Fine Arts Career: How to Make a Career in Fine Arts

Fine Arts Career: How to Make a Career in Fine Arts

Fine Arts Career: In today’s modern era and the changing social environment, not only have many options opened up for the careers of the younger generation, but with this the thinking of the parents of the children has also changed. Whereas earlier the notion of parents had become that their children can make a career in the field of doctor or engineer, then this notion of parents is also being proved completely wrong.

Because now not only for students with commerce or science stream, but also in the field of arts, there are huge possibilities of career. In which not only the students can make a career but they can also earn a considerable amount.

Career in Fine Arts in India: How to Make a Career in Fine Arts

Today’s new generation believes in doing something special and creative, in which their parents are also helping them to transform their dreams into reality. At the same time, in this fashion world, youth are also attracted towards fine arts. Apart from this, students whose trends are in painting, sculpture and other types of art. This field can prove to be much better for such students.

Through the course of Fine Arts, not only can students enhance their art by making paintings etc. but, with their hobbies, they can also make a good career in it. Fine arts have become today’s demanding subjects.

Therefore, its demand is also increasing in most of the field. At the same time, there are many fields in which designers are more needed. Today, through this article, we are telling you about fine arts and related courses, so that you can improve your future in this field, then for the first time you know what is fine art.

What is a Fine Arts

Fine arts means fine arts. Fine arts is the study and creation of visuals of art. Fine arts can also be in the form of dance, painting, photography, film, architecture, etc.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

For those who want to try their luck by making a career in the field of fine arts, the Bachelor of Fine Arts course can prove to be a great option for such people. After 12th, students can do this course very easily.

In order to take admission in this course, students have to take entrance examination, while there are many educational institutes who enroll on the basis of merit. This is a 4-year degree course. Only after this course, many job options are opened for the students.

The special thing is that after 12th the students of any stream can make their career in Bachelor in Fine Arts. Students can also pursue higher education in the field of fine arts if they wish. Students can also do a 2-year Master of Fine Arts in this. At the same time, students who get 50 percent marks in Master’s degree, they can also do PhD.

Fine Arts Career

Those who are creative and those who are interested in painting and sculpting, then such people can make a better career in the field of fine arts. Through fine art courses, not only the identity of Indian culture and tradition can be maintained, but it can also make its best career in this field and earn big bucks.

The field of fine arts is advancing rapidly. At the same time, good paintings are also being sold for millions of crores of rupees, due to which the artists are also getting full benefit.

A number of degree and diploma courses are also available to make a career in fine arts, through which students are given information about different disciplines of fine arts such as drawing, painting, designing, sculpting, animation, gaming and installation etc. Goes so that students can earn money from their skills.

At the same time, we are going to tell you about the BFA degree course to make a career in Fine Arts, which can prove to be very effective for those students who are dreaming to establish themselves in this field.

Scope in fine arts

The scope of fine arts has increased rapidly, while if the records of the last few years are scrutinized, the job prospects in this field have also increased rapidly. Let us tell you that the most sought after Fine Arts Graduates are for the use of special effects in software companies, design firms, television channels, animation studios, textile industry, advertising companies, digital media, publishing houses, media houses, art studios and films.

List of Fine Arts College

The names of some of the main colleges running Fine Arts related courses in India are written below.

  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Delhi University, Delhi
  • College of Art, Delhi
  • Jamia Millia University, New Delhi
  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  • TGC Animation and Multimedia, Delhi
  • Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai
  • International Institute of Fine Arts, Modinagar

Fine Arts Jobs

The scope of this sector is not limited, its scope has expanded considerably. After pursuing fine arts course, one can also work as an illustrator, cartoonist, animator etc. in the ad department, newspaper or magazine to make a career in this field.

Not only this, there are also many options in electronic media, television, film / theater production, product design, animation studio, textile designing etc. to make a career in this field.

Posts like Visual Artist, Animator or Graphic Designer are also available for students with Fine Arts. Apart from this, there are jobs of becoming an art teacher, professional art critic, art specialist, art dealer, art therapist, painter in educational institutions. On the other hand, if you want to show your creativity in designing, you can earn money in product designing, automobile designing.

Apart from this, after this course you can earn money either by freelancing or by becoming a visualizing professional, illustrator, art critique, artist, art professional, design trainer, or you can earn money by showing skills in other similar areas. You can earn money in the field.

Fine arts salary

After obtaining degree and specialization in Fine Arts, students work in Animation Industry Advertising Company, Art Studio, Fashion House, Newspapers, Sculpture, Television, Publishing Industry, Graphic Art, Teaching, Film & Theater Production, Textile Industry, Professional Company Can Make Money Or Illustrator, Animator, Graphic Designer, Visual Designer, Digital Designer, Creative Marketing Professional, Flash Programmer, 2D / 3D Artist, Web Developer, Craft Artist, Lecturer, Art Teacher, Cartoonist, Art Museum Technician, Art One can also work on posts like Conservator, Art Director, Creative Director, Advertising Executive / Supervisor / Head, Project Officer etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fine Arts

Every coin has two sides, that is, there is both profit and loss in every field. Similarly, in the field of fine arts, there are many advantages as well as some disadvantages – about which are written below.

Disadvantages of Fine Arts

  • Due to the work of Fine Arts, the hours are not known, that is, most of the time has to be given in it.
  • In this field, the salary package in the beginning is also quite low, although later the salary increases.
  • It is not necessary that in this profession your boss or client likes your paintings or your work, in such a way, it is no less than a big challenge to satisfy those people.

Advantages of Fine Arts

  • There is an opportunity for expression in the field of fine arts. Along with this, students also get help in developing their skills.
  • Due to the good scope of fine arts, it provides easy employment and there are many career options as well.
  • You also get fame for doing good work.

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How to establish yourself in the field of fine art

For those who want to achieve success in the field of fine arts, those people should try to link it to some special gallery. Those who want to make profit in this area and want to get attraction.

Such people should get the gallery owners to set up and get their artworks exhibited and auctioned, which will greatly benefit them. Apart from this, you can also work on contracts by connecting with many famous artists to establish themselves in this field.

This not only gives an opportunity to learn about the art style of senior artists but also learn about other sources of income in this field.

At the same time, students who have completed the Bachelor in Fine Arts course, they can form a group with other students and friends of this field and put up an exhibition of their paintings. Let us tell you that the owners of the art gallery often associate promising students according to their style and interest, in addition to this, the gallery owners often organize exhibitions of fresher fine arts graduates.

At the same time, when junior artists put on an exhibition, their art is also criticized, which shows their lack and helps them to move forward. At the same time, camps are also organized by renowned artists, which prove to be a boon for freshers because many artists get selected.

Technology proved to be helpful in fine arts

Technology is proving very useful in the field of fine arts. Technology is not only helping the artist to make his own identity, but he is also getting a lot of ease in making his art works accessible to other people as well.

Previously artists had to run from one gallery to another with their portfolio, but now their paintings can be easily accessed through e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media apps.

At the same time, it is not only giving the artist a chance to showcase his skills but also getting good buyers of his paintings on the internet. Let me tell you that the business of Indian art has increased a lot these days.

In the Internet, not only the country but also people from abroad are showing their interest in buying Indian paintings. This is the reason that the owners of big art galleries are creating their own commercial website as an employment, so that they can take advantage of it.

Let me tell you that in the global market, there has been a lot of demand for Indian, Pakistani and Chinese arts.

Apart from this, freshers who have completed the course of fine arts also make their portals to sell their paintings, which makes them directly connected to this field.

However, selling paintings online is not as easy as proving your authenticity in it is nothing short of a big challenge. In fact, most buyers of paintings prefer to buy paintings from art galleries as compared to websites.

In this way, there is a lot of career possibilities in the field of fine arts, with this, by displaying their skills in this, students can not only fulfill their hobbies with the creative mind but can also earn a hefty salary in it.

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