Great coincidence is happening on Diwali after 37 years, worship of Lakshmiji in Karo at this moment, Dhanvarsha will be all year round

Great coincidence is happening on Diwali after 37 years

This year, Diwali is coming on Saturday. Saturday is Hanumanji’s day. In Teva, on Hanumanji’s day, Chitra Nakshatra is becoming a great coincidence, which is happening after 37 years. Devotees can get the full benefit of this coincidence. They may deserve the immense grace of Mother Lakshmi. At the same time worshiping Mahakali will also be of great benefit. This year Diwali is coming on Saturday 14th November. According to the scriptures, lighting a lamp on Diwali is inevitable. Diwali is considered incomplete without lamps. You can please Mother Lakshmi by doing some special work on Diwali.

Do this work to please Lakshmi in this work

Great coincidence is happening on Diwali after 37 years

The house should be thoroughly cleaned on Diwali, it keeps positive energy in the house and Ma Lakshmi is attracted to your house. There should be special cleaning on the main door of the house. You should not keep boot slippers in front of the door. Also make rangoli outside the house. On the day of Diwali, sprinkling turmeric water on the door of the house is considered auspicious. It does not allow evil forces to enter the house and at the same time spreads positive energy. Not keeping dirty utensils in the house on Diwali days, it leads to poverty. Goddess Annapurna is pleased with the fact that a lamp must be lit inside the kitchen as well.

You can also worship Maa Annapurna if you wish. At the same time on Diwali, at least five types of fruits must be offered to Lakshmi. Apart from that you can also keep something sweet like sweets or ladu. On the day of Diwali, all of you should also worship the wealth and jewelery kept in your house, so that the barkat is maintained in the house throughout the year. To offer lotus flower to Lakshmi and grass incense to Ganeshji.

Don’t do this by mistake on Diwali

Great coincidence is happening on Diwali after 37 years

Do not spread dirt in the house on the day of Diwali, it generates negative energy and Lakshmi will not come to your house. Also take special care that no fights take place between the families on Diwali. These fights also spread a kind of negativity. You should also worship Mother Lakshmiji with rice and a calm mind. On this day the women and daughters of the house should not be treated badly, they are the Lakshmi of the house. At the same time lending money to people on Diwali should also be avoided, it is considered inauspicious.

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