First Month of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

First Month of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby Development, Diet and Care

Being a mother is the happiest dream of every woman. It is believed that a woman’s life is complete only after becoming a mother. The feeling of pregnancy is something different and exciting for every expectant mother and it definitely teaches her something. Be it the first month of pregnancy or the last, many physical, mental and emotional changes go through in a woman. Often new moms want to get complete information about pregnancy so that they can make their phase more easy and enjoyable. So to make these problems easier for you, today we start with the first month of pregnancy (1st Month of Pregnancy). Know what happens in the first month and what precautions you should take.

Symptoms or Signs of First Month Pregnancy

The first month of pregnancy is very special. The 9 months of pregnancy are divided into three trimesters and the first month begins with the first trimester of pregnancy. Most women do not even know about the changes in their body in the first month, especially those women who are becoming a mother for the first time. Some special symptoms of pregnancy are seen in the first month but most of the women are not aware about them properly. But first you should be aware of these symptoms. Get detailed information about the first month of pregnancy.


Symptoms & Changes in the First Month of Pregnancy

Menstrual cycle

If you are pregnant, then the first symptom of this is the stoppage of your periods in that month. Missing a period can be a sign that you are pregnant and your first month has started, although this is not necessary as it can happen due to other reasons as well.



The first month of pregnancy is very difficult and it is also very normal to get tired very quickly without any work. Along with this, problems like dizziness or nausea can also occur in it.



There may be light bleeding in the beginning of the first month of pregnancy. Along with this, hardening of the breasts or pain in the lower back is also common during this time.

Stomach pain

Problems like abdominal pain, constipation occur during pregnancy. Back pain may also occur.

Emotional changesĀ 

  • Mood swings are very common in the first month of health problems.
  • Problems like anger, irritability can also occur in the beginning.
  • During this time, women get upset due to physical changes and can also face stress.

Important Test in the First Month of Pregnancy

Many people do not start getting any tests done in the first month of pregnancy. If your periods have stopped, then you can find out whether you are pregnant or not with a urine test through a pregnancy kit at home. If the test is positive, then definitely go to the doctor because the doctor will tell you about the precautions, medicines to take during this time and will also give you other necessary advice.

  • The first urine test is done in the first month of pregnancy.
  • Many times, some clear and accurate results are not available in the urine test. In such a situation, at the end of the first month of pregnancy, the doctor may also advise you for ultrasound because this method gives absolutely correct results. However, it is very rare that an ultrasound is recommended in the first month of pregnancy.
  • Apart from this, some blood tests are also done.

Diet & Food Tips for first month of Pregnancy

In the first month of pregnancy, a pregnant woman should change her diet. Include nutrients in your diet such as green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk, nuts etc. so that your body does not lack vitamin B6, fiber, protein, iron, carbohydrates etc. In the early days or months of pregnancy, there is a desire to eat something different. Most of the women feel like eating more sweet or sour during this time such as chocolate, ice cream, sweets, tamarind, pickle, mango etc.

What to eat in the first month

  • Green vegetables
  • Fruit
  • pulses
  • Milk

What not to eat

  • keep away from hot things
  • ripe papaya or pineapple
  • more tea and coffee
  • Heavy diet

Tips for 1st Month Pregnant Women

  • The first month of Delivery is the month when the baby is slowly developing in the womb or to say that it is the beginning of the development of the fetus. In such a situation a woman should take special care of herself. During this time many women get a lot of sleep. If so, then take complete rest.
  • Eat good and nutritious food and drink more and more water.
  • Make sure to meet the doctor and get him checked and take his opinion and also follow it.
  • Be happy and do whatever you want to do. Along with this, do not forget to take the cooperation and advice of other people in the house, especially the women of the house.
  • Most of the women become victims of stress in this situation. In such a situation, do not worry about the changes in the body or other reasons. Stop worrying and think about your baby and future.

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Things not to do in the first month of pregnancy

  • In the 1st month of pregnancy, you should take special care of some things because during this time most of the women do not feel any significant change, so they do not pay much attention to their health. If you are pregnant, take complete rest.
  • It can also be said that there is not much information about what women should do in the first month. During this you neither have to lift any weight nor climb stairs.
  • Do not drive and do not travel much during this time.
  • Do not jump or dance too much. Doing so can be harmful to the fetus.
  • Be sure to consult a doctor before taking any medicine. Avoid excessive tea, coffee.

Yoga or exercise

Avoid heavy exercise in the 1 month of pregnancy. You can do light exercise and yoga. This will not only keep you and your baby healthy, but you can also avoid the stress of the first month of pregnancy, although ask a specialist before that too. You should rest it for as long as possible. From the very first month of Delivery, your new journey begins in which you cross many stages. If you keep the right information, keep your thinking positive and your partner and family with you, then you can enjoy these 9 months to the fullest. Soon your world is about to change, a world that will give you new experiences.

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