20 Home Remedies for Headache Relief

20 Home Remedies for Headache Relief

Waking up early in the morning with a headache means the whole day is ruined. Headache is a major lifestyle problem in today’s fast-paced life, which is not actually a problem of the head but of the nervous system and neck. The frequent headache sometimes becomes so severe that it becomes difficult to tolerate. To cure this type of headache, we take the help of tablets, but if the home remedies available in the market are taken daily, then it causes a lot of harm to the body. Because of this, only home remedies are better for the sure treatment of headache, which do not even harm your body. Also, some of these remedies (Home Remedies for Headache Relief) are also very easy and for some you will get all the ingredients in the kitchen itself.

What is Headache

There can be many reasons for headache, but the main reason is stress. Tension headaches are caused by tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw, muscles, and scalp. You may get this type of headache because of working too much, not getting enough sleep, not eating on time and consuming etc. To get relief from this, you can change your lifestyle, get enough rest or take pain relievers. So let us tell you that home remedies to get relief from headache.


Home Remedies for Headache

If you are also troubled by headache (my head is hurting), then here we have come up with remedies for headache. Also, these are all home remedies for headache, for which you do not need to work very hard.

1. Drink Warm Water

If you have a headache, then drink lukewarm water frequently. You may not know and your body needs water. If you are having headache due to lack of water, then doing this gives quick relief. Once your body is hydrated, the headache will gradually subside.


2. Black Pepper and Mint Tea

If you are having headache (home remedies for headache), then you should consume black pepper and mint tea. If you want, you can drink some mint leaves mixed with black tea.

3. Eat Apple with Salt

Even after a lot of effort, if your headache is not taking the name of going away, then cut an apple and put salt on it and eat it. After this drink warm water or milk. If you do this continuously for 10 days, then your headache problem can be eradicated from the root.


4. Clove Bag

To get rid of headache, heat some clove buds on a pan. Make a bundle by tying these hot clove buds in a handkerchief. Now keep smelling this bundle every now and then. Your headache will subside.

5. Cinnamon Paste Coating

Prepare a paste by adding a little water to the cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the forehead for 30 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. Doing this also gives relief in headache (sar me dard ho to kya kare).

6. Decoction of Basil leaves

Many people drink tea or coffee when they have a headache. Instead of this, you can drink the water of basil leaves cooked in water. This decoction of basil will be more effective than any tea or coffee in headache.

7. Ginger-lemon juice

Mix equal amounts of ginger and lemon juice and lick it. If you want, you can also eat ginger candy instead to reduce headache.

8. Coriander, cumin and ginger decoction

Mix coriander leaves, cumin and ginger in a cup of water and boil it well. By drinking this decoction, your headache will start reducing very quickly. Drink this decoction at least twice a day.

9. Mint oil is also effective

To get rid of headache (headache home remedies), dip your handkerchief or any other cloth a little bit in mint oil and keep smelling this cloth. This will reduce your stress as well as headache.

10. Balm Massage Special Place

If you are not getting any benefit from any home remedy, then instead of taking medicine, bring any balm from the market and massage it first on both sides of the forehead and then on the upper part of the neck behind the head and then on the shoulders behind. Gradually the headache will disappear and you will also feel sleepy.

11. Use of Acupressure

The use of acupressure also works wonders to get relief from headache. For this, when you have a headache, bring both your palms in front of you. After this, with one hand, massage the space between the thumb and index finger of the other hand with a light hand. Do this in both hands for two to four minutes. This will give you relief from headache.

12. Coriander and Sugar Solution

Mixing coriander powder and sugar in water and drinking it can also get relief from headache (what to do if you have headache). If your headache is due to cold and cold, then this remedy will prove to be very effective for that.

13. Massage with Eucalyptus Oil

This is also an effective way to get rid of headache. For this you should massage with eucalyptus oil. This oil is pain reliever which gives instant relief.

14. Clove Salt Paste in Milk

For headache, you can make a paste by mixing clove powder in salt. Mix this paste in milk and drink it. This will cure your headache very quickly. This home remedy cures headache easily.

15. Lemon and Hot Water

Drink a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice. This will give quick relief from headache. This recipe proves beneficial when you have a headache (home remedies for daily headache) due to gas formation in your stomach. Drinking lemonade not only removes the problem of gas, but also cures side pain.

16. Lukewarm Water and Salt

Place a pinch of salt on the front of your tongue and immediately drink a glass of lukewarm water. This salt absorbs all the fluids present in your head, that is why it gives instant relief from headache.

17. Cow’s Hot Milk

You can also drink warm cow’s milk to get rid of headache. Also, if you have severe headache, add ghee and ground black pepper to this milk. This will also give you relief from severe headache.

18. Asafoetida, Black Salt and Carom Seeds

If you are feeling something wrong in the stomach along with headache (treatment of headache), then mix some asafetida in a bowl with some amount of black salt and carom seeds. Now drink this mixture with lukewarm water. Headache along with stomach will disappear completely.

19. Massage with Almond Oil

If home remedies for headache (sir mein dard ho to kya karen) are not working, then almond oil also proves effective. Massaging the head with almond oil for about 15 minutes provides relief from headache.

20. Get Your Sleep

Often we are unable to complete our sleep in everyday rush, that’s why our head starts aching. In such a situation, sometimes it becomes very important to complete sleep. Our advice is that if your headache does not go away in any of these ways, then you must complete your sleep and if the headache is still not cured, then consult a good doctor. This can be a sign of some other problem (how to cure headache) which you must find out as soon as possible.

We hope you liked our article on headache remedies. Here we have explained in detail about the home remedies for headache and also talked about the treatment of headache according to different reasons. You can do home remedies for headache according to your problem.

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