How to Create A Micro Niche Blog – Complete Guide 2023

How to Create a Micro Niche Blog - Complete Guide 2022

How to Create a Micro Niche Blog: If you want to know about what is Micro Niche blog and how to earn money from it, then you read this post completely. Here I have told the complete process of earning $ 300 a month by creating a micro niche site.

Generally, you have to work very hard to create an authority blog or website. In this, you have to give more time, regularly update and patience is also required. But to create a micro niche site, you need proper strategy and planning. Once you have made, all you have to do is wait when your money is transferred to the bank.

If you want quick money from blogging, then micro niche blog is a better option for you, by monetizing you can earn good money every month.

Today I am going to tell you a complete guide to make money from it by creating a micro niche site, by which you can also make passive income by following it.

What is Micro Niche Blog

If you are blogging, you must have heard the word Niche. On making a block on any particular subject or topic, it is called Niche Blog. As Health is a niche and in the Health blog, you can write a post on any topic related to it.

Micro niche blog is a micro topic or keyword within any one niche. Like on Hair Transplant, you can create a micro niche blog, which is under Health Niche.

Mainly Micro niche blog consists of 20 to 30 posts. Such blogs are made keeping in mind any specific traffic. Here you can monetize the blog through AdSense, Affiliate marketing and eBook.

Why Create a Micro Niche Blog?

Micro Niche Blog’s keywords rank better in Google than any authority site. If you can write a good SEO optimize post by creating a niche site, then there is more chance to rank your blog quickly.

This type of blog is better for passive income, once you have done SEO by creating a complete blog, you do not need to do any hard work. This will keep you earning till life time without working.

Despite not having much traffic on the Micro Niche Website, you can make a good income from it, because the traffic you get in it is targeted traffic. For this reason, its conversion rate is also high.

Complete Guide to Creating Micro Niche Site

To create a successful Micro Niche Blog / Website, you have to follow the tips given below. Your start is most important in Niche Blog. How do you plan keyword research and content before creating a blog.

  1. Select your Niche
  2. Buy Domain
  3. Proper Keyword Research
  4. Create Blog
  5. Niche Blog Content Strategy
  6. SEO
  7. Monetize Blog

1. Select your Niche

For blog, its niche is most important. Niche determines from where traffic will come on your blog, how much money you will earn and how long your blog will run. That’s why you choose the right topic for Micro niche blog.

You choose your niche after taking into consideration the traffic of a country like US, UK, Canada because in these countries you get high CPC (cost per click), so that you can earn good money in limited traffic too.

Always make your blog above the long-term Niche. Your content should be evergreen so that you can generate passive income for a long time.

Some profitable Micro niche blog Ideas:

  • Smartphone RAM
  • Video editing hardware
  • Wall decoration
  • Smartphone Camera
  • Coupon Code
  • Temple Tour
  • Yoga
  • VPN
  • Hosting
  • Latest games

Before selecting any niche, check its popularity, it is competition and how profitable.

2. Buy Domain

After deciding the niche for your blog, now the next step is to buy domain. It is very important to choose the perfect domain for a Micro niche website. You can buy a cheap domain from GoDaddy / Bigrock.

I would recommend you to buy domain for blog according to your topic and definitely use main keyword in domain name. Due to the same keyword, your blog will rank quickly in the search engine.

There are many such domain suggestion tools, such as wherein you can get domain name suggestion by entering the main keyword of the blog. Keep the domain name simple and short so that it is easy to remember.

3. Proper Keyword Research

Half of your work becomes easy by choosing the proper keyword for the blog. Your blog will rank in Google only with Keyword. Micro niche sites mainly depend more on organic searches for Traffic. This is why it is very important to choose your right keyword.

You can use tools like Google keyword planner, Google Trend, SEMRush, Ahref to do proper keyword research. Select the keywords to be searched in the same country whose traffic you want to target.

Keep this in mind while selecting Keyword:

  • Global searches should have minimum 3000 per month on keywords.
  • Keyword’s competition should be medium and high.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) is good.
  • When searching keywords in Google, websites like Amazon, eBay do not appear in the result.
  • No high ranking website ranks on that keyword.

4. Niche Blog Content Strategy

There is not much article in Micro Niche Blog, that is why making content strategy becomes very important. You must have a blueprint before writing an article. How many articles will you write, which articles will you write, what will be the keyword of your article etc.

This type of blog has a main article around which the rest of the articles support it.

Write an article of 1500-2000 words above the primary main keyword of your niche. Must use LSI keywords in it. Do this on-page SEO properly.

Now you have to write the remaining 15-20 secondary articles, which should be a minimum of 600 words. Use the long tail keyword related to your main keyword. Interlink all these secondary articles in your main article.

If you do not know how to write original and unique content, then you are wasting your time on this post.

I will suggest you that before writing a blog, after writing your article and after making a blog, publish the article in a gap of every two days. The flow of regular article gives the search engine a positive signal.

5. Create Blog

If you do blogging then you must know how to create a blog. You can use WordPress or BlogSpot platform to create a blog. I will suggest you use WordPress to create a micro niche blog.

To make a blog in WordPress, you will have to spend some money but it is a better option than BlogSpot platform. If you are new to the blogging field and do not have money, then you can make an M-niche blog on BlogSpot.

6. SEO

To get maximum traffic on your blog, you have to do proper search engine optimization. Such micro niche blogs rank quickly in Google due to being keyword specific. To optimize Blog in Search Engine, you have to focus on both on-page and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO:

  • Write unique and high quality article
  • Use proper h1, h2, h3 headings in the article
  • Use the Keyword in the Post Title, Permalink and Meta description.
  • Use alt text in image
  • Must use 3-4 keywords in the whole article

Off-Page SEO:

  • Share the post on social network
  • Guest posting, directory submission for backlinks
  • Can comment in other blogs and forums

7. Monetize Blog

You can use various monetization option to earn money from your blog. First of all, you can monetize your blog by approve it with AdSense.

If traffic is coming from US and UK on your blog and you and you must have used high CPC keyword, then you can earn good money from AdSense.

If you do not get AdSense approval, you can use Ad network. If traffic on your blog is from USA and UK, then is the best alternative to Google AdSense.

With this, you can earn money by promoting affiliate product related to your niche. For this, you can get good commission by creating an account in Amazon affiliate program and Clickbank affiliate program, selling its product.

For people with a little experience in blogging, the idea of ​​earning money by creating a Micro Niche Site is a good option. You can generate passive income for this long by creating 3-4 blogs of this method.

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