will come out of it on your face. Apart from this, you can also apply cucumber juice or tomato juice to reduce dark spots.

2. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear in many parts of the body due to weight gain during pregnancy and weight loss after delivery. Due to the dryness of the skin after delivery, it becomes more clearly visible. Although these marks gradually lighten with time after delivery, but for this the skin needs to be moisturized.

Home Remedies: You can use vitamin E-rich oil, olive oil or anti-stretch marks cream to reduce stretch marks. Also one needs to keep oneself hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water.

3. Swollen Eyes

After delivery, the eyes swell due to lack of sleep, fatigue and stress. You don’t even need to spend much time for this. While taking care of the baby, you can reduce the swelling of your eyes in minutes, all you have to do is follow the skin care tips.

Home Remedies: Keeping a slice of cucumber kept in the refrigerator on the closed eyelids gradually reduces this problem.

4. Acne

Acne or acne breakouts are very common during or after pregnancy. This problem occurs due to the increase in the level of progesterone hormone in the body. Mother needs to do cleansing, toning and moisturizing to make her unhealthy skin healthy and glowing.

Home Remedy: You can use rose water as a skin toner and cleanser while you are nursing or sleeping. It balances the pH of your skin as well as smoothest the skin. After this, massaging the face and body with olive oil for 4-5 minutes will also moisturize the skin.

5. Some Other Tips

Apart from this, the most important thing that needs attention is to keep the body hydrated. Adequate amount of water should be during pregnancy, but this habit should not be given up even in post pregnancy. Because still the mother’s body needs sufficient amount of water. Therefore, at least 8-10 glasses of water must be drink in a day.

Now what about the tension, even after post pregnancy, with the help of these skin care tips, you can easily get post pregnancy glow without much trouble.

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