Disadvantages of Isabgol Husk and When to Eat Isabgol

Disadvantages of Isabgol Husk and When to Eat Isabgol

Sometimes medicines can also cause unwanted side-effects with useful effects, although not everyone experiences them. Something similar can happen to you by consuming Isabgol husk. Isabgol is a plant. There are ears like wheat on its ends. Isabgol’s bark to its leaves and flowers are used for a variety of health problems. But along with its advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. Isabgol is completely safe for the body if it is being consumed in the right amount. But in some cases the disadvantages of isabgol husk (isabgol ke nuksan) are also seen. Here we tell you what is isabgol? When should Isabgol be eaten and is going to tell in detail about the Disadvantages of Isabgol Husk (Side Effects of Isabgol). So let’s know about them:

What is Isabgol?

Isabgol is the seed of a plant known as Plantago ovata. Isabgol plant is almost similar to wheat plant. There is a white husk on top of its seeds, which is called Isabgol husk. Isabgol husk is also used in many types of medicines. Isabgol can be beneficial in relieving and preventing health-related problems, but it is not a cure for serious illness.

How is the Effect of Isabgol?

Isabgol has a cooling effect, so it should be taken with lukewarm water during the winter season. Due to its cooling effect, it also kills the heat in the stomach and provides relief. Isabgol acts like a laxative. The amount of fiber in it is very high as well as the amount of fat and cholesterol is not there at all. Due to its cooling effect, it is advised to consume Isabgol husk with lukewarm water in winters.

When to Eat Isabgol

Excess of anything is bad. Similarly, eating Isabgol husk is beneficial only when it is used properly. Regarding the right way to eat Isabgol, experts say that Isabgol should be consumed after having food in the morning and at night. Instead of consuming Isabgol husk directly, it should be taken with milk, curd or water.

For How Many Days Isabgol Should be Eaten

Excessive consumption of Isabgol can be harmful. This can cause problems like flatulence. Apart from this, sensitive people are also prone to allergies. You can use one to two spoons of Isabgol husk regularly as long as there is a problem of constipation, gas and acidity. On the other hand, if you do not have any problem then do not consume it. 5-10 grams of Isabgol can be consumed in a day.

Disadvantages of Isabgol Husk

Isabgol has both advantages and disadvantages (isabgol ke fayde aur nuksan). Doctors and many Ayurvedic experts believe that consumption of Isabgol in proper quantity is beneficial, but on the other hand, if it is used in the wrong way, it can prove to be extremely harmful. So let’s know here today about the side effects of isabgol husk (isabgol ke nuksan) isabgol side effects.

Isabgol overdose is Harmful

Whatever it is, if it is consumed excessively, it also becomes harmful. For example, the harm of isabgol is its overdose. Consuming isabgol in excess can cause you to lose your appetite. So avoid consuming it in excess.

Using Isabgol in this way is Risk

Consuming isabgol in the form of capsules or finely ground powder can land you in trouble. So try to avoid using these forms of Isabgol as much as possible. This can harm you a lot.

Skin Allergy to isabgol

Isabgol does not suit many people and its reaction is visible on the skin. However, the problem of allergy to Isabgol is negligible. But still some people may experience symptoms like itching, swelling on the face or rashes on the skin due to consumption of Isabgol. On the other hand, if a person is allergic to psyllium, then do not consume Isabgol even by mistake.

Isabgol for Pregnant Women

Women who are pregnant should not consume Isabgol husk even by mistake. Pregnant women can avoid its side effects by doing this. Because isabgol side effects (isabgol ke nuksan) are more for pregnant women. Actually, Isabgol is an Ayurvedic medicine, so pregnant women should consume it only after consulting a doctor. Because it can also cause allergies.

Isabgol for young Children

Many people often adopt the home remedy of isabgol husk to overcome the problem of constipation in children. But doctors say that newborn babies and children up to the age of 3 years should not be fed isabgol husk. Because the effect of Isabgol’s harm is more on children. At the same time, Isabgol can be given in very small quantities to children above 3 years of age. Whenever Isabgol is to be given to children, either consult an expert or use it in very small quantities. However, it would be more appropriate to consult a doctor.

These Problems Can also Be

Consuming Isabgol with little water or other fluids may result in chest pain, shortness of breath, vomiting, or difficulty swallowing.

Along with the benefits of isabgol husk, you also learned about the disadvantages of isabgol. We hope that after knowing in detail about the right way to eat isabgol, when to eat isabgol, isabgol side effects (isabgol ke nuksan), now you must have known about the correct use of isabgol husk. Apart from this, if you have doubts about the consumption of any kind of Isabgol Husk, then before using Isabgol, do consult a doctor.

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