Tips for Get Rid of Daytime Sleepiness

Tips for Get Rid of Daytime Sleepiness

Despite sleeping at night, getting too much sleep throughout the day has also become a common problem today. Whether it is office or home, as soon as we sit to do some work in which we do not feel like, then sleep starts falling. This is not a one day problem which can be ignored. There can be many reasons for falling asleep at work, but if you get enough sleep every day and start falling asleep again during work, then you may be in the grip of some disease. Just as getting less sleep is harmful for our health, in the same way getting too much sleep is also not good for our health. So let’s know some such tips by which the need for sleep (Daytime Sleepiness) can be reduced automatically and the body stops demanding more sleep.

Exercise Daily

One of the reasons for getting too much sleep is also being lazy. To overcome this, you must take at least 30 minutes daily for exercise. Do Vajrasana every morning, go for a walk and do some warm ups. This will remove your sleepiness and laziness and you will be able to work hard again.

Keep your Diet Like This

If you are getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day and despite that (Daytime Sleepiness), you keep getting sleepy throughout the day, then you have to take special care of your food and drink. If possible, eat vegetarian food only and that too in balanced quantity. Do not over cook the vegetables, let them remain uncooked. According to Ayurveda, when you cook food, a lot of its life energy is also destroyed and this is the reason that lethargy remains in the body. It would be better if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables and salads.

Don’t Sleep Immediately After Having A Meal

Lying on the bed or sleeping immediately after eating food increases lethargy along with body fat. You should also give some time to digest the food before sleeping. By doing this, you can avoid naps and yawning during the day.

Fennel Water is Beneficial

Boil about 10 grams of fennel in about 500 ml of water and when this water remains one-fourth, add a little salt to it and consume it in the morning and evening. Due to this, there is less sleepiness and lethargy goes away.

Don’t Force Sleep

If you try to stop sleep forcibly, your physical and mental activities will also slow down. That’s why you shouldn’t do this. You must give enough sleep to your body. Actually, how much sleep your body needs depends on your activities throughout the day. According to the hard work you do, meet the need of food and sleep. Then you will not need any alarm to get up early in the morning nor will you sleep during the day at work.

Do you Have Hypersomnia?

If your routine is correct and you complete 8 hours of sleep every day and despite this, you get sleep again and again, then it is really a problem. According to doctors, frequent sleeplessness is also a kind of disease which is known as hypersomnia. In this, the person complains of falling asleep many times (Daytime Sleepiness). He can sleep sitting anywhere and can also go into deep sleep.

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