Daughters Day History And Importance – When is Daughter’s Day?

Daughters Day History And Importance – When is Daughter's Day?

You must have heard that song, ‘Yeh daughters are the queens of Babylon, sweet-sweet-cute stories are’. The truth is, daughters are so cute that if you go to write about them, words fall short. It is said that sons make their own luck but daughters bring their own luck. That’s why in the house where there is a daughter, people say, ‘Congratulations, Lakshmi has come to your house’. Although for parents, every day is the name of their daughter, yet the makers have made a special day for daughters too, which we call Daughters Day 2023 (Daughters Day History And Importance).

Now you must be thinking that how to celebrate daughters on any one day, they are celebrated every day. By their arrival, happiness prevails in the house. So we tell you that after all when is the daughters day and when does this day come (daughters day kab aata hai), daughters day quotes. Here we are telling you everything about Daughters Day.

When is Daughter’s Day? – Daughters Day Kab Hai

It is said that sons are born by luck and daughters are born by luck. Daughters have the power to change the fate of the whole family with them. If they are given open sky, they can even fly high. Daughters are the only ones who have love for everyone in their hearts. Whether it is their maternal uncle or in-laws’ house. It is the daughters who keep both the houses tied. Today daughters are not less than sons in any respect. If their education and initiation is done well, then they overcome every difficulty and illuminate the name of their parents. Like every year to celebrate the daughters, this year also it will be celebrated on the last Sunday of September. This year it will be celebrated on 25 September 2022 (National Daughters Day 2022).

Daughters Day History

Daughter’s Day was first started in India to remove the stigma of being a girl. We are all aware that unlike other countries around the world, daughters in India are not treated equally and are often seen as a burden. The concept of dowry still persists in India even though there are laws against it. Despite this the bride’s family is expected to give money and expensive gifts, as well as perform a fancy wedding, instead of seeing a flaw in the tradition, it becomes a punishment for the daughters.

Female feticide also remains a major issue in India, and in some cases women who give birth to daughters are ostracized. This issue still exists in rural as well as other parts of India, barring big cities. Apart from this, even though people love daughters, but in the desire of sons, they do not hesitate to have more children.

Whereas in other countries this day is celebrated as the blessings that daughters bring in the lives of those around them. Be it parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, etc. In India, the day focuses on removing the stigma of having a daughter, trying to highlight that girls are equal to boys, and that they should be judged on their abilities and not their gender. It is also focused on providing opportunities, be it education or any other work.

Daughters Day Importance

Be it son or daughter, one should not need any reason to celebrate their children. Only his birthday is enough for this. But many unjust patriarchal societies in India still consider daughters inferior to sons. So the governments of some countries decided to celebrate Daughters Day as a nationally recognized festival in an effort to encourage equality. Every citizen is equal before the government and the law and this thinking needs to be promoted among the people.

The growing popularity of Daughters Day (History) shows how times are changing. People are happily celebrating the birth of daughters and celebrating Daughters Day. Since it falls on a Sunday, daughters and parents usually have a holiday on that day and they have a full day to celebrate and spend time together.

Questions and Answers related to Daughter’s Day – FAQ’s

Q1. Why is Daughter’s Day celebrated?

ANS: Daughter’s Day is celebrated to highlight the importance of daughters in the society and their equal contribution.

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