Emergency Mobile Apps – Emergency Mobile Features That Save Your life

Emergency Mobile Apps – Emergency Mobile Features That Save Your life

Emergency Mobile Apps: These days we spend more time with our phones than with family. The quicker we breathe, the more quickly we keep scrolling things on the phone. We have so many options on the phone that we do not even know about the time with it. But the sad thing is that despite spending so much time, we keep less attention and information related to those new things, which are technically designed for our need and if you get stuck in many troubles then That technique helps you get out of it. You get a lot of help especially in times of emergency.

These days, many apps are being launched continuously keeping in mind the convenience of the customer, so that in many urgent situations, you can solve that problem in just a pinch with the help of the button of your phone. It is very important to know how important apps are important in your life, from government apps to common apps. That’s why we are going to give you information through this article today about all those apps, which must be in your phone so that you can take their help when the time comes. So let’s know about them in detail.

Emergency Mobile Apps – Government Apps & Their Facilities

Digital India is constantly being promoted by the Government of India and government apps are being launched keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the citizens. It is very important for citizens to know which apps should be used even in emergency (Mobile Apps).

M Kavach

M Kavach is a very important app, but it is also important to know one special thing with it that this app is available only on Android devices. The purpose of this app is to work against threats received on mobile phones. Complaints can be made about such threats with the help of this app. Also spam SMS can be blocked immediately. Its specialty is that this app warns about malware.


UMANG is such a government app that you must have on your phone. The reason for this is that it has been created by the Electronics and Information Technology and National e-Governance Division. This app provides all the ministries of the government and their services at one place, so that people can get information easily. It works like Digital India, Aadhar and Digi Locker.


The Government of India has launched many apps to help women, so that the Nirbhaya case cannot be repeated. Especially the reason for launching the Nirbhaya app is the same. Nirbhaya app has been activated in the country for the safety of women. This app will usually help a woman in case of emergency. It helps in sending an emergency call or message to the set contact numbers in case of emergency. For this, you have to tap SOS on the app. The app has to be kept somewhere in the phone, so that it can be used immediately where it is needed. To send emergency messages even when the phone is locked, just shake the device. The message will automatically be sent to the set number from SOS and thus this app will always provide information about the unsafe areas to the users. Actually, according to the present time, every woman should keep this app in her mobile phone so that she can easily use it in case of trouble.


E-Hospital is also a government app (Emergency Mobile Apps). Actually, with the help of this app, the list of all government hospitals is available at once. For this, you have to first install it on your Android phone by searching it. After installing, two options will be available that how you can book doctor’s appointment without Aadhar and with Aadhaar. This also becomes an important app because sometimes a doctor is needed in an emergency. But due to lack of information, you are not able to take the appointment. That’s why this app is also very important.

GST Rate Finder

If you are in doubt about GST rate then this app can help you. Here the rates of Goods and Services Tax are given. This facility can be availed by downloading the app.

Emergency Mobile App 112 India

Rajnath Singh has launched 112 India App a few years back. This is an emergency mobile app, specially designed keeping in mind the safety of women. By clicking on a special women safety feature “Shout” present in this app, a woman in trouble will get immediate help from the police or any volunteer anywhere in the country. The “Shout” feature of this app has been linked to the Emergency Response Support System made by the government by spending Rs.4.84 crore. Volunteers have been registered all over the country with this system. As soon as a woman clicks on this feature when she is in trouble, this system will immediately send a signal to any volunteer around her to help her. This app will help the volunteer in helping the woman in trouble by tracking her with the help of GPS. This app was first launched in Himachal Pradesh and then Nagaland.

Other Important Apps

Along with government apps, there are some non-government apps as well, which are working very well. Let’s get to know about them too. (Emergency Mobile Apps)

BSF Alarm

BSF Alarm is an important app that you must have on your mobile phone. With BSF Alarm, who is where and what he is doing can be tracked. This app automatically sends audio and video along with your location. When the alarm is activated, the recorded video is automatically sent to your parents or acquaintances. All information related to you is securely stored on BSF servers, which you can access at any time.

I On Me App

Actually this app is very beneficial for family members and friends. Especially if you live alone. This app ensures that if a user is not responding to the app, it will automatically notify the other user without the need to press any buttons. In this app you can also make your own schedule and after setting setting, this app asks you every hour whether you are right or not.

Follow Me App

This is an app that works on GPS tracking. This app, which works on GPS tracking, tells the live position of the user. With this help your parents can see your live location where you are at the moment. Also, this app notifies your parents when you reach home safely.

Timer Alarm

This is such an app, which is useful for doing some work and reminding it. You set an alarm in this app, after that at the exact time this app sends a message to your parents. If you are going for jogging in the morning or go for a walk in the evening, then this app proves to be most helpful to avoid any untoward incident at that time.

ICE (In Case of Emergency)

This app is a handy way to store information needed by rescue teams and doctors if you’re in an emergency (Mobile Apps). The ICE Card app stores the user’s medicines, past illnesses, allergies and other health information, in addition to a list of contacts of the closest people. It has a special alarm button, so you can send messages to all your acquaintances at once. It also tells your live location to your friends and acquaintances.

Local Police App

Local Police App is an important app. With the Local Police app, you can access the law and public safety services at your fingertips. This app is designed to connect people with their local police, so that they can take help of police with the help of smartphone.

All Cab App

All Cab app is one of the important apps for today’s era, because you can need a car anytime, anywhere. In such a situation, instead of getting upset, you can take help from it. With the help of this app, all taxi servicing apps can be seen together. Users can check the prices of all taxi services using this app and book as per their requirement. (Emergency Mobile Apps)

Red Panic Button App

As the name suggests, this is an app that can be used by users in bad situations. In this app, users keep a panic number pre-set and can send their location to that number at the time of need.

Watch Over Me App

This can save you from trouble. This app sends your location and messages to your acquaintances when you are in trouble. According to your difficulty, this app also connects you to emergency services. (Emergency Mobile Apps)

Things to Remember While Downloading the Apps

We have given information about all the important apps above. But at the same time it is very important to know what things should be kept in mind when it is being downloaded.

Keep in mind Which is Phone

Since there are many types of mobile phones these days, some smart, some android, some iPhone and some windows phone, first of all you need to know which is your phone. You have to understand all the applications accordingly and then download them.

Don’t Download Fake App

Also keep in mind that many fake apps are also kept on names matching apps with such verified names. In such a situation, take full care that whatever app you are downloading, it is not fake and verified only. You can easily find it in the play store on the phone itself. Also, a lot of information is available on the net as well. It is also important to take care that such apps are not downloaded, which may become a problem for you later. Always download the app wisely.

Useless App Download

Many times it also happens that when you download the app, along with it the information of many other apps also keeps going together and seeing their information, you feel that maybe this is also an important app, then you download all of them too. So don’t make this mistake. If unnecessary apps are downloaded, then the space of your phone will decrease.

Remember All App Information

It is also important that you know the information related to all the apps and you can use it on time. It should not happen that instead of any useful app, you have used another app. Sometimes it becomes a cause of trouble.

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