Free Download WP Automatic Plugin v3.60.0 Latest Version

Free Download WP Automatic Plugin v3.56.2 Latest Version

If you want to do Auto-Blogging on WordPress, then this article can prove to be very helpful for you because today I am going to give you such a plugin of WordPress, using which you will find Auto-Blogging on WordPress very easily. The name of this plugin is WP Automatic Plugin v3.60.0 (Free Download WP Automatic Plugin). This is the latest version of this plugin and it is a premium WordPress plugin which I am going to give you for free.

What is WP Automatic Plugin

Mostly, bloggers use WP Automatic WordPress Plugin mostly for Affiliate Marketing, because this plugin also provides the facility to do Affiliate Marketing from Amazon. In one click, all the products of Amazon will be imported on your website.

You just have to do some basic setting in it and the products selected according to you will start appearing on your website / blog, whether it is from or you have any other country (like,, Affiliate website has been created for this.

You can earn good money by creating an automatic blogging website for yourself through this plugin. There are many websites in WP Automatic Plugin v3.56.2 from which you can get Auto-Posting done on your website.

For Example: Affiliate Marketing, Article Auto-Posting, Movie, Songs, Products, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Auto-Posting can be done from any kind of website

Popular Websites For Auto-Blogging

You can do your blog on Auto Post from the websites given below. WP Automatic Plugin is a premium plugin, so in this you get freedom with many features to work according to you and can be careless about your website. With this you can save both your time and effort. You can download premium latest version of WP automatic plugin for free.

  • Auto post from RSS feeds to WordPress
  • Auto post from any web page to WordPress
  • Auto post from any website to WordPress
  • Auto post Amazon products to WordPress
  • Auto post eBay products to WordPress
  • Auto post Walmart products to WordPress
  • Auto post ClickBank products to WordPress
  • Auto post from Envato to WordPress
  • Auto post Craigslist listings to WordPress
  • Auto post from CareerJet to WordPress
  • Auto post from Facebook to WordPress
  • Auto post from Twitter to WordPress
  • Auto post from Instagram to WordPress
  • Auto post from Pinterest to WordPress
  • Auto post from Reddit to WordPress
  • Auto post Flickr images to WordPress
  • Auto post YouTube videos to WordPress
  • Auto post Vimeo videos to WordPress
  • Auto post DailyMotion videos to WordPress
  • Auto post SoundCloud sounds to WordPress
  • Auto post from iTunes to WordPress
  • Auto post Ezine articles to WordPress
  • Auto post Spintex to WordPress

Features of WP Automatic Plugin

With these features of WP Automatic Plugin, you can make your Auto-Blogging very easy, you just have to carefully look at its features, how they work and you can download WP Automatic WordPress Plugin for free and Admin panel of your WordPress. can be installed.

  1. Automatic ads insertion
  2. Campaign based
  3. Post to specific category
  4. Post using a specific author
  5. Post keywords as tags
  6. Custom post types support
  7. Auto hyperlink keywords
  8. Automatically set wordpress featured image
  9. Cache images to your server
  10. Choose must exist words and phrases
  11. Execlude words and phrases
  12. Translate the content before posting
  13. Automatically add custom fields to new posts
  14. Auto search and replace support
  15. keyword suggestion
  16. Support for automatic content spin using the best spinner
  17. Support posts templates
  18. set & forget cron job
  19. Internal cron job
  20. Two post status
  21. Unlimited keywords
  22. Automatic keyword hyper-linking
  23. Spintax enabled
  24. Automatic link stripping
  25. WordPress multi-site network support
  26. proxy support
  27. TrueMag/NewsTube/VideoPro theme on the fly integration

WP Automatic Plugin Free Download v3.56.2

           Official Website                 Download(GPL Version)

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