Hair Care Tips For Winter – Winter Hair Care Home Remedies

Hair Care Tips For Winter - Winter Hair Care Home Remedies

Hair Care Tips For Winter: Maybe you like winter but do your hair also like winter weather because winter season often takes away the moisture of skin and hair. The humidity in the air is low during this season. When winter comes, not only does the weather change, but it also indicates the need to pay special attention to the hair. During the winter season, the hair gradually becomes dry and lifeless.

Everyone loves their hair, especially women. That’s why every woman wants her hair to be black, thick, silky and long. No one wants that their hair starts falling out or if there is dandruff or lifeless hair in dry hair, so it becomes a challenge for every woman to take care of her hair and keep it beautiful during the winter season.

So let us know how to take care of your hair in the winter season and some home remedies so that they remain soft and shiny in this season too.


7 Top Winter Hair Care Home Remedies

1. Don’t use too much hot water

Everyone likes to take a hot water bath in the winter season, but it is not right to use hot water for hair. Too much hot water absorbs the moisture of the hair and the natural oil in the hair, due to which the hair of women starts becoming dry and lifeless and the problem of dandruff arises in the hair. Therefore, every woman should wash her hair with lukewarm water to keep her hair beautiful, shiny and retain its moisture.

2. Use Shampoo Nicely

Many shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is mainly used to remove oil from the sand, but if sulfate-containing shampoos are used on the hair, then these shampoos also remove the essential oils that keep the hair healthy and hydrating.

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Due to which the hair becomes dry and the scalp of many women is sensitive, due to which many other problems also increase like problem of itching, problem of hair breakage or problem of inflammation etc. Therefore, every woman should check thoroughly before using shampoos that those shampoos are not sulfate-rich.

3. Use Aloe Vera on Hair

Aloe Vera is such a wonderful and common ingredient that is a mine of many properties and is also used a lot in beauty products such as face packs. Therefore, for this you can make a hair mask for your long hair at home. To make aloe Vera hair mask, take an aloe Vera leaf and cut it in the middle and take out all its gel.

Then mix a few drops of lemon juice in 2 or 3 tablespoons of the gel. Mixing those two things well, now apply it in your hair and then keep it for half an hour. After half an hour wash your hair with lukewarm water. You must do this remedy once a week to keep the hair healthy, nutritious and shiny.

4. Take Hair Spa at Home

To keep your hair healthy, you can take hair spa for your hair at home. Due to this, the dryness of the hair ends and moisture remains in the hair. To take a hair spa at home, you have to heat the oil and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Apply this mixture on your scalp and then give hair spa with the help of hot towel. This remedy will help you to remove the dryness of the hair as well as prevent dandruff in the hair.

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5. Be More Aware During Winters

In the winter season, take special care of some special things about your hair. In this season, do not wear a scuff cap or hat cutter too tightly on the hair, because wearing it too tightly causes sweating in the hair, due to which the scalp starts itching and dandruff starts. Therefore, never tie the scarf tightly.

6. Do Oil Massage

Before washing hair, massage the scalp with vitamin olive oil or coconut oil. These are considered natural scalp oils. It moisturizes dry hair. To make the hair beautiful and shiny and to maintain them, once a week, mix olive oil sunflower and avocado in hot oil and apply it well on the root of the hair before sleeping at night. You can also use common shampoo and mustard oil instead of expensive or fancy products. It is better for hair in every way.

7. Limit use of Heating Instruments

It is considered good to dry the hair naturally but everyone is in a hurry to dry the hair during the winter season. That’s why most of the women use the hair dryer to dry the hair, but use the dryer to a minimum because using too much of the dryer leads to the loss of moisture in the hair and damages the hair.

If you are in a hurry, then use a blow dry to dry your hair quickly and if you want to keep your hair hydrated from outside, then for this you have to hydrate your hair from inside first. For this you drink plenty of water, it is healthy for the skin as well as the people. Along with dry, you should use less tools, coloring machines and hair straighteners on your hair because by doing this the hair becomes weak and starts breaking.

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Hair Care Tips for Winter

  • Whether the hair is long or short, make sure to trim the hair in the winter season because in winter the hair becomes weak and split from below.
  • To always keep the hair clean and healthy, wash them well and do not keep the hair dirty.
  • Avoid conditioner after shampoo as conditioner leaves a greasy layer on the hair which damages the hair.
  • While applying perfume, keep in mind that it does not get in the hair because perfume also makes people hard and dry.
  • Do not leave shampoo in your hair for a long time. This also damages the scalp and weakens the hair. Therefore, wash the hair thoroughly after applying shampoo for 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Never comb wet hair because wet hair tends to break more and in winter, do not tie wet hair tightly.
  • If necessary, apply two or three drops of olive oil to the comb or use a coarse-toothed comb.
  • Drink as much clean water as possible.

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