How to Earn Money From Mobile: 12 Ways to Earn Money From Mobile

How to Earn Money From Mobile: 12 Ways to Earn Money From Mobile

In the article How To Earn Money By Mobile, we will tell you how to earn money from your mobile. There are many people who do not have any computer etc. Those people want to know how to earn money from mobile so that they can at least take out their own expenses.

Nowadays everyone has a Smartphone in India and most of the people also use the Internet a lot to pass their time. But most of the people are not aware that money can be earned by working online from their mobile too.

If you also do this, then not only will your time be well-utilized, but you can also earn a very good income. Just you should have a good knowledge of how to earn money from your mobile by doing some work online.

By the way, we have already told in one of our posts how to earn money from internet. But many of them were also such online work that it was necessary to have a computer or laptop to do it. So in this article we will tell you ways to earn money through Smartphone.

Nowadays, lakhs of people are working online and earning good money. But it is not for everyone to do this. Because most of the people are not aware in the beginning that which online work can earn money and which are not.

Because there is no shortage of Online Works in the world of Internet, but Genuine Work is less and more fraud. So choosing a right job for yourself is a really difficult task. You have to research that in which work you will get payment on time.

There are many people who worked hard for many days in some online work, but when the time for payment came, they got scammed. In this way not only his time was wasted but some of his money was also wasted.

This should not happen to you, so we have brought for you by selecting some such Online Part Time Works which are not only Genuine but you can also earn a lot of money. So let’s know if you do not have a computer, then by which work you can earn money from mobile.

Ways to Earn Money From Mobile – How to Earn Money From Mobile

1. Earn Money through Facebook

Most of the people in India who pass their time through the Internet, most of them spend the most time on Facebook. Perhaps these people do not know that you can earn a lot of money from Facebook too.

This will also be your Time Pass and in return you will also get money for your expenses. The best thing is that for this you do not need a computer etc., you can earn money from these 2 ways only from your Smartphone.

  • Creating a Facebook Page

To earn money, you create a Facebook page and post a good post on it. When a lot of people like your page, then you can monetize your page. There is an option for this in Facebook.

Secondly, when your page has millions of Like and Followers, then you can do Paid Advertisement on your page. There are many such companies that show their advertisements on Facebook pages, in return for which they pay a lot of money.

  • Creating a Facebook Group

Like Facebook Page, you can start your own group in which you have to add thousands of millions of people. Although this is a bit difficult task, but once more than 1 lakh people join then you can earn a lot of money.

Since you are the owner of that group, then you can earn very good money by advertising Paid Posts and products of various companies on it. So you must have understood how to earn money from mobile with the help of Facebook.

2. By Blogging

If you have heard about blogging and know a little about it, then you can earn good money from your Smartphone only. But let me tell you one thing in advance that it takes time to earn money from blogging, so it is important to be patient.

You can create your own blog on Google’s Free Platform (Blogspot.Com) from your Smartphone and start writing good posts on it. When you have published 30-40 good posts, then apply for AdSense.

Google AdSense will show its ads on your website and you will get money as soon as people click on them. This money comes in your account when there is a total of 100 dollars. So these are the best ways to earn money online using Smartphone.

Blogging is a very Genuine Online Work. Although it takes time in the beginning, but once a lot of people start coming to your blog, then you will start earning a good income.

3. By Doing URL Shortning work

If you want to do Online Earning through Mobile, then you can do URL Shortning Work. This is also not a very hard work which requires a lot of knowledge.

There are many such URL Shortner through which you can make any URL short and earn money by sharing it on social media etc. Whenever someone clicks on your shortened URL and opens it, you will get Commission.

Now how much this commission will be, it depends on which URL Shortner Website you are working for. Because everyone’s commission is different., and are very good websites with which you can do this online work.

The more time you give to this work and the more you share the URL, the more money you will earn. If there are 10000 views on the URL shared by you, then you can earn at least 10 dollars from it.

4. By writing an Article on UC News

If you are wondering what are the ways to earn money from Mobile through Online Works, then writing an article on UC News is also a Genuine Work. In this, you have to write articles in the same way as they are written in blogging.

Actually UC News is such an app on which articles related to many types of news and other information are published. To do this, you must first join the Self Publishing Program. For this you have to register first.

After getting approval, you can start writing your articles. UC News shows some of its ads in your articles, through which you earn. In this you have to work like blogging, just in this the blog is not your own.

5. Earn money from Instagram

Instagram is also a very good way to earn money from Mobile. However, you cannot create a page of your own like Facebook on this. Because this option is not available on it yet.

But if you have millions of followers, then you can earn a lot of money. Here also you have to post products for promotion, which gives you a certain income.

There are many such users who have millions of followers and earn good money in this way. You will not believe that those people charge thousands of rupees for a single post on their Instagram account. For example, take Bollywood celebrities who charge lakhs of rupees.

6. Working with Bigly

If you are wondering how to earn money from mobile sitting at home, then Bigly is perfect for you. If you are busy all day long on Facebook and Instagram etc. then you can earn a lot of money by working with Bigly.

Bigly is an Online Product Selling Company which also has its own App. All you have to do is install that app in your mobile and register on it. As soon as your account is ready, you have to create your online store by selecting the products of your choice.

After that you share those products of yours loudly on social media. Whenever a product is sold by you, you will get a very good commission for it. The most important thing about Bigly is that you get a lot of commission from it.

7. Creating YouTube Channel

You all must have heard about YouTube. Throughout the day you guys keep watching your favorite Videos on it. But do you know that you can also put your own made Videos on YouTube and earn money from them too.

This work can be done easily with a good Smartphone. For this you have to first create your new YouTube Channel. After creating the channel, put new Videos on it and increase your Subscribers.

When you have 1000 of Subscribers and 4000 Hours Watch time, then you can monetize it with Google AdSense. AdSense will show its ads on your Videos and the more views you have, the more you will earn. This is the most popular way to earn money from your Smartphone.

8. By working on PPD website

PPD means Pay Per Download in which you are given some money on every download. There are many such Trusted PPD Websites with which you can easily earn a lot of money by working with them.

What happens is that first of all you have to register with a good PPD website. After that you have to upload a good file made by you on it, in which you give some good information for the people.

Now PPD Website runs survey on that file of yours. All the people who see it, some of the people who need it download it. Just on every download you get a fix commission. Some good PPD Websites.

9. Earn money from Paytm

Paytm is a very popular app which has a lot of users in India. Very few people will be aware that Paytm also has its own referral program through which you can earn money.

For this, you will have to create your own account on Paytm and join the Referral Program. From there you will get one of your referral code. Now ask people to download Paytm and ask them to use your referral code.

The more people you get to download Paytm through your referral code, the more money you will get. Paytm pays you 30 to 50 rupees on every download. In this way you can earn money by using mobile in free time.

10. Earn money by becoming a Tele Caller

Some people are not aware of Internet and Online Works, so they keep thinking that how to earn money from Mobile. So the work of Tele calling can also prove to be a better option for such people.

For this, you have to contact with a company that runs ads for its products and gives its contact number in the ad. Whoever sees that ad, they call on the same number and get information about the product or service.

So after knowing about such companies, you can talk to them for the work of Tele calling. In this work you will not even need internet skill and you will get a fix salary.

11. Earning from Fiverr

Very good money can be earned by working on Fiverr and many people are also doing this. To work with Fiverr, you must have a good knowledge of something or the other in the field of Internet.

There are many types of tasks available for you to do on Fiverr. Such as Blog Writing, Logo making, Search Engine Optimization, Video Editing and Photo Designing etc. There are many other types of online work available like this.

To work with Fiverr, you must first create an account on it. After that, choose the category in which you want to work and create a gig for yourself and start working. This is a Trusted Company that pays on time.

12. How To Earn Money By Playing Mobile Games

If you want to have entertainment and keep some money worth spending, then Online Mobile Games is the best option for you. For example, take MPL (Mobile Premier League) only.

To earn money from this, you have to install it and create your account on it. In this you will find many types of games. Download whatever game you want to play and start playing by investing MPL Token or Direct some money.

Apart from you, more people play in the same game. The better your performance, the more money you can earn. You can transfer whatever money you win in MPL to your Paytm or Direct Bank Account.

This was our article How To Earn Money From Mobile. Although there are other ways to earn money from mobile, but here we have selected only the best online works for you.

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