Hair Spa at Home in 4 steps and get Glowing and Golden Hair

Hair Spa at Home in 4 steps and get Glowing and Golden Hair

Hair Spa at Home: Hair Spa is a good way to make hair shiny, beautiful and strong. Now the question arises that how to do hair spa at home to make your hair beautiful. When I shared my same problem with a friend, she solved my problem in a pinch. He told me a way to do Hair Spa at Home which is very simple, cheap and less time consuming. I am sharing this method with you and hope that it will prove useful for you too.

So let us now know how you can get Hair Spa at Home in just four steps.

How To Do Hair Spa At Home

Step 1. Massage

Massaging the hair is the best way to provide beauty, shine and nourishment to the hair, that’s why our grandmother or grandmother often advises us to apply oil and massage the hair properly. If you want to do hair spa at home, then first of all massage your scalp with some good oil.


If your hair is dry and dry, then take coconut oil and if the hair is breaking more then use almond oil, apart from this you can also use sesame or olive oil or you can also make a mixture of some oils. You can massage.

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For best results, warm the oil first and then massage it well on the scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. It would be even better if you get someone else to massage you. Massage on the head is also a great way to keep the blood circulation right. After this you will feel very light.

Step 2. Steam

When you go to the hair spa in the parlor, your hair will be steamed through a machine. Due to this, the oil applied in the hair reaches the hair roots and at the same time your hair becomes soft. Although there are many types of steamers available in the market, if you can buy them then it will be easy for you to steam your hair but even if you don’t have a steamer it doesn’t matter, there is an easy way to steam your hair at home.

Take a large towel and soak it in warm water. After this, squeeze the towel well and tie it around your hair. Leave it like this for ten to fifteen minutes and then remove the towel from your hair. Your hair is steaming.

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Step 3. Shampoo & Conditioning

The third step is shampooing. Wash as you wash your hair with the shampoo of your choice. After that leave the hair like this for a few minutes after applying conditioner and wash the hair again with clean water. You can also make conditioner at home and use the conditioner available in the market.

Step 4. Hair Mask

Just like face mask is used after facial so that your face glows more, similarly hair masks for hair are in vogue these days. Its use makes hair stronger, more beautiful and shiny. However, there are many types of hair masks available in the market. You can choose them according to your hair or you can also make them at home.

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You can also make it by using shikakai, reetha, amla, fenugreek. After soaking all these things in water overnight, add egg white to it in the morning. If you want, you can also add aloe Vera gel or anus to it. Make a paste of this mixture, your hair mask is ready. If you want, you can also make a hair mask with eggs, honey, banana and coconut oil. Apply this hair mask on your hair, especially at the roots of the hair and leave it on for twenty to 25 minutes.

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Then finally wash your hair once again. Your hair spa is done. You can use this hair spa at home once or twice a month. In winter, the problem of dryness and breakage of hair increases a lot, so this spa will not only be light on your pocket but will also give you the desired results.

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