Home Remedies for Pimples – Treatment of Pimples on Faces

Home Remedies for Pimples - Treatment of Pimples on Faces

Home remedies for Pimples– Friends, due to yesterday’s run race and bad eating and wrong lifestyle, we all know how many problems we have to face everyday in our lives, sometimes some or sometimes some new problems. We keep coming to them, the main one is the problem of getting pimples or nail pimples. Nowadays it is a common thing whether on a boy or a girl’s face, especially friends who have oily skin. It is more common to get annoyed with this problem.

Due to which the facial glow starts to end and looks quite bad, so that we are very hesitant to come anywhere. Our self-confidence starts to lose, but now you do not need to worry about all this, because today we have come up with a lot of ways for you to get rid of all these problems. Let us know home remedies for Pimples.

Treatment Of Pimples On Faces – Home remedies for Pimples

In today’s article, we are telling you 10 home remedies to remove Pimples from the face. So let’s start with our first approach.

1. Home remedies for Pimples: Friends, do you know that in addition to food, garlic is beneficial in many other things, in the same way it is very effective for your pimples or even pimples, to get benefit from it. So you have to take 2-4 buds and grind it in 2-4 cloves. And after getting the paste prepared in front of you, you have to apply it on your face, and let your face remain like this for some time, then after some time you have to clean your face with lukewarm water. Even by doing this for several days, your nail pimples will soon go away.

2. Friends, now that I am going to tell you the method, the most important thing about that method is that the item used in it can be found very easily in the homes of you and us, and that is like turmeric yes friends You must be aware that how effective turmeric is, turmeric is not used in every merge medicine, because it contains antibacterial elements which are useful in every problem, in the same way your pimples We can also use turmeric to remove, for which we have to take a little turmeric before bed at night and mix it in water or milk and apply it on our pimples and then let it remain so overnight, after that the next In the morning it has to be washed thoroughly with water, and will have to keep doing until the pimples run away.

3. Like before, now the method which I am going to tell you is that in which you will find the material used in many of you at home very easily and that is honey yes friends in this way You have to take 3-4 spoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and mix these two things and make a paste. And then apply this paste comfortably well where there are pimples or pimples on your face, and if you do this work before sleeping at night and apply this mixture on your face all night. If you wash with lukewarm water in the morning after living, then this remedy can also prove to be very effective for you, and if you do this for 10-15 days, then you will definitely make a difference.

4. Many of you will definitely be very fond of drinking tea or coffee and there will be many people who will not start the day without all of them, in the same way many of you guys. Drinking green tea will also be a great choice, so in the same way that I am going to tell you now, you will also have to consume green tea, that is, at least one daily You should drink a cup of green tea, it will be very beneficial for your health as well and your pimples will leave you soon, apart from this, you can boil the green tea bag and then cool it on your face. You will get relief from this too.

5. Now come to your next remedy, in which you have to take 3-4 drops of coconut oil and mix it with some honey and mix it well on the face, and some After waiting time, you have to wash your face with lukewarm water, this will also cure your facial pimples as soon as possible and you will get a glowing face in a great way.

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6. Friends, now you are moving towards your next and last resort and this remedy is going to be done on the top of multani mitti for which you will have to take some multani mitti in a small pot, along with a little lemon juice and rose gels. After that we have to make a paste after mixing these three things and apply it well on your face as soon as it is formed and then let it dry for a while, after a while when this mixture dries on your face, Wash it thoroughly with clean water, you will see that your face has blossomed a lot due to its constant use and the pimples do not even have a name and a mark.

7. Friends, the first point is not a method but a suggestion that you will always see your face shining and melting and that is whether you have pimples on your face or not, you need to wash your face well everyday Habit should be made so that stickiness will be removed from your face and you will always be full of freshness and on the other hand, if your face is clean and fresh, then there is no point in having pimples or any kind of face related problems. will not be.

8. Friends, do you know that tooth paste also proves to be very useful for removing the pimples of your face, yes, exactly the same toothpaste so that we keep our teeth clean every day but remember that the toothpaste in it You have to use no color of any kind in it, that is, you have to use only white colored toast and at the same time make sure that this is not a gel, but to see its benefits It has to be applied on your face where the pimples are happening and keep it for half an hour, after half an hour you have to wash it with clean water. You have to do this for only half an hour every day and in a few days you can see its effect.

9. Now come to your second point or remedy in which you have to take nutmeg and grind it well and mix it in raw milk, and then after doing all this, the paste that is prepared now, Apply it on the face and then let the paste be applied on your face like this for two hours. And then after two hours you have to wash your face well with lukewarm water, you have to do this every day, within a few days you will see that the pimples are disappearing from your face and the glow is increasing.

10. Now if the matter is about removing the pimps then let me tell you that now the method I am going to tell you is very easy and everyone can do it at their home without any problem, in which you just You have to remove the snowflakes from your fridge and put them in a soft cloth, where you have pimples on your face, you have to compress them with ice or say massage, but take care of this for a long time. We do not have to do work, we have to do it for a while. After doing this for a few days, you will get to see the difference on your face.

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