Ezoic Review: Google AdSense Alternative, Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic

Ezoic Review: Google AdSense Alternative, Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic

Today we are going to see complete information about what is ezoic. Many publishers had requested to publish the information of ezoic Review 2023 personally on our Facebook page and through our live chat mode.

In view of this, we consider it necessary to share this information here about what ezoic is and how it works. It is important not only to review the products but also to give information about ezoic Setup.


If you are a publisher then you must have heard about it. Do you know what is ezoic review? If you know, then getting more information is beneficial for every publisher.

What Is Ezoic Review

If you do not know, then this post will not only be beneficial for you but will also be reliable. Ezoic ad network is the way Google AdSense works, similarly it is a good source of earning blogger publisher.


Ezoic has become the Best AdSense Alternative, there is no repetition in this. Nowadays, the quirks of Google AdSense have also increased. Google AdSense account is disabled without giving any kind of notification at any time.

You must already have an active google AdSense account to use the ezoic ads network. That is why keep in mind that if any publisher wants to do ezoic monetization then it will be necessary to get AdSense approval.


This is the ezoic publisher network which becomes a means of earning money for bloggers creating online content. Along with ezoic earnings, the site provides speed in the accelerator, due to which the website starts loading fast.

Yes, and it becomes even easier through Cloud Flare integration. Through Automate intelligent optimizations, your Google AdSense earnings can be doubled, up to three times. (ezoic review)

Sign Up E-zoic And Maximize 115% Adsense Earnings

How To Work Ezoic.

Ezoic Platform not only works for Bloggers but also for Bloggers, Revenue Managers, Independent Publishers, AdSense Publishers and Enterprises.

You will have to wait for Ezoic approval as soon as you sign up Ezoic. After getting the approval, only some settings have to be done which is given below, after that it starts working.


The Ad Tester App in this tab enables sites to use the Ezoic platform to conduct automated multivariate ad position tests to test overall ad earnings.

App users can set up ad placeholders on their site and Ezoic will automatically test different users on different combinations to find which one works best for visitors ads.

The machine learning technology will identify the combination that works best for each and every visitor to the site based on data from testing different ad sizes, locations & densities.


  • IMAGE OPTIMIZATION : Auto-serve helps in fast loading of website images based on properly sized, next-gen images.
  • CSS RENDERING: Only use CSS loads only on the needs of each visitor, so that unwanted CSS is not loaded and the page landing speed increases.
  • SCRIPT PARSING: This means instead of all at once, it will load any scripts as needed.
  • LAZY-LOAD IFRAMES: Iframes will be displayed on scroll instead of page load, which will open pages with speed.

After this, even more settings are read to be done in the Ezoic dashboard. Such as video SEO, page SEO, placeholder setup etc. Video SEO means also gives a chance for optimization on ezoic video ads.

What Is Requirement For Ezoic Approval

Yes, a lot of information has to be shared, but it will be helpful for you. What are Ezoic Requirements? It is actually a common question because what are the conditions of any Monetization Platforms, it has to be followed.

This post will cover all the rules that are required to get approved for Ezoic. Just complete the points given below, you will get approval.

Website Size

First of all, we will have a look at how big your website is because a brand new site will not get instant approval, it is necessary to have minimum 10,000 visitors per month.

It also has requirements based on the number of Google AdSense rules. For this you have to share traffic screenshot of google analytics.

However, what if your site doesn’t get 10k visits per month? It doesn’t matter the second time when this requirement is fulfilled in a few months, then apply.

When there will be no traffic in your website, then who will click on the advertisement. That is why publishers have to get website traffic 10k visits per month first.

Other ezoic eligibility criteria.

It includes other conditions that Google reads to fulfill for AdSense or any monetization platforms. Like some of the conditions are given below.

  • There should not be content copied from other websites.
  • Illegal content such as individual aggression / threatening content or information such as gambling.
  • There should be no keyword stuffing.
  • Links are given in websites like movies like direct download links.
  • There should be no invalid click / impression.
  • The site must have reliable traffic sources.
  • Sites should not redirect users to undesirable pages/sites/pop-ups or pop-under.
  • A website that uses automatically generated content is invalid.

What should be the content of the site.

Ezoic is a Google certified program, so it works only with AdSense and Google partner programs also recognize it.

All sites using the ezoic tool must comply with the AdSense policy. If you copy from another website, then keep unique and relevant content on your site away from duplicate content.

Approval Language Supported.

All language websites validated by AdSense get a chance to work on these platforms. That’s why you should use AdSense supported language only.

Which sites will not get Approval on Ezoic?

As let us tell you that Ezoic does not give approval on Ecommerce or Corporates websites, that is why if you work from this niche then it is good if you do not waste your time.

However, if your web site is a blog linked to an e-commerce site, then first fulfill the terms of Google AdSense. Even if you manage corporate and e-commerce sites, you can get the benefit of the Ezoic site speed accelerator to make your website fast loading.

Is Ezoic Free or Paid Program?

Yes, use Ezoic absolutely free, you will not charge any money for signing up. Setup now and increase your AdSense earnings by double or thrice.

Let’s see some basic information that new publishers come to mind while joining this program. But keep one thing in mind, there are also paid tools in it which is only for the publishers who earn a lot, you start with free.

When does Ezoic website optimization, placement and experiments start?

Until you get the approval, you just have to setup and keep it. Only after the account is approved, website optimization, ad placement and ads experiments can be started after the ezoic integration is complete.

What should be the minimum traffic for the approval of Ezoic?

As we have also mentioned above that if your traffic of 10,000 visitors per month comes in google analytics dashboard then you will get Approval comfortably if you follow other criteria.

How to use Ezoic for Blogger?

Sorry but Ezoic does not currently approve on Blogger because it is not possible due to DNS Server Setup integration.

But yes if you have a custom domain and you think that we will get Approval then it is wrong because Ezoic does Account Approved only through Cloudflare integration and WordPress Plugin Integration which is not available on Blogger.

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Can be used with Ezoic on other ad sites?

Absolutely you can do it but this will have a negative impact on your income because Ezoic wraps the ads and displays them in their format, which increases your earning.

How to Work ezoic payment system After Join.

The way Google AdSense payment is done, Ezoic also sends payment to publishers in 2 ways. Both those methods are given below through which you can get ezoic payment in your bank account.

What is the Ezoic payment arrival date?

If you receive your 1$ from the 15th of February and earn 1000$ by the coming 30th of February, then you will get this payment in the next month till March 30th.

Overall, in simple language, this month’s earnings are found in the next month.

How is Ezoic payment method?

To get Ezoic payment in bank accounts, you will have to Paypal or Payoneer account create. If you already have one of these two, then you can use it.

Once your earning comes in these accounts, then this bank sends money to your bank account through local transfer system. For which it takes 2-3 days.

What is Ezoic support and How can I trust it?

This question is important because many ad networks cheat. Its support is very good, a special assistant is given to you who keeps an eye on your websites to see how it is performing.

You can get instant reply by generating live chat, ticket in office hours from their support team. Keep a little patience, believe me for a few days after joining, after completion of ezoic setup, ad placement, site accelerator, stay connected with it for at least 3 months and increase your google AdSense earnings by 215% according to your ezoic review 2022.

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