Holi Speech: Speech on Holi Festival of Colors

Holi Speech: Speech on Holi Festival of Colors

Holi Speech: Holi, a festival of zeal and enthusiasm, is celebrated every year on the full moon of the month of Phalgun. There is great enthusiasm inside this festival of colors.

People celebrate this festival with love and brotherhood by erasing their neck and neck, and greet each other with color and abir. On the occasion, many types of programs are also organized. In which there are many types of competitions.


On such an occasion you too may get a chance to give a speech on Holi, so we are providing you a wonderful speech on Holi, which you can use during such programs.

Speech on Holi Festival of colors

First of all I wish you all a very happy Holi festival of Holi. All thanks to your Excellency and visitors for visiting us here. I am very happy that all of you gave me a chance to express my views on this fiddle of Holi.


I would like to start my speech with the greeting message of Holi.

Holi festival is a festival of love, brotherhood, enthusiasm, harmony and unity. As we all know that this festival is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Phalgun month in the spring.


The festival of Holi not only gives us an opportunity to improve our mutual relations by erasing our old neck and neck, but also works to connect us with the mainstream of society. This festival has socio-cultural and traditional importance.

Due to many religious and mythological stories associated with this festival, people have a lot of faith in this festival.

Radha-Krishna’s sacred love of the festival of colors and the story of Prahlad and Holika are most prevalent. According to which Hiranyakashyap had planned to kill his son Prahlad with Holika, after which Rakshashini wrapped her sheet found in Holika boon and took devotee Prahlada in the lap and sat in a burning fire, after which the storm flew off his sheet. And the devotee Prahlada survived the grace of Lord Vishnu, since then the tradition of celebrating this festival has been going on.

Preparations for this festival begin several days in advance. On this occasion, traditional dishes like Gujia, Gulab Jamun, Malpua are made in the houses.

Apart from this, people express their happiness by applying color to each other in such programs organized on Holi.

However, with the changing times, the festival of Holi has also taken the form of modernity. Holi is now seen fluttering. Today, celebrating Holi festival has become fun and intoxicating for the youth.

Apart from this, where earlier people used to make the dish in the house, nowadays people get the dish from the market itself. In order to earn more profit on the occasion of Holi, shopkeepers sell adulterated substances which are very harmful to health. In this way, Holi is completely in the grip of marketism today.

The meaning of this festival has changed for the people nowadays. We all should understand the importance of this festival and propagate the basic messages of Holi.

I want to pause my speech on Holi by speaking two lines.

In this colorful world, colorful festival is Holi
Holi is a festival of forgetting fallen shikwe
Holi is the colorful message of the colorful world
There is a lot of buzz everywhere, “Bad na mano holi hai holi”

I am very happy that today you have given me the opportunity to express my views on this occasion of Holi.

Like every year, Holi Milan seminar has been organized on this festival of colors this time too. At the same time, the presence of you people has made this festival of colors even more special, thank you all.

This festival has not only been described in the Hindu scriptures and Puranas, but we have all been celebrating the festival of Holi since the time of history.

Holi has been celebrated with great pomp since the Mughal period and the paintings carved on the walls in many ancient Hindu temples have also known the tradition of celebrating Holi in ancient times, so that we can all understand the significance of Holi festival Huh.

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Holi is celebrated differently in different states of India. The Lathmar Holi of Nandgaon, the city of Shri Krishna, and the Barsana Holi of Braj are quite famous.

Apart from this, there is a tradition of playing colors on the second day of Holi. on Panchami, on this occasion in Maharashtra. This is the main attraction of Holi. In this way everyone celebrates Holi in their own way.

We all should make this festival of brotherhood, love and harmony together. One should try to save the dignity of Holi festival and be aware of its cultural and social importance.

Along with this, your children, close and relatives should also be told about the traditional and social significance of this festival.

Along with this, all of us should take special care that in any way other people will not have any problem in the fun of Holi.

On this occasion, boycott chemical colors should use Swadeshi. natural and organic colors and should not force people by saying “bad na mano holi”, which has become a pillow of Holi.

Yes, I am not saying that one should not have fun on Holi, but I mean that Holi should be played in such a way that nobody’s feelings are hurt and the fun of celebrating this festival is not gritty.

We all should celebrate this festival with love so that the dignity of the festival remains and the sweetness of the relationship remains.

Happy Holi

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