How to Get rid of Dry Skin in Newborns: 5 Tips

How to Get rid of Dry Skin in Newborns: 5 Tips

Dry Skin in Newborns: Hardly anyone can forget that first touch of the innocent skin of newborn babies. It is a feeling that is not present in any other touch. Soft like muslin, soft like cotton and like magic, the feeling of children’s skin is probably something similar. The touch of his delicate fingers relieves a mother from all the pains of the world. Hardly anyone wants to lose this soft skin and feeling, but it is also true that if you do not take care of this delicate skin, then that magic ends.

The skin of newborn babies is extremely delicate and sensitive. It loses its moisture twice as fast as adults in the presence of wind or external elements. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to maintain the natural softness of this soft skin.

Every parent is always eager to know about how to make baby’s dry skin soft. Today we have brought some such easy tips for you from our experience and information box. Know about some easy ways by which you can remove the dryness of the newborn baby’s skin.

How to Get rid of Dry Skin in Newborns: 5 Tips

1. Baby Bathing

Do not keep the baby in water for a long time or else he may lose his moisture. Staying in water for a long time also removes the natural oil and moisture present in the baby’s skin, this can cause dryness in his skin, so keep his bath time only 10 minutes. If possible in cold weather, do not bathe your baby daily. But if bathing is a part of the baby’s routine, then keep in mind that instead of hot water, bathe the baby with lukewarm water. Along with this, use baby soap that is chemical free and gentle like Johnson’s Baby Soap and Body Wash. Children’s skin is not made to withstand the chemicals of ordinary soap.

2. Massage

Make massage an important part of your baby’s daily routine. Massage the baby two or three times a day. With massage, the oil gets absorbed well in the baby’s body, due to which there is no lack of moisture in the baby’s body. Use good oil for massaging. Here also, keep in mind that the oil used for the baby should not be chemical-rich or fragrant as it can cause allergies or itching in the baby.

3. Moisturizer

Use a good moisturizer to moisturize your baby’s skin. Make sure it is parabens and dye free. You can also use milk or natural paste instead of moisturizer. Although home remedies sometimes do not suit the skin of children. Take special care that if the child is allergic to any coating or oil, then do not use it.

4. Use Humidifier

The air in the house is very responsible for drying the skin of children. Use a humidifier to maintain the balance of air conditioning in your home. The humidifier makes the dry air in the room slightly moist. It does not dry out the baby’s skin. Humidifier also controls the cold and cough of the child.

5. Keep the baby hydrated

Your baby’s skin needs moisture and if you keep your baby hydrated, his skin will not be dry. Mother’s milk also proves beneficial to maintain the moisture content in the baby’s skin. Breastfeeding will not only nourish the baby’s skin but also make it soft. Sunshine is very important for a newborn baby. The dryness of the baby’s skin is also removed from the sun. Laying your baby in the sun in winters will make his skin soft, supple and glowing. However, do not keep the child in direct sunlight for too long.

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Apart from this, the mother should also drink more and more water to prevent the baby’s soft skin from becoming dry. Do not make children wear clothes that harm their skin. When taking products for newborn babies, make sure that they do not contain agents that can dry out the skin.

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