This Coincidence is Being Made on Dhanteras, Know The Auspicious Time of Shopping

This Coincidence is Being Made on Dhanteras, Know The Auspicious Time of Shopping

The festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 2 this year. According to the Hindu calendar, the Trayodashi date of the Krishna Paksha of Kartik month has special significance and is celebrated. The five-day festival of Diwali begins from this day itself.

It is believed that Lord Dhanvantari was born on the day of Trayodashi and for this reason it is celebrated as Dhanteras. According to astrologers, if you make any investment on the day of Dhanteras, it is very beneficial for the future. So let us tell you which auspicious yoga’s are being made on this Dhanteras.

The auspicious coincidence of Tripushkar Yoga

Tripushkar Yoga is being formed on the day of Dhanteras. According to astrology, whatever work is done in Tripushkar Yoga, you get three times the result. It is said that on this day one should refrain from doing any kind of bad work. Also, buying gold and silver on the occasion of Dhanteras is considered very auspicious.


Meeting of three planets on Dhanteras

Actually, this year on the occasion of Dhanteras, an auspicious combination of three planets is being made. The planets Sun, Mars and Mercury will transit in Libra on the day of Dhanteras. On the other hand, Mercury and Mars together are making a sum of wealth. Budhaditya Yoga is being formed by the conjunction of Sun and Mercury. In astrology, this yoga is considered to be of the category of Raja Yoga. The conjunction of Mars and Buddha is considered very auspicious for business.

Auspicious Time of Dhanteras 2021

The Auspicious Time of Dhan Trayodashi Puja is from 5.25 pm to 6 pm.