20 Best Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

20 Best Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

Trucks are disproportionately larger than standard passenger vehicles. This means that a 18-wheel vehicle collision can result in more serious injuries and longer-term consequences than a 4-car accident. The Lone Star State is particularly at risk for drivers, with 5,333 Texas vehicles involved in fatal truck crashes during the most recent year alone, accounting for more than 14 percent of the national total. know 20 Best Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers.

If you or a family member has been hurt in a truck accident, you can know how devastating these accidents can be. Take the help of experienced Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer. We are giving you information about 20 such Best Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers.


20 Best Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

1. Brooker Law, PLLC

Address: 750 N Saint Paul St Ste 600, Dallas, TX 75201

Brooker Law, PLLC – led by award-winning trial attorney, Chip Brooker – represents individuals and families in Dallas and throughout Texas in cases of wrongful death and serious personal injury resulting from truck wrecks, commercial motor vehicle accidents and risky.


2. The Doan Law Firm PLLC

Address: 2911 Turtle Creek Blvd. Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75219

Doon Law Firm PLLC Dallas helps victims of negligence in the surrounding metropolitan metropolis receive medical treatment, damaged properties and monetary compensation for emotional distress from truck accidents.


3. Cole Law

Address: 3090 Nowitzki Way Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75219

Cole Law is a law firm based in Dallas. Who specializes in handling personal injury cases. Founding attorney Michael Cole received his Juris Doctorate from Texas Tech University School of Law and has been representing truck accident and other injury victims in Dallas for nearly 6 years.

4. Rasansky Law Firm

Address: 2525 McKinnon Street #550, Dallas, TX 75201

Rasansky Law Firm is a based Dallas. Joe specializes in handling truck accidents and personal injury cases in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. Lawyers are well-versed in investigating the facts of the case and navigating the complex laws involved in identifying side-fault cases, in order to help clients receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

5. Bober Law Firm

Address: 10440 N. Central Expressway, Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75231

Bobber Law Firm provides legal advice to the family of truck accident victims in Dallas. It helps customers negotiate compensation for injuries and damages such as medical bills. It collaborates with clients to create a treatment plan for getting the injury back to their daily routine.

List of Best Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers




1. Law Office of Brian Brunson, PLLC 2911 Turtle Creek Blvd Ste 300 Rm 27, Dallas, TX 75219
2. MR Civil Justice 13601 Preston Rd Ste 217W, Dallas, TX 75240
3. Otstott & Jamison, P.C. 12700 Park Central Drive Suite 520, Dallas, TX 75243
4. Kastl Law, P.C. Dallas, TX 75204
5. Megan David Law 12222 Merit Dr Ste 1200 Suite 1200, Dallas, TX 75251
6. Forester Haynie 400 N Saint Paul St Ste 700, Dallas, TX 75201
7. McGilberry & Shirer LLP 5720 LBJ Freeway, Ste 575, Dallas, TX 75240
8. Nowak & Stauch, PLLC 10000 N Central Expy Ste 1040, Dallas, TX 75231
9. Ragsdale Law Firm 17480 Dallas Parkway, Suite 108, Dallas, TX 75287
8. The Button Law Firm 4315 W Lovers Ln Ste A, Dallas, TX 75209
9. The Emma Law Firm 12160 Abrams Rd Suite 102, Dallas, TX 75243
10. Sommerman, McCaffity, Quesada & Geisler, L.L.P. Sommerman, McCaffity, Quesada & Geisler, L.L.P.
11. Simon Greenstone Panatier 1201 Elm Street Suite 3400, Dallas, TX 75270
12. Ron McCallum & Associates PLLC 3110 Webb Ave, STE 150, Dallas, TX 75205
13. Rose Sanders Injury Law 3232 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204
14. The Sher Law Firm LLC 8150 N. Central Expressway Suite 775, Dallas, TX 75206
15. Ward Maedgen 8144 Walnut Hill Ln Suite 1080, Dallas, TX 75231

How Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Dallas Lawyers are passionate about helping accident victims and making highways safe across the country. Here are 20 Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers You Can Trust:

✅ Will help you understand all aspects of your case.

✅ Will consult truck accident experts.

✅ Will thoroughly investigate the cause of your accident.

✅ Identify all possible sources of compensation.

✅ Manage and help you organize important documents.

✅ Collect and preserve supporting evidence for his case

✅ Will communicate with other parties on its behalf

✅ Will aggressively negotiate a full insurance settlement

✅ If a settlement is not reached, will argue in court for their best interests

To learn more about how one of the injury lawyers in our article can help you, contact them today. Provide a free-of-charge consultation to discuss your legal rights.

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