How To Earn Money At Home From Typing Job

How To Earn Money At Home From Typing Job

How To Earn Money At Home From Typing Job: Friends, if you think that if you think that there is a way by which you can earn money sitting at home by just typing job, then read this post completely. There are many ways to earn money from the internet, some of which are very easy and some require a lot of hard work.

But the information I am going to give you today is a bit different. Although even before this I have told you about this method in some of my posts, but I thought this time to tell in a little detail, how do I earn money from a typing job sitting at home? So let’s know:

How To Earn Money At Home From Typing Job

Friends, you must have known about Captcha Code, if you do not know, then let me tell you briefly that captcha is a human verification test. Whenever you create your account on any website, the last step comes in which an image is given in which the words written have to be typed, this code is called captcha code. And the typing job that I am going to tell you is captcha typing job. Friends, although there are many captcha solving websites, but today I am going to tell you about 2captcha.com.

This website gives $.50 around 30 rupees for every 1 thousand captcha solving. And it takes maximum 5 seconds to solve a captcha and if your typing speed is good then you will not take more than 3 seconds to solve a captcha.

Suppose your speed is 5 seconds then it will take you about 80 minutes to solve 1000 captcha and if your speed is 3 seconds then it will take you maximum 50 minutes to solve 1000 captcha. Accordingly, if you work for 3-4 hours a day, you can easily earn up to Rs 200 per day. And by working everyday, your typing speed will also increase and your pocket money will also come out.

So first you have to go to the website of 2captcha.com. After this, you have to go to the Work for 2Captcha section and click on the Quick start button. see in the image below:

After clicking on Quick start, the registration page will open. After completing the registration form, you will get three options in the first screen that will come in front of you. In which you have to choose the option on the right, in which it will be written that I am a worker, you just have to click on the link of the Next button.

Now you have to click on Startwork at the top of the website, as soon as you click on the link, a screen will open in front of you, in which you will get two options, the first option will be of normal + reCaptcha while the second option will be of normal only. In this you only select the option of normal. After selecting the option, click on Start and you will get your work.

Initially you will get 42 captcha which will be given to you for training purpose. You will also get a hint during this training. Some captcha are so easy that they hardly take even 2 seconds to type while some captcha take 5 to 6 seconds as well.

As soon as you complete your training work, you are sent to the next stage where you are given money for typing each captcha code. I also solved some captcha to do the trial and my score was near 4 seconds, although my typing speed is not very good, still I found it a bit easy.

If you want How To Earn Money At Home From Typing Job then this is a good way. But you cannot earn much from this, yet you can withdraw your pocket money. All you need is a laptop and internet connection for this.

Apart from this website, there are many other websites which give money to solve captcha. Links and information about many such websites will be found on the link given below. I hope you would have liked the information about How To Earn Money At Home From Typing Job.

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