Risk of Wearing Heels during Pregnancy

Risk of Wearing Heels during Pregnancy

Heels instantly add a glam factor to your outfit. However, wearing heels during pregnancy is not really a great option. Even doctors give advice on this. Actually, during pregnancy, your body weight and balance are not normal and your muscles also change. Because of this you feel discomfort and start feeling pain. So let us tell you in detail what are the risks of wearing heels during pregnancy.

Calf Muscle Pain

If you wear heels for a long time, it can contract the position of your calf muscles. Because of this, your muscles may cramp.

Back Pain

Wearing high heels for a long time can cause pain in your back as it worsens the posture and can be more risk during pregnancy. This is because during this time the pelvic muscles bend forward, due to which the shape of your waist becomes round. As your weight increases during pregnancy, you also experience changes in your posture, which can cause pain.

Apart from this, heels put more pressure on your pelvic and back joint and due to this, your pelvic and lower back start to pain.

Low Balance

Being overweight and hormonal changes reduces the strength of your ankles. Due to this your ability to balance also decreases. When you wear heels, you are more likely to lose your balance or fall, which could injure you or your baby.

Swollen Feet

During pregnancy, a medical condition arises, which is called edema and in this the feet start swelling. Apart from this, wearing high heels can aggravate this problem. Along with this, you may have more pain in the lower body due to swelling in the feet. In such a situation, you should be more careful during pregnancy in your last trimester.


Wearing high heels increases your chances of falling and because of this, the chances of having a miscarriage also increase.

Because of this, if you like to wear heels, then during pregnancy you should be careful and avoid wearing heels.

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