Fetus Weight Chart: Tips to Increase Fetus Weight During Pregnancy

Fetus Weight Chart: Tips to Increase Fetus Weight During Pregnancy

Fetus Weight Chart: Taking care of the child does not start when it comes into this world, but it has to be taken care of from when it is in the mother’s womb. Fetal weight is also a major measure of whether the baby is healthy or not. During pregnancy, the weight of the unborn baby is measured by ultrasound. Usually, in the 5th, 6th or 7th month of pregnancy, the doctor tells that how much is and should be the weight of the unborn child? If this weight is less than this, then you should immediately act on the advice of the doctor. Let us know that what should be the weight of the baby in the womb or the baby weight chart in the womb and how to increase the weight of the children in the womb (Tips to Increase Fetus Weight During Pregnancy)?

What should be the weight of the unborn baby?

The development of the body of the fetus reaches this stage by the third trimester, the sixth month from where it is easy to find the weight. Before this, the doctor keeps an eye on the weight, but avoids taking any decision on it. But even after six months of pregnancy, the weight of the baby is very low, then it can cause pre-mature delivery, to avoid which the doctor may advise the mother to change the diet after the sixth month. With the help of the baby weight chart given below, you can know what should be the weight of the baby or fetus in the womb.

Fetus Weight Chart or Baby Weight Chart in the Womb

Here the weight of the baby growing in the womb is given week by week (Fetus Weight Chart Week by Week):

Week Size – Head to bum Weight
21 26,7 cm 360 gram
22 27,8 cm 430 gram
23 28,9 cm 501 gram
24 30,0 cm 600 gram
25 34,6 cm 660 gram
26 35,6 cm 760 gram
27 36,6 cm 875 gram
28 37,6 cm 1005 gram
29 38,6 cm 1153 gram
30 39,9 cm 1319 gram
31 41,1 cm 1502 gram
32 42,4 cm 1702 gram
33 43,7 cm 1918 gram
34 45,0 cm 2146 gram
35 46,2 cm 2383 gram
36 47,4 cm 2622 gram
37 48,6 cm 2859 gram
38 49,8 cm 3083 gram
39 50,7 cm 3288 gram
40 51,2 cm 3462 gram
41 51,7 cm 3597 gram
42 51,5 cm 3685 gram
43 51,3 cm 3717 gram

Here you also need to know that every child is different. The above table is a rough example but it may vary from person to person. So there is no need to worry. If you feel that the weight of your upcoming baby is low, then first consult a doctor and pay attention to your diet. Let us now know how to increase the weight of the baby in pregnancy?

How to increase weight of fetus during 7th month of pregnancy

The seventh, eighth and last trimesters of pregnancy indicate that your baby will be in your hands shortly after. So you have to take more care of yourself. When you are in the seventh month of your pregnancy, then your diet should be according to your baby. For their proper and healthy development, you have to eat a balanced diet every day because during this time the uterus starts making its place in your stomach. During this time, your diet should be rich in calcium, magnesium, fiber, folic acid and DHA along with plenty of iron and protein. Stay away from high salt and overly sweet food.

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How to increase fetal weight during 8th month of pregnancy

At this time, your baby’s body and skin have formed to a great extent and the uterus also starts growing as compared to before. This month, you should consume little food after a short time. In order to avoid anemia during delivery, you should eat more things which are high in vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium. Eat a good amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. Do not consume fatty foods, caffeine, soft cheese, raw or undercooked eggs. All these things should not be consumed in the eighth month and as you must be seeing that your weight is also increasing. In such a situation, you should take some exercise such as walking, walking and yoga.

How to increase fetus weight during 9th month of pregnancy

At the end of pregnancy, the weight of the baby is 2.5 to 3 kg. Many babies are even born weighing 3 to 5 kg. Such children are counted in the healthy category. If the child’s weight is less than 2.5 kg, then it is considered underweight.

Now the weight of your unborn baby starts increasing. In the last month, you should take special care of your food and drink. You should only eat food that is rich in nutrients as your baby’s increasing weight also affects your digestive system. However, your uterus will grow, so you should eat fiber-rich foods, calcium and iron-rich foods and fruits that are high in vitamin C.

Tips to Increase Fetus Weight

1. Take only a balanced and nutritious diet. Keep your diet as simple as possible and include fresh fruits and vegetables in it. Add whole grains, proteins and carbohydrates to your diet.

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2. Take prenatal vitamins regularly. It removes the nutritional deficiency in your body and gives you and your baby a good diet.

3. Include nuts in your diet as well.

4. You get enough rest. By taking rest, your body will feel refreshed and your health will also be good. You must take some sleep during the day and it is necessary to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.

5. Always keep yourself relaxed and positive. Often when you are worried, you either eat less than you need or overeat which is not right for your baby.

6. Always drink water little by little. Lack of water can cause a lot of problems during pregnancy such as headache, acidity, burning sensation in the stomach, sour belching etc.

How to Calculate Fetus Weight

Fetal weight gain during pregnancy uses highly complex formulas that give the average baby weight at different stages of pregnancy because all pregnancies are different and all babies develop at different rates. The weight of the baby is revealed in the ultrasound report during pregnancy. If there is any concern then the doctor will definitely inform you. If for some reason the doctor does not tell you the weight of the baby, then after scanning after the sixth month, do not forget to ask the doctor the weight of the unborn child.

If you’re still concerned about your baby’s weight, talk to your doctor. Talk to your doctor and know if you need an overdose to increase the weight of the fetus. That is to say, the weight of the mother depends on the weight of the baby. If the mother’s weight is low during pregnancy, then the baby’s weight will also be less.