Exercise During Periods for Women Is Safe or Not

Exercise During Periods for Women Is Safe or Not

Periods is a period that comes every month, through which every woman has to go through. Stomach pain, mood swings, fatigue, pimples on the face etc. are common during periods. Women have their periods from about the age of 13 to the age of 45. Gradually these periods become a part of their habit. Many questions arise in the mind of every girl regarding periods. One of them is, is it safe to exercise during periods? If you are a fitness freak or have already taken your first step towards fitness, then this question is bound to come to mind. In periods, when we are fighting a battle with our own body, then the confusion about whether it will be right to exercise or not remains in the mind (Exercise During Periods for Women). If you are also facing the same problem then this article is for you.

Is it Safe to Exercise during Periods?

Periods during menstruation, it has always been advised to rest. It is said that the more you rest, the less pain will be. But is resting the only way to deal with a difficult period? So our answer is no! To exercise or not to exercise completely depends on your body and your will power. Exercising moderately during periods is not only safe, but it has also been shown to reduce PMS symptoms. Not only this, there is also relief in stomach pain during periods.

Can do light Exercise

It is safe to exercise during periods, but this does not mean that you should start doing heavy weight exercises daily. Actually, you should avoid doing heavy weight exercises during periods. During this, light exercise is completely safe for you. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, a hormone that helps relieve tension, cramps, headaches, and menstrual pain.

Are these Exercises Safe?

Now you must be thinking that what do we mean by Light Exercise. So let us tell you that it is completely safe to do stretching, walking, aerobics, yoga and dancing under light exercise. Experts believe that walking during periods gives a lot of benefits. This relaxes your muscles and gives you relief from pain. Apart from this, dancing makes the mind happy and relieves stress. While stretching, the body relaxes. But keep in mind, do them only if both your body and mind want to do it. Exercise during periods but do not work too hard.

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