Home Remedies For Gas in Babies Stomach

Home Remedies For Gas in Babies Stomach

Home remedies For Gas in Babies: The problem of gas is such a problem that is found not only in adults but also in children. The problem of gas troubles the newborn children more. Elders tell their problems by speaking, but newborn babies start crying for everything. Whenever the baby cries, it is not necessary that he is hungry, he may also have some other problem like colic, stomach pain, ear pain or gas problem etc.

He cannot tell his problem by speaking, so whenever the child cries, first understand the reason for his crying and then take measures for it, so that you will have less trouble and your problem will be solved quickly. Let us know what is gas and easy home remedies to avoid it (Home Remedies for Gas in Babies Stomach).


Note: Keep in mind that do not use medicine or home remedies for babies before 6 months. Be sure to consult a doctor first.

Causes of Gas in Babies?

Gas is the air stored in your baby’s stomach. Many times babies also take in a lot of air while drinking milk and sometimes even when they cry more, more air goes inside their stomach and the baby’s stomach gets full without drinking full milk or rather in the stomach. Heaviness is felt.


Many times, eating spicy or excessively gassy food by the mother also has a direct effect on the baby’s stomach. Apart from this, when the baby drinks milk or takes food and he is not able to digest well, then gas becomes in his stomach and he feels uncomfortable.

Symptoms of Gas in Babies Stomach

If your baby starts crying while drinking milk or if you leave the mother’s breast while drinking milk or do not hold it. If the baby feels restless or starts raising his legs, then your baby may have a stomach ache or gas problem.


This problem is a common problem in babies because in the first 3 months, due to gas in babies, their intestines are not fully developed and it is also a common problem in 6 to 12 months old baby as babies at this age Trying different types of food for the first time. Breastfed babies produce less gas in their stomachs than bottle-fed babies.

When your baby has gas in the stomach, then you can get rid of this gas problem by adopting some home remedies.

Indian Home Remedies for Gas in Babies Stomach

1. Burp the baby

The very first way to give relief to your baby from gas is that whenever you feed him or feed him, you must make him burp because more gas is produced in the stomach of some babies then less, but you must burp him. Get it Due to this the gas comes out of his stomach and his stomach becomes light.

To burp, you first prop your baby on your shoulder and then gently pat his back with your hands. With this, he will burp in a while and gas will come out of his stomach.

2. Do not keep children hungry for long (Feed Regularly)

Children should not be kept hungry for a long time, rather they should be breastfed every once in a while. Due to this, gas does not form in their stomach. Keep in mind how many times a day you have to breastfeed your baby. Whenever the baby starts crying, do not start feeding it immediately, first understand the reason for her crying and take full care of her diet too.

3. Massage

When gas is formed in the stomach of the baby, you massage his stomach with light hands. If you want, you can also massage with lukewarm mustard oil so that the baby gets some rest. To reduce gas in the stomach, raise your baby’s legs slightly as you would during a baby massage. This also removes the air stored in the baby’s stomach and the baby starts feeling a little lighter.

4. Apply asafetida paste

This is a surefire remedy to remove gas in the stomach. For this, you take some asafetida and then grind it and make its powder. Make a solution by soaking its powder in lukewarm water. Apply that solution around the navel of the baby. If the effect of asafetida is hot, then it can give relief to your baby from gas in no time.

5. Gripe Water

Gripe water is one such remedy that has been given to babies since time immemorial. It contains herbs and sodium bicarbonate which helps in expelling the accumulated air by creating warmth in the baby’s stomach, thereby expels gas from the baby’s stomach.

The sodium bicarbonate present in gripe water neutralizes the acid present in the stomach and expels the gas in the form of belching or by other means. Whenever your baby gets gas, then you should give gripe water to the baby, but give gripe water only once in 1 day and feed only 2 spoons at a time.

Although gripe water is available in the market, but you can also make it at home. For this, you boil two spoons of fennel in 50 ml of water and boil it till this water is reduced to half and then cool it and give two spoons to your baby. This will make the baby feel comfortable.

6. Give Fennel Water (Soya Seeds Water)

Fennel water is a great remedy to improve the digestive system of the baby. The carminative agent found in soya seeds is considered very good for the digestive system. Whenever your baby has gas problem, give your baby two spoons of fennel water.

You can also take fennel water yourself. It does you no harm either. With this, along with your baby’s digestive power, your own digestive power will also be fine. Second, your milk will increase and your blood flow will also be fine.

7. Mother take care of your food and drink

It is said that the food that the mother takes has an effect on the health of the newborn. If you consume heavy food or gas-forming food, then it also definitely creates gas in your baby’s stomach. Therefore, along with the health of the baby, take full care of your food and drink so that your baby remains healthy and he does not have to face the problem of gas.

8. Do light exercise

You can also give your baby some light exercise. For this, you can make the baby lie on your knees. Your baby’s tummy should be facing down and then massage her back or you can cycle her legs. For this, you lie on the tummy of the baby and hold his legs and slowly move him back and forth. This will release the gas from the baby’s stomach and he will feel comfortable.

9. Take Care of Feeding Bottle

If you are bottle-feeding your baby, the tip of the nipple of the bottle is neither too big nor too small. While feeding a bottle to the baby, keep his head slightly above his back so that when the baby feeds, after that the gas comes out in the form of burping. While feeding, keep the bottle up slightly so that air bubbles do not rise in the bottle. The baby should also be put to sleep on his stomach for a while every day so that all the gas in his stomach comes out and your baby remains healthy.

10. Don’t Give Fruit Juice to Newborn Baby

Many parents start giving fruit and vegetable juices to their baby, but the fructose and sarcose present in fruit juices can be difficult to digest, due to which they may complain of gas as well as many diseases such as diarrhea etc. Is. Too much juice can also damage the teeth of the baby and they may also get into the habit of drinking sugary water. For this, you should keep more amount of water in the juice.

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If even after all these measures, there is no relief in the problem of gas in the baby and this problem is becoming serious then it is a common problem but you should immediately see your doctor and get your baby treated.

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