Home Remedies For Cold During Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Cold During Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Cold During Pregnancy: It is normal for women to have weak immunity during pregnancy. In such a situation, Cough, cold etc. catch you very quickly. It is also necessary to treat it on time, otherwise it can cause difficulty for the unborn child as well.

Know how you can avoid Cough and cold during pregnancy and some home remedies by which you can get rid of it easily.

How to prevent Cough and Cold in pregnancy

It is better than any kind of treatment that you try to prevent yourself from any disease first.


Although it is not possible to have a 100% guarantee that you will not get sick at all, but still prevention can be done.

Maintain cleanliness

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Cold viruses always spread through the air. In order not to spread it, the first step is that you have to take special care of cleanliness around you.

Hand sanitizer

Always carry hand sanitizer with you when you are going out. You may not get a chance to wash your hands somewhere, in such a situation hand sanitizer can be useful for you.

Stay away from sick people

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As mentioned earlier also that immunity remains weak during pregnancy, so try not to come in contact with sick person because by doing so you are more likely to get sick.

Away from stress

Stress usually invites many diseases, so be stress free as much as possible during pregnancy and do your favorite things so that your mind remains happy.

Do the exercise

Make light exercise a part of your day, by doing this both your heart and mind remain healthy and you stay away from diseases.

Even after all this, if you are in the grip of cold, then by adopting some home remedies, you can easily get rid of cold as soon as possible. Some of these measures are as follows:

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Home Remedies for Cough and Cold During Pregnancy

You can quickly improve your health through your diet, such as:

Eat liquids

If your appetite is affected during cold and cold, then there is a lack of nutrients in the body. That is why it is important that there is no shortage of water in your body, eat more and more fluids during cold. Along with this, the fluids also work to remove the phlegm from the throat.

Gargle with lukewarm water

In case of sore throat or closure, add salt to lukewarm water and gargle 2-3 times a day, this will definitely give you relief.

Basil Tea

If you have a stuffy nose or feel tightness in your throat, then you can make tea by adding basil leaves, apart from this, if you do not want to drink tea, then you can consume that water by boiling basil leaves in water.

High pillow

In order not to block your nose while sleeping, keep your head on a high pillow while sleeping. This will also make it easier for you to breathe.

Nasal congestion due to cold causes difficulty in breathing. In this case, you feel it with hot water. You will get relief from the blocked nose and you will be able to breathe properly. You put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water and cover your head with a towel so that the steam cannot escape.

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Some questions that often come to the mind of every mother

Many questions related to the child come in the mind of a mother who is mildly ill, which is very important to know. such as:

Effect of cold on child

In most of the cases, cold and cold etc. affect only the mother and its effect on the child is negligible. But still, being sick for a long time can deprive your body of nutrients, which is bound to have an effect on the health of the child.

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When to contact doctor

If you notice any of the following symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

  • vomiting a lot
  • vaginal bleeding
  • Having a very dry cough or phlegm
  • Chest pain or pressure on the uterus

If you have any of the above symptoms, contact the doctor as soon as possible and do not ignore it lightly.

Although cough, cold etc. is very normal, but during pregnancy you need to take care of your baby along with you, in such a situation, by taking care of yourself, you can keep yourself and your upcoming baby safe.

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