10 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy That Will Surprise You

10 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy That Will Surprise You.

Facts About Pregnancy: Pregnancy is a very difficult time where a woman who is enjoying the joy of becoming a mother has to face mood swings, increasing hormonal changes and many types of pain. During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones undergo many changes, due to which many changes occur in her body and mind. It becomes very difficult to handle these changes along with household and outside work although most of the changes are already known to the woman. Doctors also tell pregnant women about all this. Let us know some interesting facts that are seen during pregnancy.

Amazing Facts about Pregnancy

1. The mind-blowing growth of the uterus

During pregnancy, your uterus becomes about 500 times its size. You can think of it as if your uterus is about the size of an orange and is as big as a watermelon. The size of the uterus is necessary for the development of the baby. These changes can be seen from the third month of pregnancy.

2. Baby’s Cry Can Make You Lactate

This we are not talking about after the birth of the baby. In the last week of pregnancy, when you hear the sound of your baby crying, your body starts producing milk on its own. A woman’s body starts making milk in the last week of pregnancy so that the baby can meet her food needs after birth. When someone else’s baby is also crying, the pregnant women’s brain starts giving signals, due to which their body starts making milk on its own, which is surprising.

3. Excessive weakening of bones

It is advised to pregnant women that they should not lift anything heavy and whatever work they do, they should do it very comfortably. This is because their bones become very fragile at this time. During pregnancy, there is a hormone called relaxing that makes many organs of the woman, especially the area around the vagina, very delicate so that they can help in the development of the baby. This hormone also makes all the other bones of the body fragile.

4. You can get pregnant even during pregnancy

This is a surprising thing but it is true that a woman can get pregnant even during pregnancy. For example, in 2009 something similar happened to a woman Julia in America. Julia was expecting twins but an ultrasound revealed that she had two different sized fetuses in her uterus. This happened when she conceived twice in a span of 2 weeks. Both the fetuses were growing at their own pace and they were also born at different times. Well, this kind of situation comes very rarely. There are only 11 such cases and this is called superfetation.

5. Increase in blood volume

When the baby is in the mother’s womb, the mother’s body produces blood that increases to 50% of the total blood volume. The baby needs part of the whole blood of the mother’s body for its development and the circulation of blood also becomes more than before in the mother’s womb. Along with the increased circulation of blood, the size of the mother’s heart also gets bigger. During this time your nose may also bleed.

6. Taller and Overweight women have greater chances of twins

If you are taller than the women around you or if your weight is more than the weight of normal women, then you may have twins.

7. Babies in the womb may do weird things

You can’t predict in advance what you’ll see at the next ultrasound. In the ultrasound, you will see that your little one is sucking his thumb, shaking his hand, nodding his head, etc. If there are twins then they are holding each other’s hand or kicking each other etc. So this is common, you don’t need to worry about it.

8. Babies cry in the womb

Yes, babies can cry in their mother’s womb too. This is quite possible because they are surrounded by amniotic fluid. That is why even the mother could not hear the sound of her crying. It is sad to say that your baby is crying in your womb and you are not even aware of it but it is a sign of the development of the baby.

9. Baby girls and eggs

While in the mother’s womb, all the eggs of the girl’s fetus develop which she needs throughout her life, whereas the boy’s embryo is not able to produce all these in the mother’s womb.

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10. Fetes Hair

During pregnancy, the hair grows all over the body of the baby, which is called Lenugo. In most cases, all those hairs are lost before birth.

A woman’s life undergoes many changes during pregnancy. During that time, a woman experiences many types of mood swings, but she has to go through all this to become a mother. Some changes can also be seen in the father as he also increases weight. If you see some different changes in your body that you have never heard about before, then you should definitely see a doctor.

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