What are the Fear During Delivery: Common Fears During Delivery

What are the Fear During Delivery: Common Fears During Delivery

Fear During Delivery: I had a very pleasant pregnancy time. In this span of nine months, I enjoyed every moment but as the time of delivery approached, I started having some strange fears which were in my mind till the time of delivery. Every woman goes through this phase when she has strange questions and fears in her mind. At the time of delivery, the woman experiences unbearable pain and no one can deny this.

But hearing or reading from other people about problems or pains during labor often makes the mother-to-be even more upset. Especially if this is your first delivery, then this fear increases even more. Know about some such fears that bother you during delivery and know how you can stay away from them.

What are the Fear During Delivery: Common Fears During Delivery

1. Pain

The pain at the time of delivery is a matter of most concern or fear. Most of the women are worried about whether they will be able to bear the pain during delivery or not? If the delivery is normal then it is natural to have pain at the time of delivery. But it is not necessary that every pregnant woman has the same pain at the time of delivery.


But don’t worry, woman’s body is made for this, you are able to bear this pain completely. First of all prepare yourself mentally. Stay positive, be physically active from the time of pregnancy, eat nutritious food and do yoga. With this, you will pass this phase of life with ease.

2. Normal or C-section delivery

Will I have a normal delivery or a C-section, it is also a big fear for a pregnant woman at the time of delivery. In today’s modern era, the chances of C-section have increased a lot. So such fear is not unusual.

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One thing to know is that in 80 percent of the cases, there is a possibility of normal delivery. C-section is resorted to in very few cases or in extreme circumstances, many times the doctor tells before delivery whether your delivery will be normal or C-section. So don’t worry and talk to your doctor about this beforehand.

3. Time

Expectant mothers, especially those who are becoming mothers for the first time, also have a fear that when I will start labor pains, will I be able to reach the hospital on time? In fact, there are many such tales to be heard in which many mothers give birth to their child before reaching the hospital, in the car or at home.

In such a situation, every woman also has a fear of this. You don’t even have to worry about this because a woman gets a lot of warnings before giving birth. Such as severe back pain, severe cramps, contractions or rupture of the water bag, etc. Heed these warnings and contact your doctor immediately if any problems arise.

4. Fear related to child

It is natural for a mother to be worried about her baby at the time of delivery. Many types of questions come in her mind like whether there should be any problem during delivery. Will I and my baby be in good health during labor? Or what will the baby be like? Will it have any problem during delivery?

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It is very normal to have such thoughts in mind. But keep these thoughts out of your mind, stay positive and calm, believe in yourself, everything will be as per your wish.

5. Epidural

Every woman fears not having to use an epidural during labor. An epidural injection is larger than a normal injection and may cause a burning sensation or awkward position for some time after its injection. That’s why the woman also has a fear of it.

Actually, the use of epidural does not cause pain in labor. Talk to your doctor about this too, he will give you detailed information about it, which will help you to overcome your fear. Pray to get rid of this fear of yours and keep yourself calm.

6. Operation

In C-section delivery, there is no pain during the incision, but in normal delivery also, stitches are put in the vagina and at that time the woman feels full of pain. Along with the labor pain, the woman also experiences the pain at the time when the stitches are done.

This is true, but there is nothing to worry about because this pain is only for a short time and these stitches also heal very quickly. This is a minor rip off.

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Try to overcome these fears of yours. So don’t believe such rumors and birth scare stories. Don’t listen to people’s negative experiences.

If you have any fear in your mind then talk to your doctor or an experienced person. Stay calm, meditate and meet positive people. Spend this precious time with the people who support you. This will make you feel strong and confident.