Difference Between Toner and Astringent – Astringent Benefits for Face

Difference Between Toner and Astringent – Astringent Benefits for Face

Now people do not just rely on face wash as before, but they use different types of uses to enhance their beauty (Difference Between Toner and Astringent). Due to this, most people have started feeling the need of face toner and astringent. While they help in bringing the skin back to normal, their use also makes the skin clear and bright. The toner applied on the face not only cleanses the skin but also repairs the dead cells. Not only this, it also keeps the skin hydrated and glowing.

On the other hand, by using astringent, you can tighten the skin by shrinking the pores and making it soft and strong. If the astringent is natural, it cleanses your skin without any harm. However, many people do not understand the difference between Toner and Astringent. If you are also like this, then today we are telling you the difference between the best face toner and astringent.

What is Toner?

Toner is a water-based skin product commonly used by people to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Toners are useful for cleansing the skin and shrinking pores. A good toner helps in revamping the pH level of your skin. It should be used only after applying cleanser and exfoliator.

Face toner enhances the glow of the face by tightening the pores of the skin. Along with this, it also brings flexibility to the skin. Apart from this, he is also involved in skin cleansing and Ph. Controls and repairs the damaged cells of the face. Its use brings back the glow of the skin. The texture of your skin remains good by applying toner. Also, it does not make the skin dull. So if you also want to keep the skin healthy and moisturized, then apply toner daily.

What is Astringent

Astringent is a chemical. Although the chemical present in it does not cause any harm to the face, rather it returns the glow of the face and tightens them by contracting the tissues. By using it on the skin, it shrinks the pores and tightens the skin making it soft and strong. In addition, it helps you deal with uneven skin problems, oil reaction in the skin, prevent acne, soothe irritation and maintain the pH balance of the skin.

If pimples are happening on the face, then daily use of astringents gets cured. If you have oily skin, using an astringent will help remove excess oil and keep your skin clean. The ingredients of astringent are salicylic acid and you can buy it from the market.

Difference Between Astringents and Toner

Toner not only cleanses the skin but also repairs dead cells. Not only this, it also keeps the skin hydrated and glowing. On the other hand, by using astringent, you can tighten the skin by shrinking the pores and making it soft and strong. Know more difference between them.

Benefits of Toner – Toner ke Fayde

1- Most of the toxins affect your health and skin. They are cleaned with toner.

2- Facial toner cleans the smoke, haze and other chemicals present in the environment.

3- By using toner for a long time, there is no problem of pimples and wrinkles on the skin.

4- Toner is also used to remove oil accumulated on the waist, chest and arm.

Benefits of Astringent

1- Astringents balance the skin cells by increasing blood circulation.

2- Cleansing the cells and increasing the level of sebum present in it.

3- The main function of astringents is to shrink the pores of the skin. Large and open pores allow dirt and bacteria to easily penetrate the skin.

4- Astringents reduce the pores and protect them from black heads, nails, acne.

5- Astringent also works on oily and sensitive skin.

How to Use Toner

Most people do not know when and how to apply toner. Actually, toner should be used once in the morning and once at night. A toner applied in the morning helps to clear the sebum released during the night and balances the pH level of the skin. The toner completely removes impurities, dirt and makeup from the skin at night. Also, the toner completely cleans the oil that remains on the skin after using the cleanser.

When to Apply Toner – If your skin is dry then you should use toner once a day at night only. Excessive use of toner can dry out your skin. The toners that come in the spray only reduce the impurities in your skin, not clean them. For this you should first use wiping toner. However, if you feel refreshed from using a spray toner, you can use a spray toner followed by a wiping toner.

How to Use Astringent

Like skin toner, astringent is also beneficial for the skin. It is also easily available in the market. Actually, if astringent is used every day, it acts to bind the fibers of your skin, due to which the skin remains tight. If possible, you can get good results by regularly using astringent twice a day. If you want good results and have the time, you can use astringents thrice a day. If they are natural they do not harm your skin like manufactured products. After cleaning the face, you can clean the face again by taking astringent in cotton.

Benefits of Applying Toner

1- The pH level of the toner indicates the acidity level of your skin and is measured from a number of 0 to 14. Level 7 is considered normal. If your pH level is normal, then it means that the problem of oil and infection on your skin is very less. In this way your skin remains more supple and glowing.

2- Sometimes the problem of irritation and infection starts increasing on the skin. In this case, facial toners tighten pores, balance oil and remove toxins from the skin. This way your skin starts feeling clearer and less oily.

3- If your skin remains extinguished, then you must apply toner. This makes the skin smooth and soft. You can buy any face toner from the market according to your skin type. If you want, you can also make it at home.

4- Facial toner keeps the skin hydrated, due to which the moisture of the skin remains. Skin looks youthful by staying hydrated. Properly hydrating the skin prevents problems caused by aging. Most facial toners contain vitamins and other nutrients, which keep the skin healthy and balanced.

Astringent Benefits for Face

1- Due to the accumulation of dust and soil, the color of the skin becomes dark and pimples, nails and acne also start happening. In this case, apply astringent on the skin, so that the pores are not blocked and the dirt does not remain inside the skin.

2- The pores of oily skin get clogged quickly and acne starts. To avoid this, it is necessary that you apply astringent two to three times daily. This will keep your skin oil free.

3- Due to applying a lot of makeup and pollution, the skin becomes dry and lifeless, so it should be hydrated by applying astringent on the face. This makes the skin soft.

How to Apply Toner and Astringent on Skin?

While applying toner and astringent on the skin, keep in mind that never apply it by hand. Touching the face removes the oil and bacteria in it which can result in acne and small marks on the face. That’s why we are telling you the right way to use toner and astringent on the skin.

Step 1 – Wash the face with lukewarm water first, then apply a cleanser on the skin. Gently massage with cleanser to remove makeup, dirt and impurities.

Step 2 – Then wash the face with lukewarm water, after lukewarm water use cold water on the face. Now wipe the face with a clean towel.

Step 3 – Now apply toner or astringent on the cotton pad. Now slowly apply on face and neck. Gently spread the cotton pad over the face and neck. When applying, take care that the pad does not reach the area around your eyes and lips. Apart from this, apply carefully around the nose, eyebrows, ears and hair.

FAQ’s About Toners and Astringents

Q1: My skin is very dry. What should I use for this?

Answer: Toner should be used to keep dry skin healthy and moisturized. You can use toner twice daily.

Q2: What to do to stop pimples and remove their marks?

Answer: You should apply astringent on daily basis. If you want, you can buy special astringents for oily skin or you can make your own green tea astringent easily at home. This will reduce your acne.

Q3: Which toner should be used to reduce skin oil?

Answer: Facial toner is very beneficial to prevent oil build-up and to clean the dead cells.

Q4: Will there be any harm in using astringent every day?

Answer: No, astringents are used every day to keep your skin fibers active and skin firm. Experts believe that astringents should be used at least twice a day for best results.

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