Looking for a Virtual Assistant; Hire the best VA with Grow Your Staff

Hire the best VA with Grow Your Staff

When looking to offload the mundane administrative tasks, hiring the Virtual Assistant proves to be the most viable solution. It would give you the ample time to focus on more important business activities. However, hiring and onboarding VAs requires a lot of efforts. Mostly, companies presume it to be a quick fix for many business issues. It isn’t that. VA can help you streamline the business operations.

Below mentioned are various steps to follow to ensure better hiring of a Virtual Assistant

1. Understanding the true reason for hiring VAs: For hiring a virtual assistant, it is important to know the purpose of why you want to hire him. Make a list and then, begin the quest for the most professional virtual assistants. A rampant hiring without any solid reason can prove to be a wastage of your money.

2. Selecting the appropriate candidate: When looking for a virtual assistant, you might be searching for a multitasking person. Therefore, you need a proactive approach of making brilliant job descriptions that clearly explain the main skills that you need in your VA. This will help in preventing bad hires. Also, you must maintain clarity in communications. Explain your expectations clearly. Then conducting interviews would further help you in making a better decision. Conducting interviews via written tests and screening would result in hiring better candidates. So, make sure to conduct daily interviews and screenings.

3. Making a final decision: The last step to hire a suitable virtual assistant involves the final screening process on which the last phase of interview is conducted. Based on the interview results and performance, the final decisions are made. Make sure to conduct the interview process in a phased manner to reduce any sort of discrepancy while hiring.

4. Reviewing their work on a regular basis: Hiring the virtual assistant doesn’t mean that you can forget a task after delegating it to a VA. This isn’t how it works. It is important to build a task calendar and review their work accordingly. It will help in tracking the issues as and when they arise. With this knowledge, you can offer timely suggestions and amendments. You must regularly monitor the progress made by VAs and resolve their misapprehensions at the right time. At the same time, this approach also helps in avoiding repetitions of some tasks over and again.

‘Grow Your Staff’ is a company that provides full-time VA’s, who are highly qualified and reliable. India being a home to young talent requires adequate virtual assistants to rely upon. There are many websites offering VA’s at very cheap rates. But ‘Grow Your Staff’ not only saves the overhead costs, but also helps in generating the revenue over a short period of time.

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