5 Fitness Mobile Apps will Help You in Weight Loss

5 Fitness Mobile Apps will Help You in Weight Loss

You do not need to go to the gym to reduce obesity. Nor to use medicines or tonics available in the market. Now your personal assistant mobile will solve your weight loss problem easily. He will keep an eye on your day-to-day activities and will also keep alerting you from time to time and that too without any cost. Here we are telling you about some such Android apps, from which you will see the difference in your body in a few days. These (Fitness Mobile) apps can be install from Google PlayStore.

1. My Diet Coach

With excellent graphics, charts, tips and virtual rewards, this app gives you the motivation to lose weight. You can also track your weight through this app, that is, how many calories do you have to lose now and how? Also reminding you of your diet plan from time to time through reminders such as time to drink water, time to take snacks, exercise time etc. This app will set a target for you every day, on completion of which you will also be rewarded. In this you will also get to read great tips (Fitness Mobile Apps) and weight loss articles.

2. Google Fit

This app from Google monitors your fitness. It records all your activities. This is the most popular fitness app. Through which you can do weight loss correctly. It will track health activities along with walking, running, cycling and other exercises. Not only this, you can do a lot on this app, such as – you can also connect the fitness watch to it, you can also track your fitness progress and this data will be sent directly to your Google account.

3. Daily Yoga

Yoga is the easiest and most effective exercise for weight loss. In this app named ‘Daily Yoga’, you will get the facility to watch videos of 50 yoga classes and more than 400 yoga poses. Through which you can do daily yoga sitting at home and get good health as well as beautiful look. Keeping in mind your weight, this app will give you a complete workout plan for which yoga to do for how long. Many different yoga programs have also been created in it, which you can use according to your need.

4. WeightWar

‘WeightWar’ as the name of this app suggests that it will weight the war against obesity. It helps you in controlling your weight and diet in a proper way. You can also set an alarm to input your weight and diet data. Not only this, through this you can also see your body’s BMI, BMR.

5. Loose It

Taking in fewer calories is a very difficult part of losing weight. In which this app will be able to help you. Not only does it keep an account of how many calories and nutrition you are taking, but also keeps a record of how many calories you have burned? That is, every day it will tell you how many calories you took and how much exercise you did. The most important thing about this app is that it is very easy to use and fun at the same time.

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