Health and Beauty Benefits of Pistachios

Health and Beauty Benefits of Pistachios

In the summer season, if you want to eat ice cream and get pistachio flavor, then it is fun. Whether Kheer is made at home or any sweet dish (Benefits of Pistachios), without pistachios, both its decoration and taste are incomplete. The way pistachio dissolves as soon as it enters the mouth, the taste is not forgotten. This is the reason why pistachios have now become a permanent member of your kitchen. Actually, pistachios not only preserve your taste, but also your health and the beauty of the skin. It is not only beneficial in the form of healthy fat, fiber, anti-oxidant, but it is also an excellent source of protein.

That is why doctors recommend making pistachios an important part of your diet. Pistachios are green in color and have the same shell as walnuts. As soon as that shell is removed, a delicious green thing is seen inside, which is somewhat like papery almonds in taste. Often people also get confused in Kagji Almonds and Pistachios. However, pistachios are called pistachios in English. In common parlance it is called pistachio. Earlier people had a misconception that pistachios are useful only for garnishing sweet dishes. But now we will tell you that pistachios rich in nutritional properties are also a great source of energy.

Nutrients of Pistachios

The special thing about pistachios is that it is not only delicious to eat, but many nutritional properties are also found in it. Pistachios contain many nutrients like healthy fat, fiber, protein, which helps the body to fight against many diseases. It is rich in good calories, carbs, fiber, protein, fat, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, copper and manganese, which makes health very good.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Pistachios

Dieticians also give advice to include pistachios in regular diet. There are many reasons for this, in which its excellent anti-oxidant is the main one. This is the reason why its regular consumption helps in getting rid of diseases in the body.

There will be Trouble with Digestion

This property of pistachios is that by consuming it you also get rid of diseases like indigestion. If it is eaten in the right quantity, then it is easy to get rid of many diseases related to stomach. That’s why doctors recommend its consumption.

Control Weight Fast

Only a few people know that eating pistachios can reduce weight. Pistachio comes under the category of dry fruit, due to which people often misunderstand that it will also be helpful in increasing body weight. Whereas the reality is that pistachios are rich in fiber and protein and due to these two elements, you do not feel hungry much. This saves you from overeating. If you are not sure, you can feel the difference in your weight by consuming pistachios continuously for 12 weeks. The special thing about pistachios is that it can also be included in snacks and it is recommended to eat pistachios at least twice every day for better results.

Heart Patient Friend

Yes, the special thing about pistachios is that even heart patients can eat it without any interruption. Pistachios prove to be important in reducing the increased cholesterol level in your body, so heart patients are advised to eat it. Pistachios also help in increasing good cholesterol. HDL reduces the risk of heart disease in the body.

Fix the Eyes

The carotenoids present in pistachios protect the eyes from age-related problems like cataract in the eyes. This reduces the risk of retinal damage.

Panacea in Blood related Diseases

Usually, diabetic patients have to avoid a lot, but pistachio is such a thing, which not only gives essential nutrients to the diabetic patients, but also helps in increasing hemoglobin. Not only this, it also helps to keep blood pressure the same. Actually, pistachios have about 60 percent of the properties of phosphorus. This is the reason why pistachios are no less than a panacea for type 2 diabetes patients. The phosphorus present in pistachios works to break down proteins into amino acids, which is also very beneficial. At the same time, due to vitamin B6, it helps a lot in increasing hemoglobin.

Get rid of Other Diseases

The elements present in pistachios are also very helpful in driving away sleep disorders. Not only this, other benefits of pistachios are also that it is helpful in improving your immune system more. It is also anti-cancer due to the vitamin B6 present in it. It also protects against many types of infections.

Ayurvedic Benefits of Eating Pistachios

Health and Beauty Benefits of Pistachios

Support in Workplace and Travel

There are many food items that you cannot carry with you on travel but you can keep pistachios with you during your workplace travel. It doesn’t go bad for months. If it is kept in a good container, especially in a glass container, then it remains fresh most.

Easily Available, Best for Vegetarians

The most important thing about pistachios is that along with being healthy, it is easily available anywhere, at any place. For vegetarians, nothing can be a better food option than this.

Swish Dish’s Best Friend

Pistachios are used a lot in making sweet dishes at home. From ice cream to kheer, rabdi, vermicelli, its use in every kind of dish doubles the taste. Along with this, the garnishing done with pistachios also gives a beautiful touch to the dish.

How to Eat Pistachio

Of course, pistachios are a good and healthy food option but obviously too much of anything is not right. Pistachios should also not be eaten in excessive quantities. The best time to eat pistachios is considered to be in the morning. Eat a handful before breakfast and then eat it as a snack in the evening. Consume it in equal quantity twice a day. If you want, you can also use it in your food, but it is important to take care of the quantity. The special thing about pistachios is that you can eat it daily with milk or by adding it to any dish. In festivals, it is used in all sweet dishes, its use is also given importance in thandai and ice cream. Its fragrance further increases the craving for food.

Along with the benefits of pistachios, you should also know the disadvantages of eating it. Many people also have problems like diarrhea and vomiting by eating pistachios. Therefore it is necessary to eat it in limited quantity. Pistachios are high in fiber and protein, so eating them in the right amounts will help you lose weight. But eating it in excess can also lead to weight gain. Therefore, do not eat it as a food, but eat it according to the dosage of every day.

Pistachios also contain low levels of sodium and due to the presence of small amounts of sodium, if consumed in excessive amounts, then the blood pressure will increase normally. Pistachios also contain a compound called fructans, which causes gastrointestinal (gas) problems. It is not harmful, but if consumed in excess, it can worsen digestion. Therefore it is necessary that it should be consumed less and at the right time.

Beneficial for Hair

The biotin present in pistachios helps in preventing hair fall. This is the reason why hair becomes silky and healthy by its consumption. It also prevents the problem of hair splitting.

Helpful in Enhancing the Beauty of the Skin

Pistachios not only have health benefits, but they also contain a variety of ingredients that are suitable for your skin as well. Pistachios contain vitamin E, which is also an anti-oxidant. Apart from this, it also protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and protects against all skin diseases. Its use makes the skin attractive and beautiful. It is also a natural moisturizer, due to which aging is not detected on your face, it is also anti-aging. Even eating it does not cause wrinkles. It is also helpful in keeping the skin young.

Pistachio Dish Recipe

Health and Beauty Benefits of Pistachios

Cashew and Pistachio Roll Recipe

Ingredients: 750 grams cashew nuts, 300 grams pistachios, 800 grams sugar cubes, cardamom powder

Method: Soak cashew nuts. Peel off the pistachio. Make a paste by grinding these two separately. After this, add 650 grams of sugar to the cashew nut and 150 grams of sugar to the pistachio mixture. Now cook them till the sugar dissolves completely. Cook both separately. Then add cardamom powder to it. After this, take it out from the pan, make a sheet of cashew and pistachio and roll it in the middle. Apply silver foil for garnish. Then serve.

Questions and Answers Asked about the Use of Pistachios

Q1. Does eating pistachios also strengthen hair?

Yes, of course it does. The biotin present in it is helpful in enhancing the beauty of the hair and it also moisturizes your hair. This also increases the growth of your hair.

Q2. Can pistachios be bought once and used for several months?

Yes, but you have to choose the right shop. Many times, due to the spoilage of pistachios, they start spoiling very soon at home. If it is the rainy season, do not buy it in large quantities and try to keep it sealed in a glass box instead of plastic.

Q3. Can diabetic patients also consume it?

Yes, absolutely you can. Consuming it in regular quantity every day is beneficial. It is no less than a panacea for type 2 diabetes patients.

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