About Epidural Injection for Delivery Pain

About Epidural Injection for Delivery Pain

Epidural Injection is one of the few options available for less pain during labor these days. Let us get into the Facts of Epidural and its facts.

The thing that frightens a mother the most during pregnancy is the pain during labor. There is no doubt that the pain at this time is unbearable. But it is also true that this pain is not the same for all women. It is the wish of every pregnant woman that she should have minimum pain at the time of delivery.


Epidural Injection

Nowadays women have started using epidural more. It is said that 50% of women who have a normal delivery prefer to use an epidural injection. However, very few people have the right information about epidurals.

Not only this, there are also many rumors about it like using epidural during delivery increases the chances of C-section delivery or it has negative effect on breastfeeding but this is not the case at all.


About Epidural Injection for Delivery Pain

What is Epidural

Epidural anesthesia is an injection that helps in easing the terrible pain that occurs during delivery. This injection is injected into the spinal cord and its use makes this part of the body numb. It affects the abdomen, pelvic area and legs.

Anesthesia is used when the woman’s labor pain is at a high level. By doing this, the woman does not have to bear the pain of childbirth.


How Epidural Injection Used

Epidural anesthesia is applied to a specific area of ​​the spinal cord. The doctor first examines that area in the spinal cord and this area of ​​the spinal cord is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. A needle is inserted in that place and after that this medicine is inserted inside the body.

For this the doctor should be a specialist so that he injects at the right place. If this injection is not applied in the right place, then it has to be re-injected.

Benefits of Epidural Injection

1. Effective

Epidural is the best and most effective way to relieve pain during labor. This is the reason why it can be used a lot nowadays. The pregnant woman will be able to know about contractions better during this time but she will not feel any pain.

2. High blood pressure

If the expectant mother has high blood pressure, then epidural also proves to be helpful in reducing it.

3. Useful in emergency

If there is an emergency during labor, in which there is a possibility of a C-section delivery of the mother, then at that time this injection can be used as an anesthesia.

Side Effects of Epidural Injection

1. Problems

There are many problems that can be faced after epidural and applying it. Such as fever or itching, although these are not permanent problems. The epidural may also cause severe pain and it is important to ensure that it is placed in the correct position of the spinal cord, otherwise side effects may occur.

2. Delay in showing the effect

Epidurals can take time to show their effect. If after applying this, the pain of the woman does not subside for about 30 minutes, then it may have to be applied again. You will be surprised to know that due to epidural injections or delivery pain reducing injections, the delivery time increases by at least an hour.

3. Effect on Baby

After the epidural, the heartbeat of the unborn baby is also monitored for a few minutes so that it does not have any effect on the baby. However, it has no effect on the baby.

4. Long Time in Delivery

The epidural may take longer to deliver. Using this, the mother does not know when to push the baby, due to which the delivery may take longer than necessary.

5. Urinary problems

Urinary problems have also been seen in women with the use of epidurals, such as problems with urination, etc. Along with this, the blood pressure of women can also decrease and weakness in the legs can also come due to this.

Facts related to Epidural steroid injection

1. Not harmful to the baby

Epidural has no effect on the health of the baby or the mother. This medicine is only meant to reduce labor and it is completely safe for both.

2. It does not cause back pain

It is believed that the use of epidural causes back pain in women but this is not true. After delivery, most women have to go through the problem of back pain, but it is not necessarily because of epidural.

3. Not every woman can use it

One fact about epidurals is that it cannot be used on any woman. Your doctor determines whether it will be right for you to use.

So first consult a doctor. Along with this, not every hospital has the facility of epidural and many hospitals do not provide it 24 hours.

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Also epidural has nothing to do with C-section delivery or effect on breastfeeding. But women who have any back infection or who are suffering from problems like spinal pain or back pain should not take these injections as it can cause risk for them. This injection, which reduces labor pain, should be taken only on the advice of the doctor.

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