Dailyhunt New Account Note approval problem solve New trick 2021

Dailyhunt New Account Note approval problem solve New trick 2021

Hello friends, today we will talk, if you are not getting approval in dailyhunt, then how will you get approval, I am going to tell you in this blog. If you follow the trick that you tell me, you will get 100% approval.

You will all know that dailyhunt app is very big platform, that app has many categories like news, you can also earn money from dailyhunt. For that you have to create an account in Dailyhunt. You can download dailyhunt app from play store.

First of all, you have to check the mail, you have not received any mail from any dailyhunt, if not, then you have to wait for 2 days. If you do not get the mail after 2 days, then you have to follow the trick which I am telling you.

Approval mail from DM Creator arrives in 1 hour, if not, then you have to wait, they will review your account after that, they will approve you, variefy the social link you have given and later mail you the approval.

If your DM Creator account is not approved in dailyhunt, then you will have to send a mail, you will have to send in the email ID you are giving by copy-pasting it.

The email id and what you want to write in it is telling you, you have to copy from here and paste it in your mail.

Email ID: creators@dailyhunt.in
Copy Paste Mail: hello sir, I Created a channel in dailyhunt. he filled out the form correctly, but two days have passed and my channel has not been approved yet. please approve my channel .thanks.

In 2 to 3 days after mailing you, you will get a reply from dailyhunt, whether you approved or not. I have followed this trick, I have got approval, so you too will get 100% approval. And you can earn money by putting news, or videos, photos in dailyhunt.

If you do not understand the trick that I told you about the article, then you can also watch the video, I am giving you the link of the video here

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