Safely Exfoliate Your Skin While Pregnant

Safely Exfoliate Your Skin While Pregnant

Exfoliation is an important step in skin care. It removes oil and dirt from the pores and enhances the glow of the skin. Also, it removes dead skin and dark spots. When it comes to skin (Exfoliate) exfoliation during pregnancy, there is a doubt in the minds of many women about whether it is safe or not.

A girl’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Its effect is clearly visible on their skin too. Along with acne and pigmentation, they have to face many skin related problems. In such a situation, they are instructed to take special care of the skin.

How safe is exfoliation in pregnancy, we will discuss about it in the article. Along with this, you will also know what things should be kept in mind while exfoliating the skin during pregnancy.

Is it Safe to Exfoliate While Pregnancy

Women’s pre-pregnancy exfoliation routine can be followed even after pregnancy. Provided that the use of exfoliants containing certain chemicals is prohibited. This list includes retinoids, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and some essential oils.

Face Exfoliators for Soft Skin During Pregnancy

As you have learned in the article so far, no product can be used to exfoliate the skin during pregnancy. For the safety of mother and baby, the ingredients present in it need to be taken care of. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as glycolic acid or lactic acid are generally considered safe to use during pregnancy. However, do consult your doctor before choosing any product.

Also, physical exfoliation is considered better for exfoliating the skin during pregnancy. Body brushes, exfoliation sponges, loofahs, wash cloths, etc. are some of the physical exfoliators that are considered safe for pregnant women to use.

Physical exfoliators are best used with facial cleansers or body washes. However, all these tools require special care of cleanliness, so that bacteria do not grow in it. Chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation both work to remove dead cells. The only difference is that chemical exfoliation uses acids or enzymes. At the same time, wash cloths and scrubs are used in physical exfoliation.

Tips to Exfoliate Your Face During Pregnancy

What things should be kept in mind while exfoliating the skin during pregnancy, below are the information related to it:

1. Exfoliation is not for all skin types. People with sensitive and acne prone skin should avoid scrubbing the skin.

2. Moisturizer should always be applied after exfoliating the skin. Failure to do so may result in dry skin.

3. Exfoliate the skin once in two weeks. Excess scrubbing on the skin can strip away its natural oils.

4. Always exfoliate the skin with light hands.

In this article, you got important information related to skin exfoliation in pregnancy. If you have doubts about anything mentioned in the article on exfoliation in pregnancy, discuss it with a dermatologist. Hope you liked this article of ours.

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