What is Cuffing Season in Relationship Know

What is Cuffing Season in Relationship Know

As the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler, people are slowly looking for comfort in different ways. Cuffing is a hookup method that helps you stay warm in the changing season. Cuffing means engaging in an act with a partner in which one partner’s hands are tied. It also means when a person enters into a relationship in cold weather and during this time he is not ready for long term commitment. However, many people may feel that getting into a relationship for only a few months is a very self-centered decision but as long as both sides are comfortable with it, it should not be a problem. During these few months of relationship, all you have to do is respect each other and maintain each other’s likes and demands within a healthy limit.

If you are getting into a cuffing relationship this season then you should know these 4 things.

Set Boundaries and Stay True to Each Other

You should focus on what is really happening in the relationship and not think about what you wanted. Along with this, you should also set boundaries for yourself. It is very important that you stay true to your partner and do things together that you enjoy doing. If you do not set boundaries already during this time then you can fail in this relationship.

Don’t get Attached to Them too Soon

Getting attached to someone quickly is very common and frequent. However, this does not mean that you get attached to your partner too quickly because if things go bad after some time then it can have a very negative effect on you. So keep your emotions in check because you and your cuff buddy have decided that this is a short term relationship.

Take Your Time

The reason for such tendencies between the couple is not only the weather but there are also some biological reasons for it. As the weather changes, people also start feeling a little low and because of this their serotonin level starts falling and in such a situation, if they spend quality time with someone, then it improves their mood and makes them feel good. Is. Even getting into a cuffing relationship can make you spend a lot of time together but that doesn’t mean you have to rush things. Rather, you should also take time for yourself and move things forward slowly.

Keep life Separate from Cuffed Relationships

Although a cuffed relationship is similar to a real relationship, but it is only for a short period of time and at the same time it is also a lot of fun because you feel good in someone else’s company and you do not have to jump to any decisions. Even if you are in that relationship only for that moment, but you should not discourage your friends who were with you during your bad days. Spend time with your friends too and let them know that they are important to you too.

Remember that the best way to respect each other is to feel good about each other and at the same time be honest about everything with them (Cuffing Season).

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