Headache in Pregnancy Causes and Home Remedies

Headache in Pregnancy Causes and Home Remedies

Headache in pregnancy is like a nightmare. Headache is very disturbing during normal days but when it occurs during pregnancy it becomes unbearable. But it is common to have a headache during the first trimester. But headache during pregnancy can be easily ended with some home remedies. So let’s know what to do if you have a headache during pregnancy?

Cause of Headache During Pregnancy

Headaches during pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes in your body. Headache is more during the first trimester but in the next trimester the pain subsides when the hormones are balanced. Headaches are caused not only by hormonal activity but also by various other reasons. Let’s know the causes of headache in pregnancy:

  • Headache can also occur due to disturbances in blood pressure.
  • If you had a migraine before pregnancy, you are more likely to experience it during pregnancy.
  • Some common symptoms of pregnancy such as fatigue, hunger, lack of exercise, dehydration, etc. can also cause headaches.
  • Headache can also be caused by consuming caffeine or suddenly stopping it.
  • Clogged nose can also cause pain in the back of your throat, which can lead to a headache.
  • Due to changes in the pressure around the eyes during pregnancy, the strain on the eyes affects the vision and can cause headaches.
  • Headaches can also be caused by stress, excessive anxiety or depression.
  • Dehydration can also make you feel pain around the back of your neck, which is one of the main causes of headaches.

Home Remedies For Headache During Pregnancy

Medicines should not be taken excessively during pregnancy. There is also the possibility of side effects from headache medicines. So let’s know what to do if there is a headache in pregnancy:

1. Make herbal tea using a teaspoon of lemon leaves and chamomile tea. Now add half a teaspoon of honey and fennel to it and drink it. It reduces anxiety and tension headaches very well.

2. Mix 3 teaspoons of cinnamon powder in a glass of milk and bring it to a boil. When it cools, add honey for taste and drink it.

3. Mixing two spoons of apple cider vinegar and two spoons of honey in a glass of water also provides relief in headache.

4. The antioxidants present in ginger help in reducing headache. You can drink ginger tea or decoction.

5. Lavender oil helps in relieving headache. It also helps in getting better sleep during pregnancy.

6. Taking steam of hot water clears the sinuses and relieves from the stuffy nose, which gives you relief from headache.

7. Massage well on shoulders, back and neck, it gives relief from migraine. Keep in mind that massage should be done by a woman who has a lot of experience in massaging pregnant women.

Apart from this, you can use oils in medicine. This type of massage also helps in reducing tension headaches to an extent.

8. Taking a bath with cold water also provides temporary relief from headache. If there is more pain and do not want to take a bath, then you can also put a few drops of cold water on the face. Apart from this, taking a bath with rock salt in hot water also provides relief from headache.

9. During pregnancy, the breast ligaments stretch to support your growing breasts, which also puts a lot of pressure on your back and neck. Sometimes this causes headache. So choose the right bra during pregnancy.

What to do avoid Headache in Pregnancy

Headaches are mostly caused by hormone changes during the first trimester, and there’s not much you can do to prevent them. However, having a disciplined lifestyle can reduce the chances of headaches.

1. Low Blood Sugar Levels Can Cause Headaches During Pregnancy Or It Can Be The Result Of Not Eating it happens. Therefore, eat healthy and nutritious food at the right time and in the right quantity.

2. You also need to take adequate rest during pregnancy as women experience more stress and fatigue during this time. Therefore, during this time you try to rest as much as possible or do such things in which there is not much physical activity.

3. Things like processed meats, chocolate, ice cream can also cause headaches. Pay attention to your food because what you eat is causing you a headache, then exclude such foods from your diet.

4. Do not consume caffeine. If you have a habit of consuming more caffeine things, then you can gradually reduce its intake. For example, if you usually take three to four cups of coffee in a day, then you should reduce the amount now.

5. You wake up in the morning and start going for a walk in the fresh air in the park. By breathing in fresh air or keeping the windows of the room open, your complaints of headache are lessened.

6. During this you should not wear tight clothes.

7. Avoid going to hot places and also stay away from strong smell.

8. Keep your sitting and sleeping postures correct. During this, keep complete information about how to get up and sit.

9. To avoid stress, take part in some activities like birth yoga classes, meditation center, yoga etc.

10. Don’t lean on anyone for too long to do less.

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