How To Become A Film Writer – How To Become A Script Writer

How To Become A Film Writer – How To Become A Script Writer

If you want to make your name in the film world, then you have many paths. One of which is to become a script writer. Yes, in this article we will tell you how to become a successful film writer? What do you have to do to become a film writer?

First of all let me tell you that it is very difficult to be a good writer. Especially when you have to think about the main idea yourself and then write a tight story on it. Well don’t worry, we will tell you how to become a script writer? Or how to become a film writer.


Film industry is the biggest employment generating industry of our country. Film Industry has given work to so many people till now and now this process is progressing very fast. The reason for this is to make more films, to become serials, to become web series or to make ads.

No one person was behind all this. Hundreds of people have a hand in completing any project. It is a different matter that more than 70% of the people work behind the scenes and we do not know anything about them. The work of film writing is also similar. You will not be seen on screen but your work will definitely speak.


How to become a good Film Writer, we will tell this a little later. First let us know a little what is a script writer and what is his contribution to the film. We would say that a film writer is the basis of any film. On which later a building is made in the form of a film.

This means that a film writer has a very big role in any film. Because the film is made only on the story written by him. If the story is good then the film will be a hit and people will like it. If the film is a hit, then people will definitely want to know who wrote this film.


You will remember Sholay Movie which was a very big hit film. Why did this film become a hit? Because its story was very strong. The dialogues of its character were strong. Its story was written by Salim-Javed and after this film both became very famous.

Even he had increased his fees manifold. So it is meant to say that even by becoming a film writer, a good name and money can be earned. Now the question comes that what to do to become a successful script writer? Does it have any course? And what should be the qualification to become a film writer?

You are just going to get the answers to all these questions. But before that keep this much in mind that if you do not like watching movies then you will not be able to become a good film writer. Because only by seeing different films, new ideas come to the writers so that they can improve their story.

If you don’t see what is going on in the cinema world right now? Which subjects are films being made on? And how the storyline has been introduced in the films that are being made, then you will not be able to do good work and probably will not be able to survive in the industry.

The way everything has been updated nowadays, in the same way, Writers also have to keep themselves updated so that they avoid making boring stories and write new good stories which keep people hooked. Well let’s know what to do to become a Film Writer.

How To Become A Script Writer – Film Writer

First of all you have to understand what is a Script and Script Writer. Here Script means story. The story on which the entire film is made is called Script and the person writing that story is called Script Writer or Film Writer.

So by now you must have understood that every film, every serial and every ad is made according to a script and that script is written by the film writer only. Most of the films and serials are hit on the basis of their strong story. The public ignores the films whose story is cliched.

So it means that the work of a Film Writer is very important and responsible. If you are wondering how to become a script writer then you have to be ready for hard work. Because nowadays the competition is very high and thousands of stories are written everyday.

Some people have a question that what should be the qualification to become a film writer? So the answer is that even an illiterate person can become a script writer. You don’t have to be very educated to become a film writer. If you are creative then even if you are illiterate, you can prepare a good script.

On the other hand, even if a person is very educated, but lacks creativity, then he can never become a good writer. So to become a film writer, you do not need any kind of degree. Yes, if you want that I can learn this work well soon, then you can do any course for this.

Nowadays there are many such private institutes that offer script writing courses. While doing these courses, you are taught the finer details of film writing. After which your work becomes easy to a great extent. You can do any 1 of these courses or diplomas to learn Film Writing.

  1. Bachelor Of Fine Art In Motion Picture
  2. Bachelor Degree In Script Writing
  3. Master Degree In Script Writing

Take 1 course from any of these courses so that you will know everything about Script Writing. But if you do not want to do any kind of course and you want to know how to become a film writer without higher education, then read this article carefully.

As we told you that to become a good film writer, it is very important for a person to be creative. It is believed that an educated person is more creative, so he can write better scripts. But we do not agree with this.

There have been many successful film writers in Bollywood who have made their own place by writing great films, and they are not much educated. Education of many people is absolutely zero. After all, what was the quality in all this that made him a successful script writer.

That quality was his interest in Story Writing and Films. If you want to know what to do to become a good film writer, then first of all create interest for films and passion for writing. You can’t become a great writer in one go.

You cannot make your place in Bollywood on one hand. You first write stories for small ads, YouTube Channels and Web Series. If you want to learn then you must first take part in Story Writing Competitions. In this way you will become proficient in the art of writing.

When it comes to learning to write script writing, nowadays everything is available on the Internet. You can learn the nuances of film writing from the Internet. There are many very good Video’s on YouTube also about becoming a Film Writer. You just have to search how to become a film writer.

Many Video will come in front of you and you will definitely get to learn something from every Video. Apart from this, you watch movies, from which you will know how new stories are made. You will learn how the story of the entire film is written on any one storyline.

Take some time to learn. When you understand well how the whole story is written on a particular topic, then you start writing your story. But before you start writing the story, you have to take care of some such things which will help you in making you a good writer. For example:

  • Must watch a film everyday, pay attention to which topic the writer has written the film and how he has prepared the story of the whole film on one subject.
  • If you want to become a script writer, then pay attention to the events happening around you and the character of the people. With all these things, you will get new ideas for the story.
  • Read newspapers everyday, they can also give you the spice to do something new.
    Whatever ideas come to mind about the story of the film, they should be noted immediately.
  • You should write the story according to the time. You should know what kind of stories people are liking in today’s time.
  • You have to write such a story which is tight, lest any one thing in the story is repeated again and again.
  • You have to write your script in a special structure in which everything should be completely clear.
  • You should know about Direction so that you can tell the story of your entire film to anyone in few lines.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can start writing your story. Now the question comes here that how to sell your script? You have 2 routes for this. One, you have to join the most SWA which means Script Writing Association.

This is an organization that protects the interests of all writers and can help writers sell their scripts. You have to become a member of SWA and get your script registered. Whenever a buyer of your story is found, you are paid by the organization.

Apart from this, you can also try to contact any Production House, Producer or Actor Direct and tell them your story. If they like your script, then they can buy it and make a film or serial on it.

Hope you have understood how to become a successful film writer. Now all you need is to show your passion and write new stories. As soon as one of your stories becomes a hit, you become famous and you can start your work from serials to Bollywood.

Overall, it has to be said that in order to become a great script writer, one has to do something different in the beginning. You have to write such a story which is different and leaves a mark on the hearts of people. Let us finally tell you the names of some top colleges of India for taking Diploma in Script Writing.

  1. FTII (Film @ Television Institute Of India) – Pune
  2. Devi Ahilya Vishvvidhyalya – Indore
  3. City Pulse Institute Of Films @ Television – Gandhinagar
  4. Anupam Kher’s Institute – Mumbai
  5. MGR Government Film And Television Institute – Chennai
  6. Ramesh Sippy Acedamy Of Cinema And Entertainment – Mumbai
  7. MIT School Of Film And Television

So these were the institutes of some of the best colleges through which you can master Script Writing. You take admission in any of these colleges and get a degree in Film Writing. Because having a degree is a very big plus point in itself.

So this was our article How To Become A Film Writer – How To Become A Script Writer. In which you learned what to do to become a good script writer. Hope you got to learn a lot from this article.

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