Full Form of VISA: What is VISA and Complete Information About VISA

Full Form of VISA: What is VISA and Complete Information About VISA

If you are unaware of what is VISA, Full Form and VISA Meaning, then let us tell you that if you want to go from one country to another, then you need a visa for this. But do you have complete information about VISA, what is VISA and what is Full Form of Visa if not. So today we are going to tell you visa information through this post of ours.

A visa is a temporary official permission granted to live, travel or work in another country. If you explain in simple language, VISA is a document that allows a person to go to or enter another country.

Talking about VISA Full Form, the full form of VISA is “Visitors International Stay Admission“. Visa becomes mandatory for traveling abroad. If we go to another country without VISA then it will be considered illegal and the government of that country can declare you as an intruder.

That’s why VISA is so important, that some things about it like- what is a visa. It is very important for you to know complete information about, how is VISA. For complete information related to VISA, read our post What is Visa from beginning to end.

What is VISA

A visa is a temporary official permission granted to live, travel or work in another country. Your visa is issued by the government of the country you want to visit. This can be in the form of a document or an official stamp on your passport. The purpose of issuing a visa is to obtain permission to enter a foreign country.

There are some countries in the world where you do not need VISA to go, this is due to mutual treaty and good friendship between two countries. In this situation, the two nations do away with the visa requirement to enter each other’s citizens and give them exemption. For example, citizens of India and Nepal can visit each other’s countries without a visa. So let’s know more about what is Visa and What is the Full Form of Visa.

Full Form of VISA 

full form of VISA – “Visitors International Stay Admission”.

Complete information About VISA

All of you must have understood what visa is called, now next we will tell you about what is meant by VISA and what are the types of visas.

The number of days you can stay in another country and what you can do there depends on your visa. Getting a visa to any other country is not easy, because there are different types of visas. While taking a visa, one of its reasons has to be told to the government.

There are mainly two Types of VISA

  1. Non-Immigrant VISA: If a person wants to go abroad for a limited period of time, then a Non-Immigrant VISA has to be taken.
  2. Immigrant VISA: If a person wants to go to another country and settle there, then migrant visa, Immigrant VISA will have to be taken.

Apart from this, there are 8 types of visas under both these categories.

  • Transit VISA
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business VISA
  • On Arrival VISA
  • Student VISA
  • Marriage VISA
  • Immigrant VISA
  • Medical Visa

Transit VISA: This visa has a maximum duration of five days, it is issued when a person has to pass through a third country.

Tourist VISA: This visa is given to travel abroad.

Business VISA: This visa is issued for business people who are going abroad for some business.

Arrival VISA: This visa is issued immediately before entering another country, but you must already have a visa.

Student VISA: This visa is issued for the students going abroad for higher studies or studies abroad.

Marriage VISA: This visa is issued for a certain period of time, like if an Indian man wants to marry a girl from a foreign country, then he can call her to his country India, but for this, that girl has to be an Indian in his country. You have to apply for marriage visa by visiting the embassy.

Immigrant VISA: This visa is given in the case when a person wants to settle in another country, but this visa can be issued only if you are sure that that country is ready to give immigration.

Common VISA: Generally visa is allowed to visit only the country that issued it. But there are some visas that allow to go to more than one country, such a visa is called Common VISA.

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So friends, today you got VISA Meaning, VISA Full Form and complete information related to Visa through this post of ours. How did you like this information given by us, tell us in the comment box and also tell when you are getting your VISA made. Do share this post with your friends on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. Follow Google News APP.

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