What is CT Scan: CT Scan Full Form, Difference between CT Scan and MRI.

What is CT Scan: CT Scan Full Form, Difference between CT Scan and MRI.

CT scan which is being needed the most in the time of Corona. But do you know what is CT Scan, how it detects diseases. CT Scan Full Form is ‘Computerized Tomography Scan’ which is a type of three dimensional X-ray in which a 3D image of a particular part of the body is taken. At present, the CT scan that doctors suggest to get tested in COVID-19 cases is HRCT chest (High resolution computerized tomography scan), through which the infection is checked in the person.

A CT scan should not be done without serious symptoms or without the advice of a doctor, otherwise it can be harmful for you. So through this post we will know what is CT Scan, what is MRI Scan and what is the difference between CT Scan and MRI. There is some difference between both CT scan and MRI scan, which you must be aware of. So if you also want to know how CT Scan is done and how MRI is done then stay with us in this article till the end.


What is CT Scan

The test done with the help of X-ray and computer can be called CT Scan. The city scan was invented independently by the British Sir Godfrey Hansfield and Dr. Alan Cormack. As you all must be aware, how difficult it was to detect physical ailments in the olden times. But as soon as this invention happened, the work of making cross-sectional images of the human body with the use of computer X-ray machines started being done.

And through a test, it was also found out how old the disease is and how big it is. CT scan can be used to scan the main body parts like head, shoulders, heart, stomach etc.


CT Scan Full Form

The full name of City Scan or Full Form of CT Scan is “Computed Tomography Scan“. It is a computerized test that can be done on any particular part of the body. The patient does not feel any pain while getting this test done.

How is CT Scan Done?

First of all, let us tell you that, before the CT scan, the person is not given anything to eat or drink. Also, if the person is wearing any iron metal or gold ornaments, then they are removed. The person is then made to sleep on a table inside the oversized CT machine, during which the person does not move at all, otherwise the image of the CT may be blurred. Therefore the patient is asked to remain in the same position till the end.


A CT scan uses a narrow X-ray beam that travels around a person’s body and produces a series of images from different parts of the body. This information is used by the computer to create a cross sectional picture of all the parts of the body.

After making a picture in several pieces, this trick is adopted by the computer. After that the computer scans these images and converted them into the shape of 3D image which doctors can easily see and in this the picture of all the parts of the body is clearly visible.

You understood very well how the scan is done, but a question must be coming in your mind that why the city scan is done, so let us tell you about it.

Why is CT Scan Done?

CT scan is mainly used to treat injuries and diseases occurring in the body. Because it becomes clear from the reports that the patient has what disease and which part of the body is affected due to which reason. It takes a lot of time to do all these tests through CT Scan and in taking the test of these diseases, the patient’s body is scanned with CT like:

  • Muscle disorders and bone fractures
  • To know about tumors
  • cancer disease and heart disease
  • study of blood vessels and internal structures
  • Evaluation of the amount of internal injury and internal bleeding

What is MRI

The full form of MRI is ‘MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING‘. This is a machine that takes photos of all the internal organs related to the human body and it is found out that what is the disease in your body. After this test the doctor can give you a solution as to how you should respond to treatment and MRI never uses MRI radiation associated with CT scans.

Why is Done MRI Scan

Through MRI Scan, heart, liver, uterus, brain, bones, joints, kidney and diseases inside the body, the whole body can be examined and the condition of its organs without reaching the equipment into the patient’s body. The scan is easily found with the help of pictures. An MRI scan gives a specific and robust result that helps doctors diagnose and treat diseases.

How is an MRI Scan done?

  • First of all, a Galen Line Contrast Dye is placed on the vein of the patient’s hand, through which the structure inside the doctor’s body can be seen with the MRI machine.
  • The patient is then made to lie down on a table and a belt is placed on his feet. So that the patient is not able to make any movement, lie down comfortably, so that the MRI image is clear and the technician does not have any problem in the examination.
  • Inside the MRI machine there is an impressive magnetic space, due to which the patient feels a bit disoriented and awkward.
  • In MRI scanning, by creating an impulse, the MRI scene or picture is sent to the computer in the form of a layer.
  • During the MRI, the patient can feel a sound inside the machine. Because the magnetic energy is prepared by the MRI machine to take an image in layer form. And if necessary, headphones, earplugs or cotton can be used to avoid internal noise.

Difference between CT Scan and MRI

There is some difference between CT and MRI scan which you should be aware of, so next you have been told some points by which you can understand the Difference Between MRI and CT.

  • MRI uses a magnetic spot and radio waves to create an image of the soft organs and bones of the body. Whereas CT Scan is a combination of a series of X-ray images taken on other particles and is useful for creating images.
  • MRI scans are considered better as a magnification of images and CT scans use X-rays, whereas MRI scans do not.
  • MRI scans provide many information about the internal organs of the body. Whereas CT Scan provides information about the brain, skeleton and reproductive systems etc.
  • Both MRI scan and CT Scan can see the bone structures of the body. Whereas MRI scan only provides an extension mainly to the soft particles around the bones of the body.

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So this was the information about what is CT Scan (CT Meaning) and what is MRI. Hope you have understood everything about it very well and you have got the answer of all your questions in this post. Still, if you have any questions or suggestions, then you can tell us by commenting, we will try our best to help you.

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