First Time Pregnancy Tips: 10 Health Tips For First Pregnancy

First Time Pregnancy Tips: 10 Health Tips For First Pregnancy

First Time Pregnancy Tips: When a woman conceives for the first time, those moments are very special for her because becoming a mother for the first time is a different feeling in itself. The most important thing is that you can have a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, if you are conceiving for the first time, then you should keep in touch with the gynecologist or doctor regularly so that you do not face any complicated problems.

So let us know that there are some important and informative tips for first-time Pregnancy, which are as follows:


First Time Pregnancy Tips: 10 Health Tips For First Pregnancy

First time mothers have to be very careful because when you are going to become a mother for the first time, you also do not know how to take care of yourself and second, the advice given by the people around you and many other things. A lot of confusion arises because of all these things. But you should know some things related to physical work and diet and diet plan before conception so that you can give birth to a healthy child.

1. Balanced Diet

During pregnancy, a woman should consume a nutritious and balanced diet. At this time, women need more amount of folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B12. You should consume cereals, green vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk. You should also not consume junk food.


2. Physical Work

Pregnant women should avoid heavy physical work and risky activities. But this does not mean that you should not do physical work at all and only take rest. Rather, do physical work by following all kinds of rules. You should avoid lifting heavy loads in any kind of physical exercise, but you can do some everyday work except heavy work.

You can do some light exercise and work after consulting your doctor. Women should abstain from relationship for the first 2 months and the last 1 month after conception.


3. Get the necessary vaccines

If you are going to become a mother for the first time, then you should know what to eat and what not, along with which vaccines and when you should get it. The tetanus vaccine should be given during pregnancy to avoid all possible risks.

This vaccine does not pose any risk to both the mother and the baby during delivery. The first vaccine for tetanus is given to women after 16 to 20 weeks, the second vaccine after 20 to 24 weeks and the third vaccine at 36 to 38 weeks. The vaccine given to the mother during pregnancy also provides protection to the children. But after asking and consulting the doctor, get all the vaccines on time.

4. Do not take unnecessary medicines

If your health worsens during pregnancy, then do not take any medicine on your own, rather you should first adopt some home remedies. If your health is still not good, then you should take medicines only after asking the doctor. There are some medicines that should not be taken during pregnancy at all.

Do not take medicine by yourself from any such chemist without showing your doctor. Be very careful in this. Vitamin A deficiency occurs in the body of many women. Due to this, their children become victims of night blindness, so you should eat a balanced and nutritious diet so that you do not lack vitamin A.

5. Take Complete Rest

Women are not fully aware of the first pregnancy. So she is not able to take full care of herself but she should take complete rest during this time. They should take full 8 hours of sleep and must go for walks in the open air daily in the morning and evening. This will give them pure and sufficient amount of air. Light exercises should be done to breathe in the open air. You will get a lot of benefit from this.

You can do normal household chores but you should avoid doing strenuous or tiring work. You should not go out in the sun even in the afternoon. Instead, take rest for a while in the afternoon as well. Whatever exercise you do, do it under the supervision of an exerciser. You should not bend too much at this time and should not sit on your feet for a long time.

6. Take special care of travel

If you are going to become a mother for the first time, then you should take special care of the journey. Whether you travel by auto rickshaw or by car or by plane, you should fasten your seat belt and do not carry any luggage in your lap. If by chance you have to drive the car, tilt the steering will towards your chest and sit a little far away from it so that it doesn’t hit your stomach.

7. Take full care of cleanliness

During pregnancy, a woman should take care of the cleanliness of every part of her body. Before taking bath, a light massage of oil should be done on the body and during the last days of pregnancy, by massaging olive oil on the nipples of the breasts and raising them with finger and thumb. During pregnancy, you should not wear tight clothes, but you should wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes.

8. Must be aware of labor pain

You should also know all the things about labor pain. It is also very important to know what the signs can be in labor pain, so that you can understand the gestures of your body and go to the hospital at the right time. Make preparations for your hospital visit well in advance so that you do not face any problem when the time comes.

Put essential clothes like cotton, diaper, cotton cloth etc. in a bag in advance and keep the mobile number of the hospital and any of your relatives with you so that there is no problem when needed.

9. Be Stress Free

You should be absolutely stress free during pregnancy so that you do not face any kind of problem. If you are under stress or keep crying at this time, then it affects your unborn baby. During pregnancy you will meet a lot of people and you will hear a lot of things too but you should be worry free and be happy by not following delusions at that time.

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Keeping all these things in mind, keep checking up with your doctor every month. You must get your blood test done during pregnancy because if the mother’s blood is Rh factor negative and the father’s Rh factor is positive, then the chances of jaundice in the unborn child increases. Take full care of your body and give birth to a healthy and fit baby.

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