Ask Fiance These Key Questions for Happy Marriage Before Officially Engaged

Ask Fiance These Key Questions for Happy Marriage Before Officially Engaged

While there is no strategy that can prevent a divorce from happening, you can give your marriage the best possible chance, so that you can ensure that you are both on the same page. If you want to go into a successful marriage life, then it is important that you talk to your partner about some important things like Desire, Expectation etc. before marriage so that you will know whether it all matches or not. For this reason, before getting engaged or stopped, you should ask these questions to your future fiance.

What can I do to help you if you are under stress?

Understanding how to help when your partner is going through a problem is a great thing. Everyone is different, some people need console, some need solitude and some need boost. However, when we are really under pressure, or when we have a difficult time, we are not able to talk about our needs properly. If you already know this about each other, then you and your partner can support each other in situations like stress.

How much time do you need with yourself?

A person needs time for himself but some need more time for himself than others. If you don’t realize that your partner needs alone time, they may become irritable and then you will understand that they need alone time. This will improve your relation and also you will not have misunderstanding towards each other.

Do you want a baby and what will you do if we have trouble getting pregnant in the future?

Before marriage (fiance), everyone must talk about the child. But it doesn’t happen organically. For this reason, you should ask whether they really want a child or not and talk about it wisely. When a couple tries to conceive, it can be distressing. Then each other should not know that one is ready for IVF but the other finds it difficult or that one is ready to adopt but the other is not.

If you find yourself in a situation, talking about it early can help you work on it as a team, even if your perspective is different.