Health Benefits Of Crying

Health Benefits Of Crying

Health Benefits Of Crying: You must have often heard people saying that ‘Laugh and be cool’! That is, laughing keeps us healthy. Just as there are many health benefits of laughing, so does crying. Crying for a while not only lightens the heart but is also beneficial for health. Usually we cry to express sadness. When we feel bad about something or when someone misbehaves with us, then it hurts us and then tears start flowing from our eyes. But in our society it is taught from childhood that men should not cry. Crying is considered a sign of weakness. But from the point of view of health, researchers believe that both men and women should cry a little to ease their mind. Because we often feel relieved by crying.

Health Benefits Of Crying

Yes, crying is beneficial for both mental and physical health. Researchers have found the benefits of crying in their study, which showed that most people feel lighter and refreshed after crying. The thinkers and healers of ancient Greece and Rome also believed that tears acted as a laxative, cleansing the inside and outside. Today’s psychology also accepts this. So let’s know what are the health benefits of crying.

For Healthy Eyes

Tears in the eyes keep the pupil and eyelids moist, so that the eyes do not dry out. Lack of sufficient moisture in the eyes can make it difficult to see. If the membrane of the eye becomes dry, vision becomes impaired. Tears do not allow our eyes to dry out, due to which the eyesight remains intact.

Keep Away from Mental Illnesses

If something is bothering you inside and you are tolerating it deliberately, then it can cause you mental stress. When you cry, your mental state becomes quite normal and you are able to think better about any problem.

Helpful in Reducing Muscle Tension

Sometimes stress increases in the body and we do not even realize it. Many physical problems are associated with stress. Crying also reduces muscle tension.

Flush out Body Toxins

Our tears contain a liquid called lysozyme which can kill 90-95 percent of bacteria in just 5-10 minutes. Several studies have suggested that when we are very sad or depressed, the body starts producing certain toxic chemicals. These toxins are removed from the body through tears.

Keep Stress Away

Many times, due to excessive amount of manganese in the body, problems like restlessness, confusion, fatigue, anger arise. Crying reduces manganese levels in the body, making you feel lighter and better. Crying is a natural way to relieve yourself from pain and stress. Crying calms the mind and improves the mood.

Eye Shield

Tears also protect the eyes from external chemicals. Therefore, coming in contact with the chemicals or dust released from onions causes tears in the eyes, thereby protecting the eyes.

Relaxes the Body

Emotional tears contain 24 percent more albumin protein, which affects metabolism. Crying without stress helps the brain, heart and limbic system to function properly, thereby relaxing the body.

Note – Whenever you feel like crying, then definitely express your emotions. But after crying, definitely sleep better. But if we cry a lot or keep crying for hours, then we should be careful that it can be a sign of mental disorder, anxiety, depression so we should not cry for long. | Get latest news 2022 & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.