Top 10 Cryptocurrency List 2021 In India

Top 10 Cryptocurrency List 2021 In India

Cryptocurrency List: In today’s time, if something is going on in trend in all the countries simultaneously, then it is either Marvel’s upcoming film Infinity War or Bitcoin. We all know about Bitcoin very well Bitcoin is a very fast growing Cryptocurrency, which changed the life of many people. And the good news is that many of those people are Indians too.

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Everyone knows that the price of Bitcoin has now reached Millions. But those who could not invest in Bitcoin at its low cost time are now regretting it. For this reason, now a new Cryptocurrency is also coming.

Most of today’s running Cryptocurrency is proving to be fake. In such a situation, which company is the best so that we do not get deceived and can earn good money and invest in it, it has become very difficult to prepare. So today I am going to tell you about Top 10 Currency like Bitcoin.


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Top 10 Cryptocurrency List 2021 In India

1. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency 

Friends, like other lists in the list of this cryptocurrency, Bitcoin comes at the top. Bitcoin is currently running on a very high trend in India as well as in other countries, on which not only small people but big stars and celebrities are also investing. If seen in Indian Rupee, its price is now running 10 lakh 63 thousand, which was less than ₹ 65 once.

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2. Ethereum Cryptocurrency 

We commonly know it by the name of ETH. It has been included in this list at number two because of its trust slowdown and because of its growth. Many people who had believed in this earlier are running in great profit today.

If its rate is seen now, then it will be around 68500 rupees in Indian Rupees and if we talk about Dollars then it will be up to 1082 $.

3. Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency 

Bitcoin Cash has also grown very fast like Bitcoin and is still increasing continuously, that is why it has been placed at number three in our list. Its price is now 2681 dollars.

Which if seen in Indian rupees, then it will be 17,5000 rupees which is very high. This can give you an idea of ​​how far Bitcoin Cash has gone now but you can still buy it because it will go further.

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4. Ripple Cryptocurrency 

Ripple is a very fast growing cryptocurrency which has made a place in the hearts of people with its growth and trustworthiness. Ripple comes at number four in this list due to its ability.

Ripple has joined the fourth list despite being very cheap. Right now its price is $ 2.72, which if seen in Indian money, then it is 143 rupees.

5. Litecoin Cryptocurrency 

We all know Litecoin by the name of LTC. Lite Coin has not only been talked about for some time, but has grown very fast in other countries as well. Its value is increasing very fast in the present time. At present its value is more than 285 Dollars. If it is seen in Indian rupees, then it is made more than 18,000 rupees.

6. Tron Cryptocurrency

Tron is one of the very fast growing coin and crypto currency, whose price of one coin has gone up to Rs.45.33, earlier it was less than 20 rupees. That is, if you let it buy for one crore at that time, today it would have been more than two crores.

7. XLM Cryptocurrency

XLM has been placed at number seven in our list because it is a very fast emerging coin which we will also call Crypto Currency. It is very cheap as compared to other coins, its price will be only 45 rupees if we see in Indian Rupees, and if we talk about Dollars then it will be some 0.7 Dollar.

8. Z Cash Cryptocurrency

Z Cash is a currency whose value has increased by 10% in the last few months. In such a situation, it would be very good to invest and if you invest more in it then you can get more income,

In the coming time. The price of Z cash Cryptocurrency is around $ 705 right now if seen in Indian Rupees then it will be around 44,500.

9. XMR Monero Cryptocurrency

This happened to be a very fast growing Cryptocurrency. Its rates have increased up to 9% in the last few times. Its price is increasing very fast, which was once less than 1 dollar but now it has come to 410 dollars.

So you think how far it will go in the coming time. If now the price of one XMR Monero is seen in Indian Rupees, then it will be more than about 25,500 rupees.

10. EOS Cryptocurrency 

EOS Cryptocurrency has been included in this list at number 10. The EOS Cryptocurrency has gained up to 5.5% in the past few years. That is, the one who bought it for 1 crore a few days ago would have got a profit of 5 crores.

The price of an EOS is currently running at Rs.640+ in Indian Rupees. Which is very cheap but in the coming time it will go a long way, not only me but also Cryptocurrency Experts say so.

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