Excellent yogas like Gajakesari in Kundli never bear fruit from a known area

Excellent yogas like Gajakesari in Kundli never bear fruit from a known area

Although strong gajakesari yoga has taken place and the planets are also strong elsewhere, the principles of astrology were doubted when a person doing a normal job wanted Raja Yoga instead of happiness and splendor! So on the contrary, even when the horoscope with the weakest planets and the most important planets have fallen into the pit, that is, they are in misery (May 8 or May 12), even when the person is ruling in every way, living in splendor and caring bungalow-authority If there is any doubt about planetary yoga or horoscope! In fact the rules are what sages derive from subtle observations, insights and experience.

So there is no question of doubting it, but our vision is at fault! E.g. ત. In the horoscope of a person who has Gajakesari Yoga, I saw that Jupiter was old and Jupiter’s Mahadasa never came, then where can one get fruit? Even if there are planets in the pit, ugly or opposite Raja Yoga is formed and the person who gives his planetary insight becomes rich, powerful and successful!

That is why in the horoscope, the strength of the planets in the sixteenth class of each of the planets has to be specially calculated! So as to get the right phrasing. Moreover, the rules given by our sages were not telescopes at a time when they are thousands of years old. Astronomical horoscopes formed by other perforations etc. from the shadow.

Rules based on it! Today we use those rules in an ancient way. While astronomy is modern, the rules do not apply! That is why the planets should be interpreted after determining the accuracy of the horoscope on the basis of one’s appearance, signs of birth revolution, nature, past events and hand oceanography on the basis of horoscope! Jupiter in a young man’s horoscope was high in Cancer.

So all the scholars say that this person will become a learned Pandit and take higher education! I saw that he was dark in appearance. Very talkative, meaningless speaking. Arrogance- There was a lot of false anger. The forehead was big! It had lacquer (black) on it. There was a red lacquer on the stomach. So saw that the planet of Cancer gives an impressive personality. Gives a white body! Speech understands thinking that lacked qualities.

Excellent yogas like Gajakesari in Kundli never bear fruit from a known area

Leo marriages influenced Saturn-Mars marriages. So dark race – angry nature and black lakh on the head – red lakh on the stomach were from Saturn-Mars! Jupiter was 12th in the lion marriage so he decided not to study! Leaving the study unfinished on this basis! Life’s career, emigration, investment, operation, marriage, divorce, etc., are the only solutions that can be found.

Even if the planets and horoscopes are correct, now the date of birth is correct and the horoscope is subtly correct, the interpretation is likely to be wrong due to the omnipresent calculation contradiction in the ancient Bhav. Accuracy comes from making predictions based on a person’s appearance, palms, and birthmarks.

Hand-marine floor science
Many jokingly say that if the palm is pink and smooth, they are comfortable and the hand of a hard worker is not smooth. Yet he is also happy. If you look at the type of hand, it will be seen that the people with smooth palms with the shape of square or square shaped cushions are more successful and rich.

While those with thin-irregular-hard palms are found to fail or be poor. A person with an odd palm is unhappy with wealth, family, marriage and wealth in every way. A person with an artistic palm is sensitive, imaginative. But not being rich or successful.

Even if the palm is smooth-padded and the type of hand is square, if there is a spot on the bottom of the thumb or a spot on the wrist, then the person is sad. The reason why even people with beautiful symmetrical looks are seen as miserable is often due to sesame or ominous sea signs.

Prematurely widowed Ben with an irregularly shaped lacquer in the middle of his forehead. A gentleman with white lacquer from birth on his left shoulder has got a lot of money from the farsan business and is happy. This brother has got a lot of prosperity, it is inauspicious if there is black lacquer on the calf. Such people enjoy a life of abandonment.

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