First Time Breastfeeding Issues For New Mothers

First Time Breastfeeding Issues For New Mothers

After the birth of the baby, the most important thing for the baby is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding your baby is the biggest responsibility of a mother but it is not that easy either. While breastfeeding for the first time, the mother has to go through many problems. During this, many questions come in the mind like how to breastfeed the baby, how should be the position of the baby at the time of breastfeeding, what is your position etc. It is also very natural for such questions to come in the mind of the mother. If you have some such questions in your mind then today we will try to answer your questions so that you can get some help. Know what are the problems while breastfeeding for the first time.

First Time Breastfeeding issues For New Mothers

1. Is it easy to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding can be a bit difficult in the beginning for new moms but with practice and patience, you can learn everything. After the birth of the baby, a yellow thick substance called colostrum comes out in the breasts. It is very important to give this substance to the baby as it protects the baby from many diseases. You may not be aware of it at the time, but a hospital nurse or doctor can give you information about breastfeeding and help you. After some time, with practice and experience, you will find breastfeeding easier.

2. After how long should you breastfeed?

The question that comes in the mind of a new mother is how many times a day the baby should be breastfed. The baby’s stomach fills very quickly, so it empties very quickly. The baby should be fed after about two to three hours. Make your baby’s routine like this. After a while the baby should not be fed milk, but a gap of two hours must be kept in it. Breastfeeding can take anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes.

3. Should we feed with both breasts?

The baby should not be fed with only one breast but milk should be fed from both the breasts so that the hunger of the baby is satisfied and doing so is good for your health as well. The more milk you feed, the more milk will be produced in your breasts. When the baby is feeding, it should be allowed to drink comfortably and should not be forced to release the breast. Change breast only after feeding from one breast for ten to 15 minutes.

4. How to choose a place to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is a unique experience for a new mother. In such a situation, do not consider breastfeeding as a task or burden, but enjoy this time. Choose a place that is quiet and comfortable to breastfeed. Where there is no more noise, no light. If there is too much noise or light, it will distract the baby. Due to which even after filling the stomach of the baby, he will not be able to sleep well.

5. What is the right position to breastfeed?

While breastfeeding, choose a position in which you and your baby feel comfortable. You can also feed your baby sitting or lying down, but the position that is best suited for your baby is by sitting comfortably and with your baby in your arms. This allows the baby to drink milk comfortably.

6. What to do if baby hiccups while breastfeeding?

If the baby is feeding and starts hiccups or coughs in between, do not feed the baby as this can push the milk out of the baby’s mouth or cause him to vomit. When your baby is well, start feeding him again.

7. What is the right way to feed a baby?

While feeding the baby, be careful that your breast does not come over the nose of the baby. Otherwise, the baby may have trouble breathing. Holding the nipple of your breast with your two fingers, put the nipple in the baby’s mouth so that the baby can feed well. Insert the nipple into the baby’s mouth when the baby’s mouth is fully open. Along with this, support the child’s head and neck with your wrist and hand.

8. How do I prepare for breastfeeding?

It is very important for you to be healthy for breastfeeding, for this you should take nutritious food. Whatever you eat will pass through your milk to your baby’s body. During breastfeeding, drink more and more water to produce more milk. Collect as much information as possible about breastfeeding. Along with this, you should choose a nursing bra to breastfeed well because it is specially made for breastfeeding. Due to the front opening, it is also comfortable for the baby and your breasts also get proper support. The nursing bra can be opened and closed easily.

9. How long should I breastfeed my baby?

From birth till 6 months it is recommended to exclusively breastfeed the baby. After 6 months, the baby starts taking solid food. In such a situation, the mother can reduce the duration of breastfeeding, but the baby must be fed milk for at least one year. According to the World Health Organization, a baby should be breastfed for two years. If you want, you can feed milk till this age.

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Breastfeeding is beneficial for both mother and baby. If you are breastfeeding, add calcium, vitamin D and iron supplements to your diet. Being a mother for the first time and breastfeeding is a beautiful feeling. If you are breastfeeding for the first time then have some patience. Gradually everything will become easy for you and you will also get answers to all your questions. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.