3 Reasons Why Mostly Couples Breakup after 3 Years of Dating

3 Reasons Why Mostly Couples Breakup after 3 Years of Dating

When it comes to the heart, no one can guarantee that the couples will be together for a lifetime or not. But have you ever wondered why the relationship of most couples ends only after dating for 3 years? Yes, you read it right, most of the relationships end after 3 years and the reason for this is lack of trust in your partner or other such issues, due to which the love between two people ends. So let us tell you the reason behind this.

Addiction and Eating Disorder

There can be many things like drinking addiction, or the habit of not eating food on time, etc., which create tension in your relationship. Even if you have control over your addiction, it can still affect your relationship. If your partner does not have this kind of addiction, then he takes care of you and considers himself responsible for it. But because of this things start getting worse between him and you and in the long run he gets angry. Because of this, there are problems between the two of you, having regular fights, mood swings, etc., which end the relationship of both of you.


Long term relationships are built on trust and trust. Because of this, if you cheat in the relationship, then it hurts the feelings of your partner. However, apart from cheating, there are ways to alienate each other, which affect your relationship. This includes keeping a secret to your friend or not telling about work and your finances, etc.

Life Changing Event

Many times such incidents happen in people’s life, due to which their life changes completely. This ranges from near-fatal accident, illness or loss of someone or career change etc. Because of this, they make different choices and such an incident can affect or end your relationship.

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