Funny Ways to Announce Pregnancy: Announce Pregnancy Ideas

Funny Ways to Announce Pregnancy: Announce Pregnancy Ideas

Funny Ways to Announce Pregnancy: Being pregnant is the biggest news of a woman’s life. Whether she is pregnant or not is first known to the mother by the symptoms of pregnancy. After this she confirms this through pregnancy test. After this it comes to telling your husband or other family members about this matter.

Now most of the people spread the news of their pregnancy to their loved ones and other people in interesting and artistic ways through social media. If you also want to surprise your friends and close people by doing something similar, then we can help you. Know some such interesting and artistic ways to tell that you are pregnant.

Funny Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Usually, for the first three months, the woman does not give this information to anyone except her close ones. These days, very cool and interesting ways are being adopted by celebrities to inform about their fans or guests visiting their home.


Like when actor Shahid Kapoor was about to become a father for the second time, he shared a picture on social media in which his daughter Misha was with a message and that message was “Big Sister“. Such methods have now become extremely popular.

1. T-shirt Message

Conveying your pregnancy message through T-shirts is fun in itself. A celebrity had also adopted this method. You can put a small child’s T-shirt with your and your husband’s T-shirt or you can also line them on a wire and put it with him on a card with “Coming Soon” written on it .

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If you want, you can also take a small child’s T-shirt with a similar message. In this way you can surprise your husband or your other relatives. Similarly, you can also write “Mama”, “Papa” and “Baby” on these three T-shirts and take a picture of it and put it on social media. The onlooker will immediately understand that you are pregnant.

2. Chalkboard

Nowadays, the method of sharing a message by writing it on the chalkboard is also very much in trend. Take a chalkboard and share the news of your pregnancy by writing it in a slightly different way like “We are pregnant” “Coming soon” or you can make an arrow down on it and also the baby on it Enter the date of delivery.

If you wrote “We are pregnant” or “Coming soon” then both of you take a picture with that board and then share it. If you have adopted another method, then take a picture of this board yourself and share it.

3. Use Safety Pins

Pins or buttons are also a great way to get your message across to other people. Take three safety pins, one small and two large. Put the two big pins together. Now place the smaller pin neatly in the middle of the bigger safety pin. Telling other people about your pregnancy in sign language is fun in itself. You can do the same with hollow buttons. This is a very cute way to tell about your pregnancy.

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4. Shoes tell the good news

You can also make your shoes a part of this wonderful news sharing. So, along with each shoe of you and your husband from your shoe-rack, keep a cute child’s shoe with it. People will understand as soon as they see it that there is some good news.

A new idea is to write or get your month and year of birth written on the bottom of your shoes and your date of delivery on the bottom of a small child’s shoe. Take a photo and put it on your social media and get ready for the good wishes of people.

5. Raising Your First Child

If you are a second time parent, there is nothing better than sharing the joy of becoming a parent through your first child. Like Shahid Kapoor, you can convey this news to the people through your daughter. Give a plank in the hand of the child and take a picture and share it. It should be written on the placard that “soon I am going to be a big brother or sister“. You can also share your mind by wearing a T-shirt with a similar message to your child.

According to another method, place four chairs, on one of which sit yourself, your partner on one and your older child on the third. Leave the smallest chair blank or write “Coming Soon” on it. Seeing such a picture, one will understand the signal of the visiting guest.

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Other ways

  • You can also share the message of the arrival of the new guest along with the picture of ultra sound. For example, by highlighting your delivery date in a calendar, you can share this with everyone by sharing a copy of the ultrasound. This is also a completely different approach.
  • Take three cups out of which Mama is written on one, Papa on the other and Baby on the third. Put them in a line and take a picture and share it. Isn’t it interesting way?
  • Don’t forget to share the pregnancy strip on which your pregnancy is positive. By doing this you can also do something new. With this strip, you can include your picture of yourself and your husband too. This method will convey your good news to others in a different way.
  • Share it with a bowl of food that you’re eating ice cream or something similar and write “EATING FOR TWO” on or alongside it. Those who understand will understand immediately.
  • You can also share this good news with people with pictures of small socks, hats etc.
    Balloons can also make this task easier for you. Share photos with “Baby”, “Coming Soon” or “We’re Expecting” balloons.

Write beer on husband’s stomach, if you already have a child, then write juice in his stomach and get baby written on your stomach. All three should stand in a queue and take a picture and tell the people. You can also share this by writing it on t-shirt.(Funny Ways to Announce Pregnancy)

If you want to give this good news to the special people in your life, then on some t-shirts write their relationship with the child like grandfather, grandmother, maternal grandmother, maternal grandmother, maternal uncle, uncle and send it to them. Similarly, you can send them by getting them written on the mug. By doing this, they will understand that soon their relationship is going to change and they are going to be promoted.

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You can also use your imagination and creativity or take the opinion of your husband or other close person to make this special news even more special. It is said that happiness is doubled by sharing. So get ready to increase your happiness manifold and for a new phase of life because soon a little guest is going to enter your house.

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